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Ebook: 5562 - Lady Ewa
Old Man on the Parking
The smoking Lady Ewa is posing in a costume, sheer nylonstockings and black patent leather pumps on a typical cocking park. It does not take long, and the first old man sneaks around the horny Polish wanker´s template. But since he does not dare to speak to her, nothing happens. Until the second one comes. Ewa then shows her shaved pussy close up this second wanker.Ebook: 5563 - Lady Barbara
Horny Soles + Smoking
On multiple user request I show you here my bare soles while I hold my feet extremely high-heeled. I smoke cigarettes through a long cigarette holder. I like to keep my feet like this (high heeled), if I know that it makes you horny. When I imagine how you are wanking while watching mes, a certain tingling pulls from my toes to the beginning of my legs. So write me how you like it and in which pose I should keep my feet with the long nails up for you next.Ebook: 5564 - Lady Ewa
Complete Medical Check
Here Lady Ewa gets a complete medical check from a hobbydoctor in Cologne. First Ewa had to answer the doc several questions in a black suit and high mules, where she was allowed to smoke. Then the hot blonde had to take off her black skirt and everything else and was measured by the Doc and checked.Ebook: 5565 - Lady Barbara
Private Series in the Garden
This is what it looks like when my servants are on holiday: I have to mow my lawn myself. But I always do that in style in a tight leggings and with 15cm high heeled garden mules, which have a slightly wider heel so I do not sink in the wet grass with it. To the delight of my webmaster, I tied my boobs under the shirt and put on a cowboy hat.Ebook: 5566 - Lady Ewa
Posing at the Viewpoint
This viewpoint from the lignite mine in Heinsberg we had visited, because we want to make there the sandal- and footfucking. First we made some posing pictures of Lady Ewa, but soon there came some men watching us. In thepart 2 you can see that they are grabbing at the hot Polish Lady Ewa and one of them jerks off at her fetet in the high pumps. But this is tomorrow .... today is what the voyeurs saw.Ebook: 5567 - Lady Ewa
Cum on new Pumps
Lady Ewa visits a new customer in Neuss to give him my worn lingerie, which he ordered before. As a member, he had bought her some black 16cm pumps to neatly squeeze her sexy feet into it. Of course, the hot Polish tried the shoes directlyl and let him wank a big load of sperm on it. But before that, the man in my worn lingerie had still to lick the anus of the Lady.Ebook: 5568 - Lady Barbara
Pink Lady with Slave
Ewa and I are sitting at the dinner table with two members in the afternoon and we have made us some glasses with Wodka . Im wearing a pink costume and Im just getting my slave to put me on a pair of 15cm high, toe-open pink pumps. In the garden then, the horny slave must kiss in front of the camera my feet and shoes.Ebook: 5569 - Lady Ewa
Grabbing at the Viewpoint
As the voyeurs at the viewpoint of the lignite mine in Heinsberg slowly came closer, Lady Ewa was neatly lubricated with Vaseline by one of the guys between her legs and at the butt-notch. Then she was groped by rough hands and finally the Polish mare got a big load of cum from one of the wankers on her high heeled pumps feet. On the video you can see very well, how the fingers glide in Ewas greasy pussy.Ebook: 5570 - Lady Ewa
CuntShoh at the View Point
Lady Ewa was allowed to enjoy the view of the open pit in Jackerath at the lookout point and at the same time the sexy blonde herself was shown to some wankers who had mixed with the walkers. The Polish slut had to pull up her short skirt and push her panties aside. Because the men wanted to enjoy the free look at Ewas bald shaved cunt.Ebook: 5571 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
After the Barbeque
At a nice barbecue evening under radiant heaters Ewa and I made ourselves comfortable in the garden. After the barbeque the slave was allowed to lick my feet and the feet of Lady Ewa. And because he made everything correct and also sucked the undersides of the long nails pretty clean, we allowed him also to wank his little slave cock on Lady Ewas feet and give her his sperm.Ebook: 5572 - Lady Ewa
Clothed Men - Naked Female
Butt naked, only with 16cm high heeled mules on her feet and blindfolded, Lady Ewa is this night the perfect wankers objekt for some totally clothed guys on a parking. While the guys watch the sexy naked Polish body, they are wanking their dicks and invite the Lady to rub her pussy wet. At the the Lady is masturbating herself in front of the wankers.Ebook: 5573 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Naked + Dressed
Lady Ewa and I meet in a little settlement in Spain. The sexy blonde is stark naked except for a sheer scarf and a white summer hat - Im dressed elegantly and wearing a black summer hat. Both of us wear, of course, as always on our feet sexy high heels. At the end you see some private vacation snapshots of the hot Polish and me on the terrace.Ebook: 5574 - Lady Ewa
Wet Nylons
If it´s more then 30 degrees celsius, it´s very hot in nylonstockings, even if you do not wera anything else, like Ewa here.  So the best a Lady can do, is go into the pool. And so the hot blonde Ewa from Poland went today only with ultra-sheer seamed nylons and a garter belt into the cool water. Then she has sat down with wet stockings on the edge of the pool with wide open legs, so everyone could see her shaved pussy.Ebook: 5575 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Walk
Her mini dress just barely covers the hot buttocks of the sexy Polish and sometimes you can look from the front right to her bald shaved slit. Lady Ewa is tanned and panty-less walking on high-heeled sandals through a Spanish medieval town. Oddly enough, we met the same people over and over again, of course, all men with sunglasses who probably always looked very closely to her.Ebook: 5576 - Lady Barbara
At the Shore
In a sheer, transparent beachcloth and 15cm high-heeled mules I am posing on a rocky beach in Spain. I only have the transparent cloth and the designer-mules with the red soles with me. Hopefully everything will be fine and the cloth will not fly away. Maybe someone is watching me again?Ebook: 5577 - Lady Ewa
Young Lady ./. Old Walls
Here, the crunchy brown and freshly shaved Lady Ewa is posing in a red summer dress and high-heeled mules in front of old monastery walls. You can watch the beautiful kneeling Polish mare from behind between her mules and soles. And of course the sexy Ewa shows more than just the soles of her feet. Her tanned luxury body is really stunning.Ebook: 5578 - Lady Ewa
HighHeels + Jeans
Here you can see Lady Ewa on member request in a tight denim dress and blue stiletto heels with rhinestones. On a way for hikers and cyclists the blonde Polish Lady is posing. She puts her jeans-butt out and gives insights between the bare soles of her feet and the soles of her shoes. Who would not like to put his dick in there?Ebook: 5579 - Lady Barbara
Queen of Toes
Here you see my toes and arches. A member wanted me to hold my naked feet as theywere in highhest heels. As I wear high heels since I was 14 years old, I only can walk on stiletto shoes. You will nearly find no flat shoes in my cabinet. I cannot walk on them. Would you like to cum between my oily toes? And of course my toes are always polished in bright red and my feet are decorated with anklets and toe rings, for example.Ebook: 5580 - Lady Ewa
Railway Station
While Lady Ewa (partly smoking a cigarette) in a frivolous summer dress and 16cm heels is waiting for a train, she poses quite casually for the camera. Due to her transparent dress, everyone who is waiting on the platform, clearly can see her blank buttocks. For a traveler standing next to her, seems her dress to be rather strange. He constantly looks over at the blond Polish and offers her fire for her cigarette.Ebook: 5581 - Lady Barbara
The yellow Mules
Here you see me in Spain by the pool with a sheer summer dress and 14cm high-heeled mules with a B-anklet. I had already finished styling for a nice flamenco evening. I do not need a panty, but I think Ill do the rubbers off before I go.Ebook: 5582 - Lady Ewa
Short Skirt + high Heels
In an ultra-short and super-tight mini dress without underwear Lady Ewa is tottering with 14 cm high mules over the Königsallee in Dusseldorf. She is accompanied by a member who loves to present her in public. The young man massages the again and again the strained feet of the blonde Polish in on a park bench and in a telephone booth. Several times during her walk, the sexy Lady is thoroughly nudged by walkers.Ebook: 5583 - Lady Barbara
Sweaty Footsoles
After a long walk at 30 degrees in 14cm high mules, I present you here my very sweaty foot soles on the terrace table. Come, sit down on a chair in front of the table and smell my stinky foot soles. What do they smell like? They smell like leather and sweat. If you pull out your tongue, you can taste it. Do you like it?Ebook: 5584 - Lady Ewa
The Garden Hose
With a glass of wine in her hand goes Lady Ewa in stilettos and lingerie around the house in the front yard. In her high heels, the hot nylon Lady climbs on the rocks and begins to pluck the weeds out. As she gets hot, she looks for the garden hose and takes a shower with it. Of course in lingerie, nylons and heels. Especially the fixed beam between her legs seems to enjoy the hot blondynka.Ebook: 5585 - Lady Ewa
Police Control
To deter shoe and nylon thieves, regular police checks take place in front of the Legsworld area. The two officers carefully inspect the vehicle and driver and subject the driver to a foot-fetish test. Today, NylonLady Ewa had again caught a young man, who was promptly subjected to a strict fetish test. Again and again the ladies stoop provocatively in front of him. Is he looking at one of them under the skirt?Ebook: 5586 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Private Party (part 1)
Two members have booked with me and Lady Ewa a private party and amongst other things they have packed my breasts in condoms. I welcomed the two men together with Lady Ewa in sheer nylons and a transparent negligee. In the first part, I unpack the dick of one member and let me beat hard with his prick on my strangulated boobs.Ebook: 5587 - Lady Ewa
Footmassage in a Cafe
After the long stroll with a member over the Königsallee (see Update 5582) you can see today how it went on. When the feet of the the blonde Polish were hurting in the high mules, Lady Ewa sat down with her companion in a cafe and let him pamper her legs and her stinky feet. He could not insist in smelling her feet and kissing them in the public.Ebook: 5588 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Private Party (part 2)
Two members have booked with Lady Ewa and me a private party and me etc. my breasts packed in condoms. I received the two together with Lady Ewa in sheer nylons and a transparent negligee. In the second part I get my bulbs wrapped in condoms. They are tied with black nylons this time. While the slave is sucking on my condom breasts, the other one is horny for the tits of Lady Ewa.Ebook: 5589 - Lady Barbara und Ewa
Police Control (part 2)
After the two police women have taken the suspect driver in the check, they find in a body search in the garden that he himself wears black, sheer nylonstockings on black suspenders. The slave has to undress in front of the two women. He is treated to kiss their feet, nylons and shoes. And all that while the Polish women laugh at him and make fun of him.Ebook: 5590 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Private Party (part 3)
Two members have booked with Lady Ewa and me a private party and me etc. my breasts packed in condoms. I received the two together with Lady Ewa in sheer nylons and a transparent negligee. In the third part the horny guy is mainly concerned with the silicone tits and the feet of Lady Ewa. He sucks her toes and rubs his hard cock on it.Ebook: 5591 - Lady Barbara
The CorkMaid
Whats on the tray today? It must be not always beer. A Corc shoe is served for the guest today. Everything from an elegantly dressed service maid with free, tight bound boobs and stiff nipples under the costume and with a big summer hat on her head. On my feet: of course very high corc stilettos with wedge heel.Ebook: 5592 - Lady Ewa
The Pussy Pump
At the beginning, Lady Ewa visits a member in his office in Neuss for a photo shooting and gets her first pussy pump from him as a gift. In the further course of the series you can see how the hot Polish tried the pump again in a parking lot in front of an audience. Every guy in the parking lot can watch Ewa pumping her shaved pussy hard. Incl. 11 min video.Ebook: 5592 - Lady Ewa
The Pussy Pump
At the beginning, Lady Ewa visits a member in his office in Neuss for a photo shooting and gets her first pussy pump from him as a gift. In the further course of the series you can see how the hot Polish tried the pump again in a parking lot in front of an audience. Every guy in the parking lot can watch Ewa pumping her shaved pussy hard. Incl. 11 min video.