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Ebook: 5501 - Lady Barbara
ABeforeter the Party Night
Before a long party night Ill take pictures for you, so you can see how I look like when I´m dancing later: Im wearing a pair of black and white sexy mules to a light, beige dress with brown sheer nylon stockings on a garterbelt. I also put over this a light fur jacket. I do not need a panty, so I go straight to the Poland party. Thanks to our member Gentleman60, who gave me these great mules.Ebook: 5502 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara + Ewa
The PumpsCondom
No sex without protection! After this member got pulled one of my pointed pumps over his cock, it was fixed to his balls with a nylon stocking and then he was allowed to fuck me with that condom. It was a great desire to feel the cold leather tip between my labia. Then it was Ewas turn to be fucked by him with several Pumps-condoms.Ebook: 5503 - Lady Ewa
The Bootlicker
Submissive, this member in the heels studio licks the shiny, black overknee boots of his Polish mistress Ewa. Everything has to be cleaned with the tongue, from the shaft to the heel. Therefore the businessman lies in front of the attractive mistress on the floor while Ewa shows everyone else her sexy ass and her shaved cunt.Ebook: 5504 - Lady Barbara
Widow in Neglige
Totally dressed in black transparent tulle I welcome a member of my site at home in my relax room. He got from me a handjob, and after he had worshipped my feet and legs, I gave him a blowjob and allowed him to cum in a Condom, while he was kneeling in front of me.Ebook: 5505 - Partyimpressions
Friday Trampling Party
Today I show you some impressions of the party with some new friends. The theme was trampling this time and so of course all the ladies were curious to finally be able to trample with their stilettos on living doormats. Of course, not only trampling was done, but in the end all tramplings slaves were milked by foot and handjobs.Ebook: 5506 - Lady Barbara
Catsuit + Hat in the Garden (1)
Here you can see me on my wooden garden-deck in a sheer crotchless catsuit and 16cm high-heeled designer pumps, even though its pretty cold in good old Germany. All that warms me are the headlights for the camera. My breasts are tied tight with rubbers, as I like it. And my freshly shaved pussy looks out of the opening of the pantyhose.Ebook: 5507 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa at the Lake
Lady Ewa wanted to be the sexy wanker´s object for some yoyeurs at the Kaarster see near Duesseldorf on this cool day. In bright red 16 cm-high mules and a red eveningdress, she goes up the slope to lake. When the wankers, which rather wanted to remain in the background, saw that Ewa was provocative spreading her thighs, they took out their cocks. Through the transparent nylon of the briefs, they could see well that the sexy Polish  pussy was completely shaved. The guys hoped to see something like that much more often.Ebook: 5508 - Lady Barbara
Shoe Masturbating with Gasmask
After I got a package with pumps from one of my slaves, I had to feel them on my pussy. The horny goat got for it my old used shoes. I love the hot tips of the shoes especially on my skin, and when I wear them, they are so tight and squeezes my toes together. Thats a feeling for me, as I get an orgasm. The toes orgasm. For member Harry from Kiel I am wearing a transparent lace blouse, leather gloves and this gas mask.Ebook: 5509 - Lady Barbara
Catsuit + Hat in the Garden (2)
Today I was, after an elegant-obscene date, in the mood to stroll through the garden and  pose for you on my pond bridge with Catsuit, summer hat, and 16 cm heels. Under the Catsuit, I have bound my boobs tight with rubber rings, so my big tits protrude under the nylon and my nipples seem to come through the sheer fabric.Ebook: 5510 - Lady Ewa
Yellow panties
Ewa is posing nearly naked in front of a building and is playing with her yellow panties. Initially, the sexy Polish Lady has her fingers in her hot panties, then she shows inbetween her bald pussy and her sexy buttocks. When bending over, you can see clearly between the hot buttocks her moist-shiny cunt. The broad soles of her feet overhang the sides of the petite mules.Ebook: 5511 - Lady Barbara
Mini Skirt and grey Nylon Stockings
Here again something for the fans of short tartan skirts, peaked caps and silver gray nylons. So now it is becomes bit warmer and I can present myself again in the garden. I like doing this in extreme sandals and with a short pleated skirt without panties underneath, so that the cool wind caresses my long labia. In summer I love to go shopping without panties.Ebook: 5512 - Lady Ewa
Walking through the Village
When villagers on the Lower Rhine see a lonely Lady in a short black, sheer dark seamed nylons and high, red patent leather pumps,  it is already a little bit strange for them. But no matter hot Lady Ewa probably thinks here and is tottering frivolous-sexy through the village. On the street she checks the seat of her sheer nylons and fixes again the stockings on her garterbelt.Ebook: 5513 - Lady Barbara
Manhattan Heels
The postman has just come for me with the gift of a member: ultra sheer, brown nylons of the brand Nylon Dreams with seam and manhattan heel. These I present you together with pearl-colored 14cm high-heeled mules from elite heels in the living room and on the terrace. But I have to hurry up, my next foot-smelling friend comes immediately. I am sure, the nylons will please him.Ebook: 5514 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Because member Markus had cleaned up the basement so nicely, he got from Lady Ewa and me a condom blowjob. Both we have wanked and sucked his dick properly, and let him lick our pussies. Because he could not jerk in our mouth-cunts, the horny guy had to wank his dick even himself on the pumps feet of the blonde Polish Lady Ewa. Poor wanker.Ebook: 5515 - Lady Heike
Naked in Fishnet for Truckers at the A57
When the weather was cold and wet and her husband was fishing, millionaireEbook: 5516 - Lady Barbara
Handjob in Pink
Member Markus from Aachen was in the afternoon during a photo shoot gour uest. After he had become really hot in the last series, I now urgently had to free from his bulge in his pants. I let him grab my boobs, gave him a hand job and he eanked me on my feet that were in high-heeled, open toe pumps.Ebook: 5517 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Cum for the Ladies
House slave Michael is allowed to enjoy our feet after work is done. While Ewa and I made ourselves comfortable on two garden loungers, our house slave kneels -after the work was done- with bare lower body in front of us on the floor. He may kiss our soles and squirt on our feet after Ewa has made him horny with her long toenails on his glans. In the end, of course, the slave has to lick his sperm from our feet and he has to clean our feet with his tongue.Ebook: 5518 - Lady Barbara
It was that time again: when I fell tired on the treatment couch, I was shamelessly exploited. A member took off my pumps, smelled my feet, my crotch and my butt notch. In the end he satisfied himself on the soles of my bare feet. I like it when someone rubs secretly his dick on my body when Im mindless. When I wake up with sticky toes or smacking buttocks and cant remember anything.  No intercourse! If you also love games like this, please contact my webmaster with your ideas. But you have to be patient.Ebook: 5519 - Lady Ewa
Oiled Legs
Lady Ewa today had a visit from a fan of black hair in her hotel room in Aachen. After he had his fun with the very sweaty feet of the sexy Polish-Lady and was then already gone, the hot mare oiled her long sexy legs and feet, and pulled some new sheer nylon stockings over.Ebook: 5520 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
The Footmassage
Lady Ewa and I are having a glass of wine outside on the terrace in the afternoon. While I keep slave Michael on a leash, he intensively massages the toes and soles of the Polish mistress, who has just come back from a shopping spree. Again and again, the slave kneads the heavily sweaty and pretty strained bare feet of sexy blonde. The fact that he has a bump in his pants most of the time, does not bother us. It´s his problem.Ebook: 5521 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
With this member we had an appointment on Sunday morning in Krefeld in his hotel room. The Nylon cutie should kiss our legs which were dressed with sheer stockings. When it came to Trampling, the horny guy has already hosed after the first kicks, before his little comrade could straighten up properly. He will then be flogged by us, which you will see in one of the next series. Punishment must be for such wannabe-slave.Ebook: 5522 - Lady Barbara
Lady in Pink Leggins
While the gardener is allowed to watch, I pose in the garden and show you my pink spring dress. To a white, transparent lace blouse which I just loosely knotted, I wear a big, pink summer hat, tight 3/4 long pink pants and pink, 15cm high pumps with toe opening. My handbag also fits in the same color as the rest: pink. Where is the gardener looking? On my heels? My butt? Or is he staring on my boobs in the blouse?Ebook: 5523 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa goes for a walk in a business suit with high-heeled pumps and ultra-sheer black seamed nylons in an industrial area in Krefeld, Germany. Again and again the sexy Polish provoked with her pushed up skirt and her visible garterbeld the passing truckers and showed her seamed stockings or her sexy butt. Will she win the truckers as new members for Legsworld?Ebook: 5524 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Nylonfritzchen´s Punishment
As already announced in one of the previous series, Nylonfritzchen gets his punishment today for his too fast cumshot. Because instead of enjoying Ewa and me a bit with his licking service, the horny goat jerked off after a very short time, without permission. Now he gets as a thank you whips with his leather belt on the ass. What happens to you, if you cum without our permission, you can see very well in the video clips.Ebook: 5525 - Lady Barbara
Victory for General B !
Only wearing a transparent lace catsuit, a peaked military cap and 16cm high-heeled black mules, I defeated the slave with my feet. While the weak pantywaist is totally exhausted lying on the floor, I press him again my shoes and my bare, stinky toes into his face. This is, what he neeeds !Ebook: 5526 - Lady Barbara
Today Ill show you close-ups of my black Gianmarco Lorenzi mules with gold sole and golden clasp. The shoes have a 12cm high, thin metal heel and are very comfortable to wear. Thats why I often have them on my feet while shopping. Today I wear to them also black fishnet stockings, through which my long, bright red toenails look out at the front .Ebook: 5527 - Lady Barbara
For those who like fast cars and high-heeled businessladies is this update. Today I drove in my black business costume and very high, toe-open pumps with my Porsche for a business meeting. My interlocutor looked quite puzzled on my long toenails, which also looked naked out of the pumps because I was wearing toeless nylons. After the appointment, I then had these photos taken in the car park by him.Ebook: 5528 - Lady Ewa
Wanker´s Object with Hat
Polish Lady Ewa is posing with blindfold on a wanker´s park near Düsseldorf half naked with white summer hat and 15cm high mules. She is picked up by a businessman and has to give the member a handjob. Unfortunately this time not so many brave voyeurs were there. Only some turkeys who were wanking their dicks while watching of the naked Polish. While she is scratching the balls of the businessman, he jerks off on her sexy buttocks and presents her again to the wanking turkeys.Ebook: 5529 - Lady Barbara
Nail Polish
Here you can see how I polish my nails me while my gardener is working in the background. Even if my male staff is present, I show my stockings  or Im going to get my breasts out of my blouse. Even if they are distracted for a short time and someone must go quickly to toilet: This permanently encourages the men to work properly for me.Ebook: 5530 - Lady Ewa
The Half-Naked Gardener
Whenever I am in Spain, Lady Ewa pours the flowers in my garden. When the weather is matching, she does it like this: as a half-naked Lady in extreme platform shoes. In between, she pulls down her top and after she has emptied several cans of water on the flowers, she takes off her panties and shows her freshly shaved puss between her superb buttocks to the cameraman.Ebook: 5531 - Lady Barbara
Try on Shoes (part 1)
Last Friday I tried some various designer heels,which  my slave brought me. While he tried on the shoes to my feet, I was sitting in a Netcatsuit with black skirt and blouse, on the garden swing. What Stilettos would you like most?Ebook: 5531 - Lady Barbara
Try on Shoes (part 1)
Last Friday I tried some various designer heels,which  my slave brought me. While he tried on the shoes to my feet, I was sitting in a Netcatsuit with black skirt and blouse, on the garden swing. What Stilettos would you like most?