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Ebook: 5473 - Partyimpressions
Shoe-Fun in the Legsworld bar
Here you see what happened on my private parties again. Of course there were a lot of Ladies besides me like Herrin Joanna, Lady Monique, Lady Tamara and also private friends and couples. For the men there was plenty of foot and shoe fun. Slaves got trampling or were tied up and high heels hung on them for the general amusement of the Ladies. For those who needed it harder, they got Nippeldrill or agony on the dick with sharp pencil heels.Ebook: 5474 - Lady Barbara
This noble seamed nylons are totally worn, sweaty and stinky, as you can see. If you want to buy nylon stockings from me, you can do now via my shop. It may be that they were similar stinky as the items you see here, or they have ladders. If you like stockings that I used for foot sex, then you have to write this explicitly. Otherwise I send nylons which were always used only privately.Ebook: 5475 - Lady Ewa
Posing at the Piano
The dream of every pianoman: A racy Lady is posing in a red evening dress and ultra sheer nylonstockings on his precious piano. Today the Polish Lady sometimes lifts her sheer red dress up so that her sexy red suspenders are visible and at the end she shows, how she pushes a small vibrator into her bald shaved cunt until she gets an orgasm.Ebook: 5476 - Lady Barbara
In the Army now ... ?
Standing firm, recruit ... and showing off your dick!  - Miss Colonel, with the big, tight-bound boobs, will check everything on her recruits and test her ability to function. At the end, you see horny video clips, as the recruit unloads his full load of cum on the big boobs of Lady Colonel. The BoobsLady gets the sperm of each recruit.Ebook: 5477 - Lady Ewa
Footworshipping in the Car Park
A foot slave has anywhere to kiss the feet of a Legsworld-Lady, and to obey her, when she in on the road in Germany. Saturday Lady Ewa was in a fur coat and black Overknee boots in Munich. Also here she had a foot slave who serviced the high-heeled boots mistress in a car park. For this he got a footjob at the end. The sexy Polish wanked his Dick with her nylon feet till he jerked.Ebook: 5478 - Lady Barbara
Mules Fucking
While IEbook: 5479 - Lady Barbara
Blowjob at the Glory Shutter
Sometimes, members come with unusual desires to me which are planned only together with my husband. Glory Holes everyone knows, but there a man that the webmaster brought, stands behind a shutter in this series. I don´t know who he his. Hes just holds his hard dick through the shutter and I kneel in my high mules in front of him and suck his dick. Who the man is? I don´t know.Ebook: 5480 - Lady Ewa
After a hot dancing evening, the Lady is back in her hotelroom and sitting on her bed. Her dancepartner has followed her. On the bed of the hotelroom are about a dozend pairs of nylons and the nylonlover knees only in garterbelt and sheer nylon stockings on the floor. The hot polish begins to treat him with her stockings, till he is lying in front of her covered with her sheer nylons and begging to get a nyon handjob from her.Ebook: 5481 - Lady Barbara
Golden Lady (Part 1)
Today you see me in a golden eveningdress. My slave had put me on some golden shoes -which he had cleaned before in my shoeroom - so I can try which fits best. Not always he does that very clever. Sometimes I think he is too much fixed on my long toenails and he thinks only of his hornyness. I like the tight gold dress and the tight rubber rings around my tits, when they are pressed to big, globular boobs. Then I often become hot and let this stupid guy kiss my feet and my pussy. When he does his work good, I let him jerk on my toes at the end.Ebook: 5482 - Lady Barbara
Golden Lady (part 2)
Today I show you horny wankers more pictures from me in golden dress. To the Golden evening dress I wear pointed golden pumps in the 1960s style and tight rubber rings around my boobs. And the slave always obeys and has to be on my feet and shoes. He is happy when he can serve me and he is allowed to smell my stinky feet.Ebook: 5483 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa in Downtown Krefeld
On Sunday afternoon Lady Ewa is tottering in 15cm high heeled pumps and black seamed nylons through the pedestrian zone of Krefeld. Of course, some guys are chasing behind the hot Polish, because in the station area are many southerners, which love such hot milfs. And promptly, the hot Ewa was addressed by a young Turk ...Ebook: 5484 - Lady Barbara
Before I wanted to go to bed already, I let my slave came over shortly to wash and dry them carefully my feet. After such a washing, he must then always lubricate and perfume my luxury feet. Hes always does this quite carefully so not to damage my long toenails. While that procedure I love to smoke a cigarette. Thank you for the Golden mules @ Gentleman60.Ebook: 5485 - Lady Barbara
Knitwear + Pumps
For all lovers of sexy knitted dresses: Today you see me in a button-up cashmere knit cloth and 14 cm high-heeeled designer pumps on the chair in the hallway. I have dressed just for an appointment in the city with a new Member and should not wear a slip under the dress. I hope the passers-by in the Krefeld pedestrian zone will not all check this ;-)Ebook: 5486 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Treated to smell
Some slaves, as this member, must be treated to their happiness. Lady Ewa takes care that the slave smells at my feet. In doing so, he gets a hand job from the hot Polish and gets totally inspired by my long toe nails. As the Lady sits with her butt on his face, he gets still a hand job with a nylon stocking over his dick.Ebook: 5487 - Lady Barbara
Female Drummer in Fishnet Dress
Here you see me at the drums for a special member who calls me Bollen-Babsi. He wanted to see me only with high heeled designer sandals and a fishnet dress playing drums. Of course I have also put tight rubber rings around my titts, so they look bigger and seem to burst soon.Ebook: 5488 - Lady Barbara
Painting Toenails
My slave may paint my toes with clear coat today. Because he did his work well, I allowed him to jerk on my toes after the paint was dry. Of course, in the end he had to lick the whole mess up again. If you want my feet, you have to be a member and a good and useful foot servant. All others will have no chance.Ebook: 5489 - Lady Ewa
Fucking her Mules with a Rubberdick
While her visitor is still on the highway in a traffic jam, Lady Ewa  slides a dildo between her foot and her bright red 16cm-high mules by elite heels. The Polish blonde plays with the rubber cock like it was a real Dick. Is that the anticipation, to get soon again a tbigick stallion dick under her nylon soles?Ebook: 5490 - Lady Barbara
White transparent Dress
Member Herbert wanted to go for a stroll through the city of Krefeld with me in such a transparent skirt. You canEbook: 5491 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Partyimpressions with Pueppchen
Lady Ewa brought a guest with home. The trans whore Pueppchen is treated with the whip in my party room by us mistresses and we made her to a foot licker. Lying on the floor, the hot nylon bitch must obey us. Incl. 7 Minutes Video, where we treat her balls with our stiletto heels and where we stretch her nipples.Ebook: 5492 - Lady Barbara
Mistress in Lingerie
Member Markus had wanted a virtual domination by a soldier in high-heeled pumps. So I was sitting in a negligee and with ultra sheer nylon stockings and a military cap after the breakfast in my champagne bar. On my feet, I was wearing light blue, lace designer pumps with metal heels. And now: On your knees slave Markus. Kiss my soles now before you can help me in my new uniform!Ebook: 5493 - Lady Barbara
Blue Nailpolish
Here you can see some close-ups of my bare feet with dark blue toe nails under the solarium. Toe fan Horst from Duisburg was enthusiastic over my long nails. He had ordered the pictures, because some days before he saw me in delicate strappy heels and with this blue polished toe nails in the city. Horst was a long time member, and I fullfilled his wish gladly.Ebook: 5494 - Lady Barbara
Doktor B´s Shoeexperiments
Because I always like it, when members have unusual photo requests, this was implemented here by me. Im experimenting today with some of my high-heeled shoes and a rubber penis. In which shoes will the big dick fit into ? For that Im wearing a FishNet pantyhose, a doctor coat, 16 cm high heeled pumps and a gas mask. Kiss my ass, slave ! Come behind me, go on your knees and stick your nose between my buttocks.Ebook: 5495 - Lady Ewa
WinterWalk through the City
Lady Ewa is tottering sexy in a black skirt and a brown fur jacket through the Düsseldorf Media Harbour and over the Koenigsallee. Of course in very sheer, black seamed nylons. On her feet, the hot Polish is wearing 13 cm-high red patent leather pumps, which nicely squeeze her toes together. In between, she lifts up her skirt and shows her garterbelt. Would you like to go after such a sexy Lady? Maybe shell get stuck with the heel and you could help her and offer her the warming massage of her cold sweaty feet.Ebook: 5496 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
When I came in the afternoon back home from a shopping trip hme, I was in the mood to have something between my sweaty footsoles and my shoesoles. Because no suitable cock was in range, I pushed my rubber dick between footsole and sandal. Here you see a 29-minute video clip of this hot topic.Ebook: 5497 - Lady Barbara
Punishment of the Slave
When a slave sends useless short messages in the night to me when he is off the wall, that means he has to come and gets his punishment. So I have ordered him the next day into my cellar and first, I put him in chains. With tight rubber rings around my boobs (where he is permanently gazing) I treat this guy and give him the whip.Ebook: 5498 - Lady Barbara
After the Party
After our little private party with two members, I was dancing at the pole and then posed for the camera, when all guests were gone. At the end i´m sitting with wide open legs on the floor and hold my stinky nylon footsoles into the camera. Where are my foot sniffers and my licking slaves?Ebook: 5499 - Lady Ewa
Lady Ewa is sent today by her fan Egon for a show through Frankfurt. It is not really warm yet. But with a fur jacket over a short skirt, provocative nylons and high-heeled mules she has to run provocatively through two parks in Frankfurt. In between, as they drove from one park to the next, Egon photographed the Ladys feet on the dashboard of his car. Surely the hot Nylon-Polish in the parks was also noticed by some men. Many hot cideo clips.Ebook: 5500 - Lady Barbara
Nylon-Fishnetbody + Gasmask
Today, there is something for the fans of bizarre things. A member specifically wanted me dressed very special for a date and so I put on a FishNet body and thereover an ouvert nylon body. Together with a gas mask and 16 cm high-heeled pumps from elite heels on my feet, I am posing here just before the date for you. See beautiful close-ups of my pussy behind the strings of the FishNet.Ebook: 5500 - Lady Barbara
Nylon-Fishnetbody + Gasmask
Today, there is something for the fans of bizarre things. A member specifically wanted me dressed very special for a date and so I put on a FishNet body and thereover an ouvert nylon body. Together with a gas mask and 16 cm high-heeled pumps from elite heels on my feet, I am posing here just before the date for you. See beautiful close-ups of my pussy behind the strings of the FishNet.