The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 5623 - Lady Katinka
MemberService on the ParkingLot
Here, the subLady serves on the parking lot Martinshuette two horny members with hand and mouth. After she was really tapped on breasts and cunt (including squirting), the chief secretary wanked the two and let them fuck her mouth. One of the users also wanted a deep throat. With his long cock, the horny blonde, however, had slight problems, as you can see this very well in the video.Ebook: 5624 - Lady Ewa
Naked Husbandry with Weights
Almost stark naked, only with a bra and 14 cm high heeled mules, Lady Ewa walks for her horny fan Heiko from Koblenz with heavy weights on her labia around a pond in the forest. In the short video, the super classy Polish rocks the weights back and forth while walking. Heiko gets horny as the weights pull out Ewas labia. Hopefully there are no normal walkers in the woods but only pervert wankers.Ebook: 5625 - Lady Barbara
Milkinggrease (part 2)
Tied to a ceiling hook and standing on 16 cm high, wobbly strappy sandals, Im today smeared by a masseur again intensively with milking grease. My big balls were previously tied off with tight rubber rings, so that the nipples stick out really stiff. Then the masseur spread about 1/2 kg of milking grease everywhere on my body and massaged it in again firmly. On my bound boobs, between my legs and in my ass crack.Ebook: 5626 - Lady Ewa
The 7-Inch-Lady
Lady Ewa has made today comfortable at the garden house in a corset easys and is standing of course again in sexy high heels. Today, she shows us tight red, dark blue and orange pumps with a 16cm high heel, which we got from a member. As well as extremely high light blue pumps with toe opening. To this she wears on her legs sheer black nylons with cuban heel.Ebook: 5627 - Lady KatinkasubLady Katinka
Wanking in Negligee
After a stressful day at the office, the always horny blonde made herself at home comfortable. She kept on her crackling original seamed nylons and dressed in a sheer negligee with nightgown and on her feet she put on her high-heeled house mules. So styled the secretary must open her shaved cunt in front of all viewers and wank herself with her red polished fingernails.Ebook: 5628 - Lady Barbara
Foot Jewelry + Rubber Dick
Today Im treating with my red-polished bare toes a big rubber cock. Here I am wearing only the foot jewelry I had gotten from a French friend. This time it was a rubber cock under my sexy feet, but next time it could possibly be yours, which is milked by my toes or by the toes of one of my Ladies. Assuming you are a member and have more to offer just more than a little slave wienie.Ebook: 5629 - Lady Ewa
Edukation in the Forrest
In a forest near Cologne, the naked slave was ordered around by the high-heeled Lady Ewa, driven through the bushes and flogged with stinging nettles. Then the cruel Lady holds him harmless on the balls leash, before his dick and his balls got to feel the stinging nettles too.Ebook: 5630 - Lady Katinka
Barrier in the forest
At a barrier in the forest Katinka stands today almost naked under her black coat. She wears only a suspender belt with sheer, gray nylons and black evening sandals with a curved wedge heel. Actually, the mature blonde had hoped for a few voyeurs, but it was probably too early in the day. Since the horny mare was photographed for you, she was hot anyway without voyeurs.Ebook: 5631 - Lady Barbara
The FishnetSoles of the Widow
Here I fulfill a member request for Thomas from Hilden. He wanted to see me in a widows veil, as I show my sweaty fishnet thigh soles. Here is your series, Thomas. Especially for you, I wear today a very coarse mesh fishnet pants, where my toes look out completely in the front. So that every toe sucker can easily take my stinky toes and smell them.Ebook: 5632 - Lady Ewa
Dildogame in the Garden
Lightblues Open-Toe-Pumps and a pink dildo - In this dress, member Herbert from Geldern wanted to see the hot Polish Lady in action with her pink rubber dick. Because it is warm today, Ewa took a stool and a blanket and made her show in the garden. Under the open sky she is playing with her toy till she gets an orgasm with that hard rubber dick in her wet pussy.Ebook: 5633 - Lady Ewa
Handjob with Rubbergloves
A member from Cologne gets from Lady Ewa a handjob with various latex gloves. She wears a lime green, transparent summer dress and 16cm high, toe-open pumps. Again and again she tries to lump the fat guy out. He only stares at her long fingernails in the transparent latex gloves. Incl. 11 minutes of milking video.Ebook: 5634 - Lady Katinka
RoSa Heels & Albert´s Nylons
Katinka loves the sheer seamed nylonstockings of Alberts Barefoot-Nylons and her black patent-pumps from Rosa-Shoes. Both the horny secretary was wearing the whole time in the office today. When she got home, she knew that the pumps must have smelled neat in the heat. While she pushed the sweaty nylon feet in front of the camera, she held a shoe to her nose and was deep smelling. Would you like to smell on Katinka´s shoes or better directly on her nylon-feet?Ebook: 5635 - Lady Barbara
Breast Rubber Bands
For all lovers of tight breast rings, there are again new photos from me on the terrace and at the pool. Over the tight breast rings I wear a transparent white ruffled blouse and on my head a black summer hat. I don´t wear a skirt today, but black pants and these rhinestone sandals, where only the big toe is hold by a small strap.Ebook: 5636 - Lady Ewa
Pumpsposing in the Garden
Lady Ewa got today from regular wanker Egon, her 75 year old admirer,  two pair of new pumps and wanted to pose for him so right in front of the camera. In a transparent, black lace dress and sheer seamed nylons on suspenders, she poses it in the garden. Because Egon like to see it,  the polish Lady is masturbating her wide open pussy with her long red nails.Ebook: 5637 - Lady Katinka
Road trip Cologne/Bonn
Saturday afternoon, the blonde Katinka was shown half naked under her coat on some parkinglots and other places in the Cologne / Bonn area. The tour started at the Dornheckensee car park in Bonn, then Ennert parking and the barbecue hut Hardtweiher. There is a separate update from next days. After photos at a sales stall and on a motorway bridge, the trip ended in the evenings at the  car park Forstbotanischer Garten in Cologne. The pictures there show the chief secretary after her cunt was fisted heavyly.Ebook: 5638 - Lady Barbara
Briefly Footjob
Member Juan from Spain is hot on suntanned feet. He talked to me in my place on the street because of my long toenails and persuaded me to take a glass of Sangria with him in the next bar. After the third glass I agreed then that he should get to feel my silver-painted toes with the long claws at least briefly on his hot cock. It did not take long and he was already jerking.Ebook: 5639 - Lady Ewa
Pumping her Pussy in the Forest
With a gas mask on her head, the naked Lady Ewa pumps her freshly shaved cunt today under the open sky. In the nice weather she went to a quiet spot in the forest and stripped naked except for her 15cm high, light-blue stiletto pumps. With a pussy pump, the sexy Polish mare pumps her labia pretty thick. Whether the hot nude hopes that in the forest some horny wankers with stiff dicks are strolling around there??Ebook: 5640 - Lady Barbara
Slave in Tulle
This white-robed Something today must worship my feet in dainty, high-heeled sandals and kiss my toes. In the end, the horny buck may inseminate my bare feet. There are beautiful slow motion clips from the cumshot on the feet and scenes where I smoke. Breathe in a mixture of my toes smell and my cold cigarette smoke, slave!Ebook: 5641 - Lady Katinka
SubLady at the BDSM Cross
Today, the hooks for subLady Katinkas cross were placed on the wall and of course the pain-stricken blonde wanted to have a session right away. Her breasts were already a good hour before bound wigh each 2 tight gums under the white top. Then she got a nipple clamp and heavy weights on her labia. In the video you can see how Katinka has to rock with the heavy weights.Ebook: 5642 - Lady Ewa
Slave at the Balls-Rope
While Lady Ewa herself has heavy weights attached to her labia, she ties a naked slave with a leash around his balls and leads him around in the forest. In Part 1 Ewa wears a black dress, nylons and mules. After that she is naked only in black patent leather boots. Finally, the slave must cum on the patent leather over-knee boots of the sexy Polish.Ebook: 5643 - Lady Barbara
Nipple Sukker + 16 cm Pumps
Here I try different types of nipple suckers. I am dressed only with a latex cape, sheer, nude-colored nylon stockings on suspenders and 16 cm high patent leather pumps plus some leopard gloves and a belt. First, I try narrow black teat, with which I can also put on nipple rings. Then I try  larger red and purple suction cups on my nipples.Ebook: 5644 - Lady Katinka
At the Barbecue Hat
Half naked under the black summer coat Katinka had taken a break on the barbecue hardtweiher in Bonn for a small photo shoot. Still in the hope that in the undergrowth voyeurs were lurking, the blonde directly came with open coat. She sat down with wide open legs on one of the tables and showed her big hanging boobs and her greedy cunt in the direction of the potential voyeurs.Ebook: 5645 - Lady Ewa
Horny Ewa Jacks off on the Park Bench
All who love horny nylons and sex toys, could have watched Lady Ewa today in black seamed nylons, 16cm high heels as she wipes her wet pussy with her dildo. On a bench in the forest the beautiful East woman played with her pink rubber dick. Too bad that no one has come over, because he could have helped the blonde Polish doing her hot dildo-wanking and he could have pushed the big thing really hard ito her cunt.Ebook: 5646 - Lady Barbara
Platformsandals + Long Nails
Here are beautiful close-ups of my feet with long silver-painted toenails in my totally exclusive platform sandals by my favorite designer GianMarco Lorenzi. Im curious when the first of you can fuck my toes in the shoes and the fabric flowers really are squirted with his hot sperm. So that, when walking on the streets, everyone can see that Im a high-heeled toe whore.Ebook: 5647 - Lady Barbara
Tits + Toes for your Fun
Many of you members wanted to see new pictures from me. Now the waiting has an end. Here you see the first new series with my big its and my long red nails. Hope you like them. Come closer and put your hard dick between my big tits, so that my nipples become even bigger. And then look at my toes. Come close to my toes with your nose. Can you smell them?Ebook: 5648 - Lady Katinka
Horny for Pompom Mules
After Katinka was treated on the cross with her golden pompom house-mules, she was so hot on these shoes, that she absolutely want to play with the pompoms on her cunt and push the steel heel into her fuckhole. In the video clip you can see exactly how she presses the high-heel between her labia into the hole. Do you want to make her also horny with high heels?Ebook: 5649 - Lady Barbara
Into the Pantyhose
Ewa and me were once again on a visit to our house slave in Moenchengladbach, Germany. After we had extensively inspected his apartment he could smell on our long worn fine pantyhose gusseting. This he had wished for long time. When the nylon- and mules wearer was hot enough, we allowed him to wank his little slave wienie into Ewa´s gusset. At the end the obedient slave had to lick of course his whole mess from the pantyhose.Ebook: 5650 - Lady Ewa
Visiting Member 2155
Poland Lady Ewa visits member Dirk in his apartment in Düsseldorf. After having carefully inspected member 2155s body and repeatedly fingering his cock and balls hard, the sexy blonde wants to make him squirt with her 16cm high heeled blue pumps. She presses the shoes on his face and plays with them on his genitals. if she gets his member-sperm?Ebook: 5651 - Lady Ewa
High Heeled in the Ambulance
When she got dizzy in the heat of the last days on a nude date in the woods, we called the ambulance and they had examined the naked Lady in the car. She did not want to take her 18 cm high heels off under any circumstances. After the two paramedics had put the Lady on the bench, they extensively examined the genital area. Turned on by the extremely high heels, one of the two then took her stockinged feet, and jerked her a full load of cum on her feet.Ebook: 5652 - Lady Barbara
Long Nails Close Ups
Here you only see close-ups of my feet on the balcony in 16 cm high, red patent sandals. With and without nylons. The stockings are super-fine nylons in 10 denier, that you rarely find. Who wants to take off my stilettos and smell my stinky foot  soles? Come on, put your nose between my toes, slave. And then take a deep breath!Ebook: 5653 - Lady Ewa
Tickling Pain
Lady Ewa gets her bare feet tickled on the treatment couch by a foot masseur, which is wearing latex gloves. See on the photos and especially on the  10-minutes video, how the sexy Polish Lady has to suffer and laughs when foot tickler Markus from Aachen pushes his fingers between her toes. Maybe you would like to tease a tied footLady outdoor in the summer on a Wednesday evening?Ebook: 5653 - Lady Ewa
Tickling Pain
Lady Ewa gets her bare feet tickled on the treatment couch by a foot masseur, which is wearing latex gloves. See on the photos and especially on the  10-minutes video, how the sexy Polish Lady has to suffer and laughs when foot tickler Markus from Aachen pushes his fingers between her toes. Maybe you would like to tease a tied footLady outdoor in the summer on a Wednesday evening?