The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 5442 - Lady Barbara
Shoe- + Footjob
If you also want to have a shoe job with my pointed designer pumps or a foot job with my super-long toenails, you have to be a member of my website. Then you, like this young man, may feel it all at your own, horny dick when I accept more members for dates. At the moment I still take care of my sick mom and can not make any dates.Ebook: 5443 - Lady Barbara
Overknee on the Terrace
One member wanted me to pose in high boots on the terrace in Spain so that everyone could see me from the street. Well, for all friends of white overknee boots: Here I present myself on my terrace. Maybe this member was just here on vacation and got something to see live. Not only my boots, but also my big balls, my ass and my slit.Ebook: 5444 - Lady Ewa
Weekend in Corset and Mules
Ewa spends a weekend in a small castle in the country. Besides a sexy corset with suspenders, nylons and high heeled mules she has no clothes. Everything has been taken from her. Nevertheless, she has the task to explore the rooms in the castle nearly naked. Even the rroms are not very well heated. But then she is sent out in the cold. Whether the Lord of the castle has invited some wanker friends, who secretly watch the pretty Polish mare how she is freezing?Ebook: 5445 - Lady Barbara
Ready for your Dick
So lately more and more of you want to see me: Delivered + Secluded. With blindfold, handcuffs and earmuffs Im put on my treatment bench and must wait completely delivered without being able to hear or see anything. Wait until a user comes to pick me up, pulls my nipples long or rubs his cock on my feet. Ohhhh .... I enjoy it so much.Ebook: 5446 - Lady Ewa
Champagne before breakfast
In the morning after a hot champagne night, Lady Ewa is posing in steel skies in the cold in a tight knitted dress with hat and sunglasses in front of the camera. With a glass of champagne in her hand, the sexy Polish must show the owner of the old castle again her hot, big butt and the bald-shaved cunt. In the morning sun, the nylons shine particularly great. The hot mare wears high-heeled sling pumps this time. At the end there are also a few great clips from this action.Ebook: 5447 - Lady Barbara
FurLady in the Snow
It had been snowing this night a lot when we wanted to take pictures in the garden. So I was wearing for that shooting 15 cm-high boots instead of high-heeled delicate sandals on my feet, but  only a sheer negligee under my fur coat in the cold snow. Because it was quite slippery, I slided off soon and was laying in the snow. Happy new year.Ebook: 5448 - Lady Barbara
The FootFuckBox
Today there is a series of photos at the request of a special member who is only fixed on bare feet and neither the person nor the rest of the body is interested for him. So what could be better than packing me up in a big cardboard box? Only my bare feet looked out of the box, nothing else. Who would not like to play along and smell my feet or fuck them?Ebook: 5449 - Lady Barbara
Kiss my Dick, Slave!
Each slave should be also ready to suck the cocks of men if I want. This one may exercise today blowjobs at my rubber prick. House slave M must suck this time not only my feet, but something quite different: namely the rubber dick, which sticks out of my pants. Quasi as preparation, what I expect from him soon. And not just only from him.Ebook: 5450 - Lady Barbara
PenisCrushing with Long Claws
Sunday evening, I had ordered the slaves to my home in the cellar. At first the little runt had to undress. Today you can see whether the small cock of my slave is resilient, because I want to crush it with my bare toes. Then I scratch with my long toenails on his glans. If you want also something like this and you can offer me a bigger dick, then send me a message. Maybe someday we can do a shoot together.Ebook: 5451 - Lady Barbara and Ewa
Handjob at the Feet
Today Lady Ewa and I celebrate in elegant costumes and sheer nylons a small private party with a hot wanking member in the heelsstudio. The horny guy is so hot on our nylon feet. Again and again Ewa rubs the dick of the horny guy at my nylon toes, until he jerks a big load of cum on it. In the end, we have again got what we wanted - his sperm.Ebook: 5452 - Lady Barbara
Footjob by Lady Babs
The visitor a few days ago lay wrapped in a black cloth bag in front of me on the floor. I just took his cock out of the bag and worked on it first with my feet in 16cm high patent leather mules. Then I scratched at the big dick with my long toenails and milked it with my toes. I like to feel big, hard cocks on my feet. The visitor was not allowed to see anything during the whole procedure. He always remained hidden in the black cloth bag.Ebook: 5453 - Lady Barbara
Fishnets in the Snow
The other day it was as cold in the Rhineland as it had been in a long time, even the snow remained. Of course, boots are a must in such a weather, but otherwise the cold is no reason for me to put on more clothes. I really like it when I can show my pinched boobs also in the cold. As here with fishnet tights, Krokopumps and crocodile bag.Ebook: 5454 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Ewa´s  Bootlicker
Boot licker Robert has been a member of us for a long time and visited us again today in the Heels Studio. After I had tread on the fingers of horny slave Robert with my high-heeled mules, he had to lick the red over-knee boots of Lady Ewa clean today. Some wannabe-slaves can take an example from this heels- and toes-submissively slave.Ebook: 5455 - Lady Monique
Hot Nylondate in the Hotel Suite (1)
Monique and I meet with a nylon fetishist in his hotel suite for the one or other glass of beer. In elegant costumes and ultra-sheer stocking stockings on our legs, we let the naked Thomas first kneel in front of the couch and he has to kiss our legs and feet.Wwhat happens then, you see in the parts two and threee here in the updates.Ebook: 5456 - Lady Barbara
Smoking in the Snow
Here you see me with a white fur jacket, white fur cap and white boots in the snowy garden. Because its so cold, I smoke a cigarette. A bit of ember must be, if I show in between my pantyhose-legs. Incidentally, the new white designer boots are a present from my Italian friend Franco. Thank you Franco - great boots!Ebook: 5457 - Lady Barbara + Monique
Hot Nylondate in the Hotel Suite (3)
This is part3 from our Hoteldate. Monique and I meet with a nylon fetishist in his hotel suite. In elegant costumes and with sheer, sexy stockings on our legs, we lie down in his bed and let him kiss our legs and feet while we take a glass of sparkling wine.Ebook: 5458 - Lady Ewa
Salty Sticks between the Toes
Lady Ewa from Poland is playing with pretzel sticks on the terrace in this update. See how she repeatedly grabs pretzel sticks with her toes and then eats them. Maybe you would like to eat pretzel sticks from the toe slits of a Polish Lady? Or from her cunt or her asshole?Ebook: 5459 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Our Guest on the Couch
Lady Ewa and I had a member visit again today and spoil our guest in costume, nylons and high heels on the massage bank. Lady Ewa allows him to lick her pussy while she massages his cock with her long, red polished claws. Then I take his cock in my mouth and give the good piece a blowjob. Lady Ewa looks very greedy on the tight dick, I think she wants to get him. But I milk everything out of it with my lips,Ebook: 5460 - Lady Barbara + Monique
Hot Nylondate in the Hotel Suite (2)
Monique and I meet with a nylon fetishist in his hotel suite. In elegant costumes and sheer sexy stockings on our legs we do trampling with him on the bed. Thomas is lying naked in his bed and we climb on his naked body with our stockinged feet. Continue in part 3.Ebook: 5461 - Lady Ewa
Smoking in Walkingmachines
With bare feet in Super high Walkingmachines, she is waiting the CEO of a large company. Because he loves to worry about women´s ice cold feet. To warm something up in the meantime, Lady Ewa is wearing a fur jacket with three-quarter pants and smokes a cigarette after another with a long cigarette holder.Ebook: 5462 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Trying High Heels
Listen the clicking of my heels. Because today I show in a 10-minute video, how I try on up to 16 cm high heels with my super long nails on the big toes and how I´m walking in the shoes. While that Im wearing jeans and glittery jewelry on both feet.Ebook: 5463 - Lady Barbara
Bound + Toefucked
When I came from a business appointment and went in my black Businescostume, ultra sheer brown nylons and high heel pumps into the basement to my husband, I was surprised by a fan. I was tied up in my good costume with a rope and placed on the treatment bench. Ronny took off my pumps and slobbered over my stinky feet, then he fucked my nylon feet with his big, horny dick.Ebook: 5464 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Trampling with my new Designerpumps
Member Marek is the first who can feel the spike heels of my new designerpumps on his body and on his dick. Also Lady Ewa is trampling on him with her 15cm high black mules at our small cellar party for three.  Who wants to be the next to feel my high and sharp heels on his hard cock or balls?Ebook: 5465 - Lady Barbara
Heels + Jeans CoseUps
Toes- and Heelsfan Herbert from Neuss picked out from my collection some stilettos with which the photos should be made. Also there were very long, bright red polished toe nails requested. Here you can see the photos where I wear also Blue Jeans and foot jewelry. ankle bracelet Herbert also loves very much, because he likes rub his cock on them.Ebook: 5466 - Lady Barbara
Exhibition Piece with FurStole
Today you will see a special member wish: I am posing as a nearly naked exhibition object only with a white fur stole, high heeled mules and lots og gold jewelry. My breasts are laced up, each with two rubber rings, so that my boobs are standing with stiff nipples. If you also want to see something special, send me an email to Lady.Barbara@Legsworld.infoEbook: 5467 - Lady Ewa
The Nylonsoles of the Polish
Lady Ewa shows all her members today her sexy soles in sheer black nylon stockings on suspenders. Lasziv the hot Polish kneels for member Max from Cologne in the living room on the sofa and stretches her sexy butt out to the camera. What would you rather smell about now? At Ewas sexy Asscrack or at her hot, sweaty feet? And maybe even feel her hand with the long, red-polished finger nails on your balls?Ebook: 5468 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Handjob at the naked Feet
Fully clothed, I lie comfortably on my white treatment table. Only my bare feet look out of the elegant, black pants after Ronny took off my pumps. While the young member got randy with my stinky, bare feet, Lady Ewa is kneading his big balls with her long fingernails. Then at the end the hot Polish gave him a hand job on my bare feet until his balls are completely empty.Ebook: 5469 - Lady Barbara
Overkneeboots and Pantyhose
For a last time you can see me in my white overkneeeboots - they go out to a bootlover. This series is also for the friends of sheer nylonpantyhose. Thats why I pose today for you with my boobs laced up in sheer, black tights in these boots. What he will probably do with the boots? Sure, he will often rub his big dig on the cold leather.Ebook: 5470 - Lady Barbara
Handjob in wrinkled Silkstockings
Pensioner Egon wanted to see photos where I wank with jewelry-covered hands a young man into my precious, high-heeled pumps. Of course, had I not long to search and took the dick of Member Ronnie. Ronny loves my hard grip and so I took his big, hard dick, made a few strokes and wanked it into my pink 16cm high-heeled luxury pumps with gold sole.Ebook: 5471 - Lady Barbara
Jeans and naked Feet
For all friends of blue jeans and naket footsoles is this update. Here I am lolling on my bed, and show you what you like: my wet and stinky footsoles. Imagine how you feel, when you rub your dick on the backside of my toes. If you have a good idea for other series with my wanker´s feet, just let me know that. I soon as I have more time, we can do this. I prefer, when someone rubs his hard cock on my toe bottoms until he squirts.Ebook: 5472 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
The Electric Drill
Yesterday, I had to make a pretty crazy video as request for a member. But you know: I like to do crazy things. Here you see me bare naked only in high heels and in a fishnet pantyhose with a heavy drill. Unfortunately, it was forbidden for me to make real holes in the wall.Ebook: 5472 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
The Electric Drill
Yesterday, I had to make a pretty crazy video as request for a member. But you know: I like to do crazy things. Here you see me bare naked only in high heels and in a fishnet pantyhose with a heavy drill. Unfortunately, it was forbidden for me to make real holes in the wall.