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Ebook: 5654 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Heel, Slave !
A few days ago, Lady Ewa and I sat in the garden with a glass of wine in the early evening. When suddenly  member Alberto was ringing at the door, I immediately fixed him on a lead at his balls and then was the time to say: Heel, slave! Of course he had to serve Lady Ewa with foot kisses and at the end the sexy blonde wanted to get his sperm on her feet. Where else?Ebook: 5655 - Lady Katinka
Pantyhose Lady at the Station
Lady Katinka and her co-workers had a little wine tasting after work. In skin-colored tights and a black business costume, the blonde brought the women to the S-Bahn station in Meckenheim. When the women got in the train, the sexy Katinka lifted her skirt and we made a few nice farewell photos.Ebook: 5656 - Lady Barbara
Ready for Going Out
Yesterday I had made ready to go out with tied up boobs in the afternoon. A chic hat, sheer nylonstockings and high-heeled pumps in croco look I put on and my handbag is already packed. Actually, I would like to go out on the street like this. Or should I wear a normal dress better? What do you mean, if I can just go for short to the front door?Ebook: 5657 - Lady Ewa
Red Dress at the Pond
Lady Ewa must present herself at a pond as wankers object. In a red summerdress, red 16cm-high mules and seamed nylons on suspenders, member Udo had ordered the Polish for himself and his friends to the pond. While Ewa is masturbating on the jetty at the pond, the men are watching out of the bushes and they are rubbing their hard dicks.Ebook: 5658 - Lady Katinka
Changing Clothes in the Bus
In her slutty dress Katinka can not go to work. Thats why she changes her clothes in the bus and wears again her black business costume. To that, she wears sheer, skin-colored tights and black patent leather pumps by RoSa. Katinkas original clothes, nylons and shoes are as always for sale. The price is (as always) negotiable.Ebook: 5659 - Lady Ewa
At the Park Bench
After the slave had to lick the pumps feet if his mistress extensively, he is allowed to press the pussy pump to the shaved cunt of the blonde Lady. In hot close-ups, you can see how the Polish really pumps up her bald cunt, while the slave worships her legs. Then slave Bernhard may also use the pump, after all, the cunt of the blonde should be pumped pretty solid.Ebook: 5660 - Lady Barbara
Black + White
Last Saturday I made myself chic for a special evening in the club with member Arno from Bielefeld. The horny fetish man is hot on a very simple outfit: Everything in black + white and leather if possible. So I put on a black and white leather corset with my black and white pumps and a black leather bolero jacket over it. My boobs were bound tight with black rubber rings. There was a simple pantyhose around.Ebook: 5661 - Lady Ewa
Naked Widow on the Swing
Today you see Lady Ewa as a stark naked widow, only wearing a widow´s veil, a belly chain and 17 cm high heeled patent leather boots. Her big silicone breasts are bound tight with black rubber rings. Which kind of shoes do you like to see most on the sexy Polish widow? How would you like to give her consolation? Maybe youll lick her boot soles clean while blondy sits with her bare bottom on the old park bench.Ebook: 5662 - Lady Katinka
Used in her Business Costume
Just had Katinka put on her costume because she still had to go to a business dinner, another member came and wanted to take her in this dress. She had to swap the pumps for mules, her breasts were tied tightly with a black rope and already member Heiko from Bochum could start his sex game on her. Because he did not want to tap her pussy over the pantyhose, he was allowed to tear the good piece in the crotch. He had booked the full program with slutty Katinka, with  handjob, blowjob and he wanted to fuck her hard. Before the fuck he made her pussy properly wide with his hand.Ebook: 5663 - Lady Barbara
Electric Blue
Today I show you some vacation pictures of me with a cowboy hat in Spain. After a shopping stroll through some boutiques, I made myself comfortable on the terrace and put my stinky stockinged soles in sheer light blue seamed nylons on the table. Can you smell my hot foot flavor?Ebook: 5664 - Lady Ewa
Drilling the Slave with Pussy Weights
Once again the naked slave is treated in the forest area by Lady Ewa. This time, the Lady wears heavy weights on her labia and she makes the slave hot with her wide-open pussy. She lets the naked slave kneel in front of her and he must lick diligently between the clamps on her labia. At the end he uses him as a park bank. Is the slave her cuckold? Does he have to clean the cunt of the blonde Polish, or should he lick her wet and horny cunt for the next bull?Ebook: 5665 - Lady Katinka
Fist Fucking & Squirting
She needed it a bit harder today. On a parking lot near Bonn ,Katinka was groped in her sheer whore dress with nylonstockings and high-heeled mules by a member. After the young guy gave the blond hobby whore (nice to see on the video) a fisting job and made her squirting, he jerked her a full load of his cum on the lace of herhold-up  stockings. Katinka was totally tuckered out, but happy. The original nylons are for sale.Ebook: 5666 - Lady Ewa
Posing in highest Heels
Lady Ewa is posing in this afternoon in a hot sexy shirt, sheer nylons and white shiny pumps with a 7 inch high metal heel. Nice closeups from the extremly stileto shoes on the Lady´s sexy legs are especially made for her elderly friend. The 75-year-old is always willing to buy the sexy polish ne stilettos and nylons.Ebook: 5667 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Cum on my Fishnets
On the treatment table, member Dirk from Essen looks closely under my supervision at Poland Lady Ewa in fishnet stockings. While the naked Lady smokes and takes a glass of wine, Dirk is not only concerned with Ewas horny stockinged legs. He sucks on her toes and grabs her tits while I wank his cock.Ebook: 5668 - Lady Ewa
The Shoefucker
Lady Ewa had been getting some heavy weights from Doc on her labia. Only in 15cm high pumps and sheer, black nylons on a suspender belt she is on the road again in the forest. After the heavy weights had made the blonde Polish horny, the Doc takes her dildo and leads it into her cunt. Subsequently, Ewa satisfies herself with it, while the doc repeatedly spreads her labia wide open with the chains of the weights.Ebook: 5669 - Lady Katinka
Wanking Show in the Forest
For a young man Katinka had to lower her pantyhose in the forest near Rheinbach. In her business costume and noble pumps by RoSa with 13cm high and very thin heels, Katinka posed on a forest parking lot when a whole fire brigade troopers approached. After the men were gone, the Lady had to totter into the forest and open her costume jacket. There, the young man ordered her to pull down her pantyhose to her ankles and to wank her cunt.<br>Do you want to buy the original tights? Guaranteed with lots of cunt juice in the crotch !<br>Just mail us.Ebook: 5670 - Lady Barbara and Ewa
The Nylonjanker
Today Ewa and I visited our house slave Michael in his apartment in sexy lingerie and sheer tights. After he had dutifully kissed my nylon feet, the obedient slave was allowed to squirt under Ewas strict instructions on my footsoles. Of course he had to lick all his mess clean afterwards.Ebook: 5671 - Lady Ewa
Allowed to cum
After the naked slave was ordered around in the forest by the high-heeled Polish Lady Ewa and flogged with stinging nettles, he was allowed to lay down in the cool grass and had to endure only the pointed heels of his mistress, which he enjoyed. In the end, she then ordered him to squirt his little slave wienie on her hot nylon legs.Ebook: 5672 - Lady Katinka
Fishnet & Platforms
Todays shoot at the Martinshütte was in black fishnet stockings and vintage golden platform sandals, where Katinkas little toes hung out to the side. And please dear foot fans, you are welcome to come and see the horny Milf without paying anything, but do not ask us for sex for 25 euros. Not even for groping or just to jerk on her feet. Katinkas original vintage sandals shown here may also be for sale.Ebook: 5673 - Lady Barbara
Nylontoes in Mules
For Thomas from Frankfurt I fulfilled this request of the member and showed my toes in sheer nylons in different mules. If you also have a photo request, then get in touch with us. We love it when sheer nylon stockings stretch over our long red painted toenails and we can show our sexy feet to others in dainty, very high mules for a visit. Let you make your photo wishes come true with one of my models.Ebook: 5674 - Lady Ewa
Outdoor Posing in a Forest
In a wooded area near Koblenz, the Polish was ordered by two pensioners from a near by retirement home as wankers object in sexy lingerie. Lady Ewa is posing here for the old  farts in a half cup bra frim lace, a old-fashioned duspender belt from the 60s, sheer black nylonstockings and 13 cm high mules in the nature. Watch her, as shes opening her pussy with her long fingernails, to make the old man hot.Ebook: 5675 - Lady Barbara
My Naked Polish Mule Cunts
Here you can see the dream of the mules-fans, who often went after me in the summer in Krefeld in the pedestrian zone: My bare soles in steep mules. Often, men in the city followed me walking bare-footed with slippery mules from my work to my home. Surely they also enjoyed the sound when my feet were smackin at the shoesoles. Here you can see in close-up the gap between foot and shoe soles. Would you like to put your dick into the slit?Ebook: 5676 - Lady Katinka
Riding the Trailer Hitch
In a white skirt, coarse-meshed fishnet stockings and golden vintage sandals, Katinka rides a trailer hitch today. Nice to see clearly is this on the video. If your trailer hitch will also need a juicy cunt, then get in touch with us. Katinkas´s cunt recently growed to like this kind of Dildo. She wants to try various trailer hitches. What´s the best?Ebook: 5677 - Lady Ewa
The Nylonsoles of the Polish Lady
Lady Ewa had a hotel date in corsage and sheer seamed nylons with a horny member. When she came back from the date, the sexy Polish blonde posed in the evening at the garden house in the things she was wearing on the date: ultra-sheer seamed nylons and corsage. She held her wet, sweaty nylon soles into the camera and stretched her nipples long. Was she still horny from the hot date with Nylon-Friend Herbert, who had been rubbing his dick on Ewas nylon legs and feet for more than one hour?Ebook: 5678 - Lady Barbara
All Golden - Vintage Platforms
Here I show you on a member request all my golden stilettos in close-ups. Imagine, that you kneel in front of me with some other foot guys. You hot shoe and toe wanker get your dicks out of your pants and you jerk me one by one a big load of cum between my toes. So often, until my feet stick with the sperm downright on the mules and the juice swells out in front between my toes.Ebook: 5679 - Lady Katinka
Heels Fitting at the Barbecue Hut
Actually, Lady Katinka already wanted to do something horny with the guys at the barbecue hut in the forest near Bonn, but again and again normal walkers came by. So the shoe-horny blonde first tried harmless variouns high heels at the barbecue place, instead of letting the guys smell oder lick her feet, or let them jerk on her toes. At first she does a bit of barefoot dangling in her sheer white leggins and petite size-35-sabots.Ebook: 5680 - Lady Ewa
Panty Teasing
Poland Lady Ewa teases with her white lace panties and extremely high platform shoes a member in the garden. While the horny blonde is posing on a blanket in the garden and keeps raising her shaved pussy wide, Polska-fan Mike from Hanover watches at the whole time secretly from the living room. Ewa knows that she is being watched, but she can not see the horny wanker herself.Ebook: 5681 - Lady Ewa
Pantyhose Posing at the Chimney
Lady Ewa is posing here in a gauzy black pantyhose at the apartment of our house slave in front of the open fireplace. After the slave had been hot, he was allowed to watxh Ewa´s nylon show. Extra for her admirer, the 75-year retiree and permanent wanker Egon, Ewa had made the photos. She sent them on a CD to Egon next morning, together with the wet thighs in which the slave had wanked and which she has worn over her shorn pussy.Ebook: 5682 - Lady Ewa
Leg- and Footworship
This member adores the legs of Lady Ewa in fishnet stockings, while the smoking and joking Poland Lady sits comfortably on a garden chair, Herbert from Koblenz kneels before her on the floor. Then the Lady takes off her tight high heels and lets the horny guy smell and lick her almost naked, sweaty feet.Ebook: 5683 - Lady Katinka
Naked under the Fur Coat
After the walkers were less at the parking lot, it became also a bit cooler. Katinka put on a fur coat. First, she showed in the short jeans Mini the men her freshly shaved pussy on a bench at the barbecue hut. Then she went naked under the coat further into the forest. Only her nylons the horny heels mare was allowed to keep. Instead of the top, her big hanging tits were tied tightly with a black rope.Ebook: 5684 - Lady Barbara a. Ewa
Foot- + Handjob in the Darkroom
Here a masked member from Bavaria got in the darkroom wanked his big cock  by Polish Lady Ewa . Then he could kiss my feet in the red mules and feel my bare toes on his dick. After he had pushed his cock again and again between my foot- and shoe sole, he got from me a hot footjob until he squirted his full load of cum over my toes.Ebook: 5684 - Lady Barbara a. Ewa
Foot- + Handjob in the Darkroom
Here a masked member from Bavaria got in the darkroom wanked his big cock  by Polish Lady Ewa . Then he could kiss my feet in the red mules and feel my bare toes on his dick. After he had pushed his cock again and again between my foot- and shoe sole, he got from me a hot footjob until he squirted his full load of cum over my toes.