The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 5532 - Lady Ewa
Walking through the Village (2)
Lady Ewa strolls in a hot outfit through the little village Willich Schiefbahn on the lower Rhine. She is wearing a black plaid mini skirt, sheer black seamed nylons on suspenders and 16 cm-high heeled bright red mules. Of course the Polish on the village stands out with these shoes. And when she bends, everyone can see her garter belt and her sexy ass. A celebration for the voyeurs in such a village.  Incl. 15min Video.Ebook: 5533 - Lady Barbara
Try on Shoes (part 2)
After the slave had brought me such beautiful shoes and he had tried me all (by the way, all of elite heels) of course I could not let him  jerk on the shoes. But I finally let him wank his sperm into his hand while watching me and my high-heeled feet. Of course, he had to lick everything clean again, as it befits a real foot and sperm slave.Ebook: 5534 - Lady Barbara
Private Party in the Basement Bar
This member did everything right on the date. Dancing-smooching-etc. While I had to wear a blindfold, Martin danced with me very properly so that I could have a lot of fun. We danced until I couldnEbook: 5535 - Lady Ewa
Nylon in her Pussy
What is the smoking Lady Ewa from Poland doing with a new nylon stocking? After she has taken it out of the packaging, the sexy Polish pushes the foot part of the sheer stocking over her long red claws and eases it into her pussy. She lets it in her wet hole for a while and pulls out the soaking wet stocking the out of her pussy. Again and again she pulls the whole stocking tight over her clitoris. Does she wank with the stocking? Imagine you have to suck it at the end, slave !Ebook: 5536 - Lady Barbara
Nylons + Mules in the Garden
Here I pose in very sheer dark seamed nylons, 15 cm-high mules and a light summerdress in the garden. My long, red-polished toenails are good to be seen through the sheer nylon. As I was shopping in the mules just before, my feet are pretty sweaty. When shopping, I had the feeling that someone followed me and was staring at my nylon legs and my heels. Was that you?Ebook: 5537 - Lady Ewa
Poland Milf in the WorkShop
Lady Ewa visited a locksmith workshop in Cologne in this update. In her blue business suit, the seamed nylons and the 16 cm high heels, she fell into the hands of the fitters and a hobby doctor. She was placed on a workbench in her elegant blue dress. There the men undressed the hot Polish milf and took a close look at her shaved vagina.Ebook: 5538 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Cleaning the Terrace
In the summertime, we have made comfortable on the terrace, taking some glass of champagne and smoking cigarettes .Houseslave M had to clean therewhile the terrace, while Lady Ewa and I were supervising him. Of coures he also had to serve us inbetween as a seat and footbank. Finally for that, slaves are there.Ebook: 5539 - Lady Barbara
Private At Home
Nearly every week I receive requests from members who want to see what I am wearing every day in the private sphere. In midsummer Im mostly naked at home and I wear only high-heeled mules or sexy sandals. Nothing else. In the rest of the time Im usually dressed sexy as in the photos here, because otherwise I do not feel very well. You want to know what I wear under the pleated skirt? Take a look!Ebook: 5540 - Lady Ewa
Seamed Nylons in front of the Discounter
Lady Ewa das dressed sexy with nylons and high-heels, she wanted to buy some little things at the discounter, but it was closed. In her black seamed nylons and the 16cm high, Red mules, she makes a few clumsy movements, so that you can see her up till to the butt.Ebook: 5541 - Lady Barbara
On the way to a vintage car event, I briefly make a stop with my 1975 Panther J72 between the fields on the Lower Rhine. I want to pose for my fans a bit in and on the car and of course show you what I wear under my black / white dress. Or. what I do not wear. Take a look, maybe youll meet me on a normal veteran fair.Ebook: 5542 - Lady Barbara
Dirty Foot Soles
From now on there are series from sunny Spain. Today I walked around the pool with bare feet and show you my dirty bare soles. For this I wear a swimsuit and a summer hat. Around my breasts I have, because it always makes me hot, pretty tight rubber rings. Probably vacationers have seen it again from the trail.Ebook: 5543 - Lady Ewa
The high-heeled Lady Ewa is today setting the table on the terrace for dinner with sea views. In a tight tiger dress, sheer black seamed nylons and high-heeled suede pumps with a tiger pattern, the sexy blonde opens a bottle of ice-cold wine. She always bends unskilfully, so that you can see what she wears under the dress.Ebook: 5544 - Lady Barbara
Pussy Shaving at the Pool
Here you see me with a pink summer hat, sheer black nylonstockings on suspenders and high heeled mules by the pool in Spain. After being showered and made up in the bathroom, I went to the pool area to shave my pussy there in the sun. It must always be pretty bald. Then the labia and slit are very well oiled for the next user.Ebook: 5545 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Two Ladies at the Bed
Here you can see Ewa and me lolling on the hotel bed in hot lingerie, sheer nylons and sexy high heels. The little wimp that used to serve us both the whole day with his tongue and who promised to fuck our toes again and again, hosed after a short time and drove back to Mums home. Who wants to continue where the wimp has stopped?Ebook: 5546 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa Loves Heelsfuck
In ultra-sheer nylon stockings on suspenders and red mules on her feet, the sexy Lady sits on a garden stool and unpacks a gift: bright red patent leather pumps. Instead of putting on the shoes, the horny Polish mare prefers to play with them on her bald shaved cunt. The cold patent leather, the hard stiletto heel ... all this seems to make her horny. If Polish-Ewa´s pussy is really wet in the end?Ebook: 5547 - Lady Barbara
Catsuit + Summerhat
For all friends of lace catsuits, there is today this photo series of me to be seen in the semi-darkness. On the garden table in Willich I show myself with summer hat in an open catsuit and 16cm high black pumps. On the tiger blanket I present my bald shaved pussy in front of the camera. That a horny old voyeur secretly stood behind the corner of the house and watched, I was told afterwards.Ebook: 5548 - Lady Ewa
Maid Ewa cleans garden furniture
Spring was comming at this sunny day in germany, but before we can make barbecue in the garden, some one had to clean the gardenfurniture. This time it was Lady Ewa´s turn.Of course she didn´t change clothes, but did it in 16cm high heeled mules and a very short tartan skirt. While she was at work, the blonde Polish bended over again and again, so that everybody can look under her skirt to her buttocks.Ebook: 5549 - Lady Barbara
New Wedgemules
For all friends of lingerie and wedge shoes I show today in the living room with ultra sheer nylons on suspenders new patent leather mules with wedge heels. I wear sexy lingerie and a matching negligee. Thanks to Christopher from Canada for the beautiful shoes. They are a bit small, but better too small than too big. My heel can get over something in the back, that´s no problem.Ebook: 5550 - Lady Ewa
NylonLady an der Kiesgrube
Lady Ewa is posing with various pumps after work in front of the gate of a gravel pit in jeans mini and black seamed nylons. Where are the voyeurs? The sexy Polish has pulled out in the course of the shooting her mini skirt to show her shaved pussy and her bare buttocks to all. Maybe someone wants to rub his cock on them or push his nose between them.Ebook: 5551 - Lady Barbara
Blind Date in Sandals
And once again, a member had won an exciting blind date shoot with me through the campaign with Peter & Dennis. Member Jürgen from Dortmund was allowed to tap me, mouth fuck and use my feet. Unfortunately, I can only do these dates very rarely at the moment. But maybe someone would like to go dancing with me in the summer...Ebook: 5552 - Lady Barbara
EasterLady in Suspenders
Here I pose in the garden in front of my Easter tree. I have put my Easter present (new 16 cm-high pumps) on the table. Because I welcome my visitors later, I am wearing  on an elegant red dress with black lace blouse. My ultra-sheer, black seamed nylons are attached to suspenders and my feet stuck in narrow, 16 cm high heeled pumps by elite heels.Ebook: 5553 - Lady Barbara
Unfortunately, it had to be done: the beautiful blue Easter Bunnys had to suffer under my heels. On the balcony, I am standing in a mini dress and squish two Easter Bunnys from chocolate with my silver and gold slippers. In the meantime I let look the photographer upskirt under my dress and show him my freshly shaved easter pussy.Ebook: 5554 - Lady Ewa
Wide FootSoles & Jeans
Today, as a member request, you can see the bare soles of the smoking Polish Lady. Lady Ewa had just returned from a long shopping trip from Dusseldorf, where she had been followed by several Heelsfans. The high-heeled blonde was still wearing her jeans when she had to stick her sweaty, bare feet into the camera in the early evening.Ebook: 5555 - Lady Ewa + Jennie
Jerking at the Hydraulic Ramp
On Jennies slave farm in Heinsberg a submissive member is driven onto the lift and thoroughly inspected by the ladies Ewa and Jennie. Here, the ladies test especially the hardness of his little slave cock, which they then forcibly milk at the end. Whether the slave wants it or not, every slave has to jerk on Jennies slave farm. Minimum one time.Ebook: 5556 - Lady Barbara
Pink Dress at the Pool
After a day in the beach bar of my girlfriend, I decided in the evening after a shower, to make foryou  a photo shoot at the pool. In pink open-toe-pumps, pink lingerie, a pink summer hat and with ultra-sheer seamed nylons with tophole on my garterbelt, I am today your wanker´s object. I hope you rub your stiff cocks and jerk you cum on my ass.Ebook: 5557 - Lady Ewa
Wine Tasting on the Terrace
After being topless at the beach all day long, Lady Ewa had made herself comfortable on the terrace with a glass of wine in the early evening. The racy Polish is wearing sheer black nylons with seam and 14 cm high, open-toe pumps in Leopard design. She holds her sweaty nylon feet into the camera and shows us her shaved vagina. I think also people from the street could watch her.Ebook: 5558 - Lady Ewa
HighHeeled Window Cleaner
Windows clean completely different: Some members like funny photos and then order them at Legsworld. Like member Väth, who wanted to see how the Polish Lady Ewa is cleaning the windows in an unusual presentation. So she goes to work with a straw hat, suspenders, hot nylons and a sheer summer dress. Funny, funny ... say the one - Hot ! mean the others.Ebook: 5559 - Lady Barbara
BlueJeans + Pumps
Here you see me in Spain on a dusty dirt road in blue jeans and 15cm high-heeles blue pumps. I often ride with tight rubber rings around my breasts and high heels on my feet with the jeep over the bumpy roads to this lonely place where you always have a nice view of the sea.Ebook: 5560 - Lady Ewa
Smoking on the Exercise Bike
If she does not tan the half day on the sunbed at the pool, Lady Ewa trains in Spain every day on the exercise bike to form her butt and legs for the photos. Of course, the Polish Blondynka also likes a beer here and there while her training and smokes one cigarette at a time. Whether the beers care for the pounds in the right places? But smoking is known to make slim, right?Ebook: 5561 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Sklaves WankersHour
Two slaves are educated in the heelsstudio by Ewa and me and have to show me how they usually use me as a wanker´s template. The one gets a nylon massage from Ewa while I pose as a template. As his cock is hard, I get the desire to blow it. The other slave kisses therewhile my heels and toes. At the end both slaves have to cum on my rubberized udders without Ewas help. Who has more sperm in his balls?Ebook: 5561 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Sklaves WankersHour
Two slaves are educated in the heelsstudio by Ewa and me and have to show me how they usually use me as a wanker´s template. The one gets a nylon massage from Ewa while I pose as a template. As his cock is hard, I get the desire to blow it. The other slave kisses therewhile my heels and toes. At the end both slaves have to cum on my rubberized udders without Ewas help. Who has more sperm in his balls?