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Ebook: 5593 - Lady Barbara
Greased Soles
As a special member wish, the slave had again to grease my soles and also the slits between mytoes with lot of Vaseline before I play again with the little cock of my houseboy. At the end he had the job to cum on my soles and grease my soles with his cum. To be honest, I must say thet my toes could have used a lot more hot cream.Ebook: 5594 - Lady Ewa
Sunday trip in a Convertible
Today you see Lady Ewa in high heels and seamed nylons with her new sports car, a Merceds slk roadster. The hot Polish wears a pair of sheer nylonstockings with seam and black patent leather pumps to a transparent, black lace dress. For some voyeurs in the background, the hot blondynka is posing in and around the car and shows them her sexy big butt and with wide open legs her blank pussy.Ebook: 5595 - Lady Barbara
For all members who like long toenails and bling-bling sandals. Here you see close-ups of my feet with ultra-long nails on the big toes in new hot summer sandals by Giardino Principi. Including a Video where I put the heels into the houseboys mouth. Maybe there will be another opportunity soon and you can really sperm my toes again.Ebook: 5596 - Lady Ewa
Stark-Naked in the Working Shop
Lady Ewa had lost a bet and must work now for 1 day stark-naked in a metal working shop.She is only allowed to wear special working shoes: 16cm high black pumps.Ebook: 5597 - Lady Ewa
Parking Doctor
Lady Ewa is presented today in a sheer sexy summer dress by a hobby-Doc on a parking lot near Cologne to a masked horny goat. The horny Polish is stripped naked by the two and must wear except her high heels still a blindfold and a pair of earmuffs, so does nothing see and hear. So the two perverted guys have the most fun with the blonde Lady.Ebook: 5598 - Lady Barbara
Toegames in the Garden
After he had the afternoon quietly worked for me in the garden, the House slave is allowed to take off my sandals and rub my feet with vaseline. As I notice that it excites him, he must take out his little slave dick and gets to feel my long toenails on his glans and in his urethra.Ebook: 5599 - Lady Katinka
Wianking-Lady in RoSa Pumps
The first series of SubLady Katinka. In 15cm high patent leather pumps from RoSa Shoes and ultra sheer Alberts Barefoot Nylons, SubLady Katinka sits at her secretary. The 50-year-old chief secretary just came home from work. In order to get away from the stress of the office, she immediately took off her business suit and put on only a delicate negligee and a transparent night coat. In the chair, the horny blonde immediately had her fingers circling at her sexy cunt. More from Katinka now every Friday!Ebook: 5600 - Lady Barbara
Titt Training
Here you see photos from me me training my titts as a member wish. You see also 22-minutes REAL SLOW MOTON VIDEO. See how the silicone bags are flying around in my titts. With rubber around the titts and without, making trainingsgames and lifting a box of beer. Cheers boys ! Including a 25-min slow motion video. If you have more ideas for real slow motion videos, let me know and send an email.Ebook: 5601 - Lady Katinka
Wet Soles in Alberts Barefoot Nylons
SubLady Katinka is the total shoe and nylon fetishist. She adores her ultra sheer Alberts Barefoot nylons that crackle so nicely while walking. For the submissive 50-year-old chief-secretary there is nothing better than serving a dominant boss in elegant high-heeled stilettos and sheer, seamed nylonstockings. For original nylons the horny blonde does it all. From now on Legsworld is every Friday Katinka Day. Members can have free photo dates with her from 15.July on.Ebook: 5602 - Lady Barbara
Titts + Heels
Its hot again in Spain and Im only wearing the panties of my golden bikini. And a sexy combination with high heels & rubbers. I hope that my feet in the 14 cm high, orange-colored mules of elite heels in conjunction with my rubberized, wet boobs make you really hot. Whenever I pose like this on the terrace, I have the feeling that a certain older neighbor is looking at me through binoculars. Somehow that makes me horny.Ebook: 5603 - Lady Ewa
Footsex at the Car
Lady Ewa drove in an ecru colored costume and with ultra sheer seamed nylons with my slave on various forest parking. There, the slave first must kneel and pamper the feet and legs of the Polist at the car. Before the slave can squirt on Ewa´s feet, there comes an foreign wanker. He undresses the Polish Lady halfway, is he is wanked by her hands at the end he is jerking off on her big sexy buttocks.Ebook: 5604 - Lady Ewa
Heels Stroll until it Hurts
Her you can watch Lady Ewa strolling in a tight black costume and 16 cm high heeled black pumps on the Duesseldorf Rhine bridge and in the city. The racy Polish is wearing no nylons, but a sexy anklet today. After 2 hours in the super high Stilettos, she had to sit down, because her feet were hurting.Ebook: 5605 - Lady Barbara
The golden Bikini
On the last day I enjoyed in Spain again the sun in my golden bikini and the high heeled orange mules. As I lay on the terrace, I could once again see exactly how a neighbor (a pensioner of about 80 years old) watched me with binoculars ... Well then, have fun I told myself, pushing my bikini panty aside. You should also treat older people something fun.Ebook: 5607 - Lady Ewa
Footsex in the Nature
Here you can see what Lady Ewa is doing in parking lots on the Lower Rhine, if the weather is nice. First, a footman had to kneel in front of her in the dirt and lick her toes clean. Then he was allowed to jerk his sperm on her bare foot sole. He had to lick it clean thereafter, of course. Then came a horny groper, who would have liked to cum on her feet, legs and ass at the same time, when she was standing in front of him with her bare butt.Ebook: 5608 - Lady Barbara
Mules- and Sole Fucking
Today again a good friend of mine from Holland has visited us. The hot guy always likes to go to my feet. Licking toes and squirting soles, thats his hobby. When do you push your stiff dick a woman between the foot and shoe sole? Or rub him on damp soles or push him between some horny toes?Ebook: 5609 - Lady Ewa
City Stroll in Nylons & Heels
In this photo - and ClipSeries, Lady Ewa strolls in a black business suit, sheer, black seamed nylons and 16 cm high, open-toe pumps through Düsseldorf. A member appeals to her and wants to hustle the Polish to his home. When on a park bench at the Königsalle Ewa had pain on her feet and must sit down, the horny guy directly began to fumble at her legs. But he is not the only one. Other heels and nylon fans are watching the frivolous blonde.Ebook: 5610 - Lady Ewa
The Parking Adventures of a Polish Lady
Today you can see photos and video clips from two parking-meetings in the Ruhrgebiet area. Lady Ewa is wearing on the parking demonstration ultra sheer nylons, a denim mini and high-heeled blue pumps. Willingly the hot Polish lets examine her body by the wankers and shows them her tits and her naked pussy. Incl. Videos also from the smoking Lady in slow motion.Ebook: 5611 - Lady Katinka
NylonLady doing her HoueseWork
It had to be vacuumed again in the flat. After Katinka came out of the office, she put on her homedress and some of her high-heeled house slippers. So the 50 year old chief secretary went to work. Because she rubbed a few times the fluted vacuum cleaner hose past her pussy, she became more and more horny. In the video clip you can see how she sucks her labia with the vacuum cleaner at the end.Ebook: 5612 - Lady Barbara
Toes Worship in the Garden
After working in the garden, I put my slave in a transparent, white negligee to amuse me about him. Then the stupid boy had to go to his knees and and he had to worship my long toenails. The more he crawls in front of me and stares at my polished toes, the more I enjoy the power of my feet. Especially when his little hard dick twitches in his pants.Ebook: 5613 - Lady Katinka
Parking Lot Sandal Slut
After her office job Katinka got put on only the full face mask and a few hand cuffs, we pulled her down the top and already the first groper with latex gloves could begin his work on the high-heeled office mare. The man himself looked like a boss and had probably imagined that his own secretary is in front of him. He did not need half a minute and Katinkas horny cunt began to juice.Ebook: 5614 - Lady Barbara
HighHeeled + Bound
Today I once again fulfilled the wish of a longtime member: I had to be stark naked bound and fixed to the ceiling. I wear 3 rubber rings on each breast and 16cm high green sandals. If you want to more of me in this position, send me an email what exactly you want to see. In the course of the shoot, my tits became really blue.  Hot Blue Balls said member Ingo from Hannover, when he was watching the photo shoot.Ebook: 5615 - Lady Ewa
Smelling Nylons
Poland Lady Ewa is today first posing solo in dark seamed nylons and 16cm high pumps in the garden. Then she sits smoking on a chair and puts her feet first in high heels and then only in nylons to the face of a member and let him smell her stinky soles. She needs not ask him twice. The horny guy kneels before her, because Ewas feet smell after a long shopping spree certainly fantastic in the sheer nylon stockings.Ebook: 5616 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Visiting my Houseslave
Today, Ewa and I made a home visit in Moenchengladbach in the apartment of my houese-slave. We are served by the horny submissive guy. While we are sitting in elegant costumes on the couch, we are smoking cigarettes and taking a glass of cool champagne. Therewhile the horny slave is kneeling in nylon stockings in front of us. But today we only give him a quick look at our feet.Ebook: 5617 - Lady Katinka
Parkinglot Martinshütte
Today subLady Katinka is posing in a parking lot at the Ahr. She wears a beige skirt, a very open black blouse and beige-golden sandals with a curved wedge heel. Again and again, the blonde pulls away her tight thong that tweaks between the labia. Because rather the horny bitch goes without panties. If you are interested in exactly this string, freshly worn by Katinka, then get in touch with us.Ebook: 5618 - Lady Ewa
Today you see whats going on in the summer on the highway parking lots in the Rhineland and in the Ruhr area. Today, you see photos from the hot Lady Ewa making a trip through the Ruhr area, where she visits parking lots and presents herself as a template in front of the wanking guys. In some parking lots in the Ruhrgebiet area Ewa is already known as The Hot Polish-Blondynka. She has many admirers there.Ebook: 5620 - Lady Katinka
Jeans Mini & Colorful Platform Sandals
Do beige Alberts Barefoot nylons fit with her denim mini and her poppy platform sandals? Katinka was hardly home, she had exchanged her strict office outfit for her ultra-short denim mini, sheer Alberts and 16cm high, colorful platform sandals. Of course without panties, because her office-panties still got wet over the day. If she should make a frivolous stroll through Cologne, dressed like that ? We think so, what do you think?Ebook: 5621 - Lady Ewa
Pussy Weights
Lady Ewa fullfills once again a member desire: She poses in the heels studio on request of a member in a sexy dress with suspenders and nylons. On her feet she wears blue, open toe pumps. With heavy metal weights, her fleshy labia are stretched until they hang down beautifully limp between her legs. Nice close-ups and a 5-minute video clip shows you how she is wanking with weights.Ebook: 5622 - Lady Barbara
Milkinggrease (part 1)
Totally naked, with rubberized balls and pretty much kicked away from some hard drinks, I waited on the bar stool for my practitioner. On my white treatment table, I was properly lubricated with milking grease. Especially my crack was greased extensively so that the fat came really into every body crack. Not only my big udder balls, but also the labia and toes got their fat. Would you like to do a lube change with one of my Ladies? Then write me! You should have a location and get plenty of milking fat.Ebook: 5622 - Lady Barbara
Milkinggrease (part 1)
Totally naked, with rubberized balls and pretty much kicked away from some hard drinks, I waited on the bar stool for my practitioner. On my white treatment table, I was properly lubricated with milking grease. Especially my crack was greased extensively so that the fat came really into every body crack. Not only my big udder balls, but also the labia and toes got their fat. Would you like to do a lube change with one of my Ladies? Then write me! You should have a location and get plenty of milking fat.