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Ebook: 5685 - Lady Ewa
Garden Work in High-Heels
It is autumn and the first leaves are starting to fall down and must be swept up. Best job for a sexy Lady in elegant dress and high heels in front of the camera. With a pined-up hairstyle, a gray-blue business suit, and blue 16cm high heels, the long-legged Lady Ewa gets down to business. Its a real delight to watch her! Especially if you go from the road quickly into the bushes and cover the Polish Lady.Ebook: 5686 - Lady Katinka
Wanking on the Wooden Bench
In a very short white skirt, wide-meshed fishnet stockings and golden vintage sandals, the blonde milf shows up on a forest path. That anytime someone could jump out of the bushes and could grope Katinka to the shaved bare pussy, makes her incongruously horny. So we went to a nearby wooden bench. Where normally hikers sit, the blonde has eagerly wanking her pussy.Ebook: 5687 - Lady Ewa
Visiting a Sexshop
Lady Ewa from Poland fulfills a members desire to go to a sex shop and totter naked between the shelves. Then she looks curiously into the subsequent catacombs, where she is suddenly pushed into it. As soon as she arrives in the darkrooms, the first groper starts working on Ewas bif silicone balloons and she is asked to give a handjob to several men naked in 16cm high heels.Ebook: 5688 - Lady Ewa
Horny on Brackets at the Wooden House
After a date with a user, Lady Ewa was still sitting at the wooden house in the evening and wanted to offer something to the users on the PC. Her sheeer brown nylon stockings still smell of sperm. She poses in 18 cm high white patent leather pumps and pinches some clothespins to her horny labia. In beautiful close-ups, she pulls the wooden clips far apart, so you can look into her polish fuckhole.Ebook: 5689 - Lady Barbara
Fur + long Nipples
For the fans of furs and noble Designerpumps I get in this series my big boobs out of the blouse and pull the nipples of my bound boobs long. Only with hot lingerie and sheer nylons under my fur, am I standing in front of a black wall. The blouse I must open and the skirtI must push up for the wankers. On my feet I wear beige croco pumps.Ebook: 5690 - Lady Katinka
Golden Shower on the Bench
Before she poses on a bench in the parking lot in a short denim skirt, black hold-up nylonstockings and 15cm high mules, Katinka must pee. While four horny men watch the mature blonde, the Lady just let it run. First only on the floor, then she pees in one of her sabots. Do you want to watch the Lady pee live or take her golden shower from the spring? Then let me know.Ebook: 5691 - Lady Ewa
Slave Drill Between the Urinals
Again Lady Ewa disciplined the little slave in the toilet cart. The little guy needs it hard. He has to be stark naked in the pisso-tract and is tormented on the dirty floor by the sexy Polish Lady with her pointed overknee-boot heels. Before he can inseminate the patent leather boots, the Polish Lady still puts his head in one of the urinals. Surely it was still used the night before.Ebook: 5692 - Lady Barbara
Wanker´s Icon Naked at Attention
You like tWanking Objects standing at attention, which can inspect stark naked? Then you certainly like the pictures for a former military recruiter of the Bundeswehr and friend of the military line. For him I had to take photos in 16cm high, yellow mules today. I had to stand stark naked the whole time as in the military and present him my big, tightly rubberized udder boobs and my holes. After standing for 15 minutes, my toes were almost cold and pressed firmly to the ground. For this I had to pull on some photos not only my labia long, but also raise the buttocks wide open while standing. Paul would have liked to have been there and would have examined me rectally, I think.Ebook: 5693 - Lady Katinka
Long toenails in plateau mules
Today, Katinka presents her new, long toenails in black plateau mules in her small private studio in Bonn. She already has many high heels in her studio. The shots from her are without nylons, you see the bare, bright red polsihed toenails in the high patent-leather mules. The mules are for sale. Ask for mules 5693.Ebook: 5694 - Lady Ewa
Medical Check
Today our private doctor was visiting us again. Here you can see the adjustment examination of Lady Ewa in the treatment room. Initially, the Polish Lady still wears a fancy business costume, but of course she has to strip naked in front of the doctor and be examined completely in the genital area. And of course thats what the doctor is especially fond of doing.Ebook: 5695 - Lady Barbara
Chatting at the Notebook
Here you see me working on my notebook. When we took the pictures, I was in the chat just reading the message from member Jos from the Netherlands. His wish was, that I am sitting in an elegant costume at the table and pull my nipples long. So check it out, Jos. Unfortunately I do not have much time at the moment, but when I chat with you it always makes me horny and I must strecht my nipples long.Ebook: 5696 - Lady Ewa
MemberVisit with Pumps
After the Poland Lady Ewa had met member Dino during a city break in Düsseldorf, she lets herself persuade him to drive home with him to his apartment in a Düsseldorf suburb. There she gave him a proper foot and shoe job till the end. Although Dino would have preferred to fuck the blonde sexy Polish Lady once or twice, he only got footsex. At least, in front of the camera.Ebook: 5697 - Lady Katinka
Masturbating with Pumps at the Main Road
What do you do if you are really horny after a date in a prking lot? You are driving and you have no rubber dick? Quite simple: You drive to the nexta parking lot, take a condom and push the thing over a pointed pumps. On a bench at the B57, Lady Katinka today had her pussy fucked with such a pointed, black condom-pumps. Up to half she got the shoe in her wet pussy. But she has promised that she will practice diligently. In any case, the video shows how much fun she had. Maybe you are present, when she gets him completely into her cunt.Ebook: 5698 - Lady Ewa
In the Biker Workshop
Today, Lady Ewa visited a motorcycle repair shop and tried a bike in front of some mechanics who wanted to stay in the background. In sheer nylons and 16 cm high heeled sandals with thin straps the racy Pole is posing on a bike and provokes the horny guys with her hot body. Surely the mechanics would like to have the shaved blonde fucked on the bench.Ebook: 5699 - Lady Barbara
Fur + Catsuit
For Member Günther, I did this series in a fur coat and an ouvert Catsuit. Therewhile Im wearing brown 14 cm-high leather slippers on my bare feet. My tits - laced up - look out from the Catsuit and my stiff nipples look like tractor valves shortly before they burst. This makes me hot, look on the last images and see my swollen pussy.Ebook: 5700 - Lady Katinka
Soles with long toenails
Lady Katinka shows her stinky foot soles today. In ultra sheer nylonstockings he had walked around the office the whole day. In the dainty high mules everyone could see the long nails on her big toes. The thin straps of the mules have left their mark on the secretarys feet as you can see. Her very photos of the soles with and without gossamer nylons.Ebook: 5701 - Lady Ewa
Shoe Fetish Games
Lady Ewa is after the visit of a nylon fetishist again alone in my shoe Studio and plays with the cold leather of some shoes. She´s caressing herself and rubs the top heels on her most intimate places. Above all, she enjoys the feeling of the toetip on her clitoris. Today she is wearing a sheer dress and real Lady Ewa fully-fashioed stockings. At the end, the hot Polish is masturbating with some high heeled white pumps.Ebook: 5702 - Lady Barbara
Show you Buttocks, PumpsLady !
HereEbook: 5703 - Lady Ewa
Worship in the Toilet Wagon
Lady Ewa is punishing with the whip her naked slave again in a public toilet car at the edge of a folk festival. Without mercy, the Polish Lady treats the small, submissive man to kiss not only her black over-knee boots but also the pissed floor of the toilet wagon. In between the cruel blondynka attaches a wide cable tie wrap around his balls and his dick.Ebook: 5704 - Lady Katinka
Dildo Fucking on the Treatment Bench
Lady Katinka has to satisfy herself on her treatment bench in the black room with a whip dildo. Here, the horny mare is wearing an ouvert lace catsuit, a full face mask and 17cm high, black plateau mules. This complete dress incl. Whip dildo (everything original and uncleaned - you have to clean yourself) is for sale by Katinka. Just ask for Dress 5704 if you are a horny Katinka-Wanker.Ebook: 5705 - HD-Video with Lady Gina
Das Elegant Urinal
Lady Gina is visited by a fan at home in this 10-minute video. In an elegant, red business suit, black seamed nylons and 15 cm high-heeled mules, the businesswoman welcomes the corpulent man in her small apartment in Düsseldorf. With an updo and dark sunglasses with which she canEbook: 5706 - Lady Barbara
Coloured Stilettos of B
Here I present you in sheer nylonstockings and with red polished toe claws some of my colored, toe open shoe collection. If you want to buy very specific shoes, then send me an email with a photo of the shoes. I would like to change soon to exclusive shoes with 12cm heels and sell the 15 + 16cm high heeled shoes. Also shoes that are not shown under USED STILETTOS.Ebook: 5707 - Lady Katinka
Hotpants & Mules in the Forest
In sexy hotpants, Lady Katinka smokes a cigarette while she is waiting for a user. After he had sent a message and wrote that he still stuck in a traffic jam, the mature blonde slowly undressed for photos until she was naked, with only the hot pants on her knees. While leaning forward, her big balls dangled, waiting for a groper.Ebook: 5708 - Lady Ewa
Rain Coat + 18 cm Pumps
Lady Ewa enjoys herself today in the motorcycle workshop on her slave. Almost stark naked under a transparent raincoat she wears only straps and sheer nylons. With the ultra-thin pencil heels of her 18 cm high silver pumps, the hot Polish blonde treats the poor slave. Such high heels can hurt a lot. Also on the balls oh horny maso slaves.Ebook: 5709 - Lady Katinka
In Chains on the Treatment Bench
Katinka was chained on her treatment bench. Her big hanging balls were tied and she had to pull her nipples long. At the end you see her head drooping down, her feet standing against the wall and ready to be fucked into her throat. This is the best position to throatfuck a whore, when you will see her red long toenails in high sandals or mules.Ebook: 5710 - Lady Ewa
Dildogames at the Gardenhouse
Lady Ewa shows you how to play in the garden on the wooden deck with a big brown rubber dick. She wears a black summer dress, ultra-sheer nylon stockings and 18cm high white patent leather pumps with metal heel. First, she pushes a condom over the big rubber dick, then she sucks him wet. In the end, the Polish tries and tries to get him from the front and from the back into her tight little cunt. Does she have success?Ebook: 5711 - Lady Katinka
In Tartan Miniskirt on the Track
Lady Katinka presents herself in the evening in a white blouse and a tartan mini-skirt on an S-Bahn station near Bonn. On her bare feet, the chief secretary wears today red and black platform mules with 15cm heels. These are for sale. If you are interested, make a bid for the mules 5711.Ebook: 5712 - Lady Barbara
Here is a wish from member Erich from Leipzig. Splinter naked, I had to walk on 16cm high heeled sandals through the darkness. I should wear a gas mask and a peaked cap. My big boobs were bound with tight rubber ringss and my nipples were specially pulled long with nipple suckers. I can not tell you what I carried in my briefcase, this was top secret.Ebook: 5713 - Lady Ewa
Horny on 18cm metal heels
Lady Ewa has come home from a busy city stroll in a gray and blue costume, fishnet tights and 13cm high heels. Now she sits in her living room only in the costume jacket and tights. She has swapped the street pumps for 18 cm high white patent leather pumps and shows herself as she would have liked to be seen by the men in the city. The blonde Polish takes out her big silicone tits, licks her favorite golden pumps and pushes the tips and heels of the shoes into her wet holes.Ebook: 5714 - Lady Katinka
Show your Holes
In a parking lot Katinka strips out of her clothes in the evening and shows a few shy wankers her big hanging boobs and her shaved holes. She spreads her labia and pulls out her butocks, so you can see everything well. While she is working on her cunt in front of the camera, the cowardly voyeurs are wanking their dicks only secretly in the dark. She only could hear the men talking dirty: Yeah you horny hanging boob-slut, scrub your cunt right ....Ebook: 5714 - Lady Katinka
Show your Holes
In a parking lot Katinka strips out of her clothes in the evening and shows a few shy wankers her big hanging boobs and her shaved holes. She spreads her labia and pulls out her butocks, so you can see everything well. While she is working on her cunt in front of the camera, the cowardly voyeurs are wanking their dicks only secretly in the dark. She only could hear the men talking dirty: Yeah you horny hanging boob-slut, scrub your cunt right ....