The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 5411 - Lady Ewa
Villa Vertigo
Lady Ewa had usually quickly found a worshiper at our parties in the mansion, who dropped to her knees and worshiped her. Today, this member kissed the hot legs and sexy Ass of the hot Polish , after he was with her on the dance floor. He was totally fascinated by her long, red-painted toenails.Ebook: 5412 - Lady Barbara
MulesFeet with Dildo
For the friends of close-ups, I play today with different dildos on my nylon feet in mules. If you are a member and have at least a real big dick, then get in touch with me. I like big things between my feet and the shoe soles and I love to crush dicks under my feet a bit more violent. You should like that.Ebook: 5413 - Lady Tamara
Wishing you a great first advent
Unfortunately with some delay this update comes: Lady Tamara and the whole team wishes you a nice first Advent Sunday. Put on a santa hat, go to the next Advent market and look for a mature Santa in white lacy lingerie, white nylons and white high-heeled boots. Or watch Tamaras update from today.Ebook: 5414 - Lady Barbara
DomBabs and the Naked Slave
He promised me a lot on the phone what pain he could endure. He wanted to be flogged by me properly and get bis balls clamped, but as so often: a lot of hot air, because the little man could not endure much. But because he took the little pains what I could ask , the horny slave with the little sissy wienie could kiss my feet and squirt on them. What then came out of sperm, at least was a proper load.Ebook: 5415 - Lady Ewa
Shoegames in Red
Lady Ewa plays with several high-heeled babies in her hot red bed. She licks, as so often, the heels of my hot high heels and rubs the cold leather of the stilettos again and again on her hairless pussy and pushes the heels between her labia deep into her cunt. Whether the hot Polish mare probably got an orgasm with my shoes? Maybe she would have liked a cock in the sexy stiletto at this point too.Ebook: 5416 - Lady Tamara
St. Nicholas Day
Greetings for St Nicholas Day brings you today Lady Tamara in red lingerie and red, sheer nylonstockings. On St. Nicholas Day we can learn that it is the little things of life that bring us the greatest pleasure! Do it like Tamara and make yourself nice with a hearty mulled wine andthen let your hands play, where its good for you an your hot big dick.Ebook: 5417 - Lady Barbara
MemberVisit at the Boobs Groper
Here I visit a foot licker and groper on a small glass of champagne in Duesseldorf. The horny member kisses first the soles of my pumps and then gropes with kind words right firmly into my big tit balls, just as I like it. Unfortunately most men are afraid that something might burst there. Do not worry guys, just grop them in the right way when the opportunity arises. I would have liked that he be able to bind my boobs tight and tighter.Ebook: 5418 - Lady Barbara
In the Treadmill
For all the fans who like to see high-heeled women in mules Ive done this here: While Im walking on a treadmill, you can hear the smacking sound of the mules clinging to my soles and loosening again. I go walking in various stiletto shoes, only dressed in a lace leggings and topless with bound tits on the treadmill. In addition to the photos there are also many video clips.Ebook: 5419 - Lady Ewa
The Christmas Angel
Christmas Angel Ewa wishes all Legsworld friends a nice second Advent Sunday with this series in her red Christmas angel dress. We hope you like her 16cm high-heeled strappy sandals with the  sheer seamed nylons on Ewas horny legs. Be good to yourself and after the exhausting shopping tour, you should right now wank on that sexy Christmas Angel.Ebook: 5420 - Lady Monique
Monique´s Most Favorite Pictures
Today you see a compilation of the most popular pictures of Lady Monique. Smoking and with a fine glass of champagne, she shows up in various lingerie, sheer exquisite nylons and sexy high heels. And when the hot Lady urinates (not only into the toilet), you can admire her hairy pussy. Maybe you have already been able to meet her liv, so you can write something about your experiences here .Ebook: 5421 - Lady Barbara
Black Nail Polish
Here are some closeups for the friends of black nailpolish. I show my toes in various mules. On all pictures I wear an ankle bracelet. Just before the photo shoot I did some shopping in tight pumps and my stinky feet are glad to be back at the fresh air.Ebook: 5422 - Lady Ewa
Dildogames in the Red Castle Bed
When Ewa is invited by a member, she shows him everything he wants. Especially if the member is the lord of the castle. Here she poses in sheer nylonstockings on her bed in the castle and fucks herself with a rubber dick, which the lord of the castle, who secretly watched, got  from her afterwards. In exchange for a new and original packaged, of course.Ebook: 5423 - Lady Barbara
Shoemaid Michaela
Maid Michaella cleans today naked, only in maid apron in my shoe room all my high heels. Of course, I have to supervise that in the appropriate outfit. While I am watching her, wearing only sheer tights and high-heels to a blue silk shirt, the maid may kiss my feet from time to time. Super series for tights fans.Ebook: 5424 - Lady Ewa
Nylongames in Polen
Ewa plays with her sexy silky nylons on the antique red armchair at a members home. She wears a red evening dress and high heeled mules. During the evening, the sexy Polish pours champagne over her legs. With her wide open legs she offers the member a horny show and massages her greedy pussy with a nylon stocking over her hand. Then she dives again and again her hot toes in the tingling wet. Much scenes are not only captured in photos, but also in the 4-minute video.Ebook: 5425 - Lady Barbara
Busineslook and Naked Soles
As a business Lady my feet are often hurting a lot after a long day´s work. Especially if my toes were squashed up all day in lace, tight designer pumps with high heels. I must then strip the pumps in the evening at first of my sweaty feet.  While Im watching the news now, the Webmaster takes the camera and picks some shots for you, so you may watch  my wet and stinky feet. Well who wants to smell at my toes? Or who gives me a decent foot massage after a busy day?Ebook: 5426 - Lady Ewa
Footjob under the Christmastree
After Engel Ewa got a new pair of 16 cm high pumps under the tree for Christmas from a member, the hot Polish blondie gave him a hand and footjob as a thankyou. She clamps his dick between two bare toes and then let him wank on her feet. I cannot give you a hot footjob at this weekend, but wish you a great Advent Sunday instead. Have fun with our photos and clips.Ebook: 5427 - Lady Ewa
Ewa and the Footlicker
Today, Lady Ewa is to be seen in a transparent lace dress and 15 cm high transparent mules with her slave in the hotel room. After the Lady put her foot in the slaves sparkling bowl, he may lick her foot. At the end, Ewa let the guy licking her arse cunt.Ebook: 5428 - Lady Barbara
Lingerie under the Fur
Photographed today actual for Member Joe and all the other fans of fur: me in a fur coat with sexy lingerie including tight breast rings. On ,y legs I wear very sheer Brown nylons and Brown pumps with metal heels. And my hands are in leather gloves with fur trim. Do you want a handjob from your high heeled fur slut?Ebook: 5429 - Lady Ewa
Blank Cunt in the Villa Vertigo
Last shots of Lady Ewa in the Villa of her mature benefactor, where the hot Polish again shows everything to the friends of the landlord, so this is one last time the cocks can wank on Polish-Ewa. The Polish woman wears an Anklet and lots of jewelry to her 15 cm-high mules. She satisfies her hot pussy with a candle. Because: with the hot guys she is not on fucking. The Polish is for purposes only.Ebook: 5430 - Lady Barbara
On your Knees!
On his knees, my slave has to welcome me and he must kiss my toes in my luxury sandals. If he then does his work very well, I allow him to give me a sperm victim on my feet. And he better not jerks too less sperm on my toes, because in that case I become very angry.Ebook: 5431 - Lady Ewa
At the Balcony
Ewa is today on visit to a rich retirement, for whom she is the nylon object for all the day. In a black corset and sheer nylon stockings on suspenders, she kneels on a Chair and pulls apart for you and for her host her buttocks. Except the two cunts between her legs she shows her sweaty nylon soles.Ebook: 5432 - Lady Barbara
Naked Widow
Today I received the order of the members of Babsi´s Wixclub to pose in widow viel. With tight bound boobs and oly with a widows veil, garterbelt, sheer stockings and high-heeled patent sandals, I was shown on my treatment table ready for review. On special Wixclub parties you can see me on a screen  in that way, but with Dim light.Ebook: 5433 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
Masturbating on the Piano
Today, Lady Ewa shows in a 14-minute video, how she is masturbating on a grand piano. First with her dildo, then with her red stiletto pumps. It is in the evening, after dinner. The Lady wears her red evening dress, sheer nylon stocking and red high heels while she is lying on the piano. Of course the Polish also is wearing sheer nylons, perfect for the sexy Lady. That also thinks spectator, who gropes from the background again and again Ewas wet cunt.Ebook: 5434 - Lady Ewa
Santa Claus Comes
This high-heeled Santa Claus was spotted wearing sexy lingerie behind the steeringwheel  of a US camper in a parking lot on the A57.  Whether Christmas-Ewa is also traveling to your home? And most of all: what does she have in her gift bag? Worn nylons and good smelling sexy lingerie? Or some of her worn high heels for smelling fans? But most would probably be lucky if the hot Polish comes ... with or without gifts ...Ebook: 5435 - Lady Ewa
Merry Christmas
A beautiful Christmas 2018 wishes you your Legsworld Team. I hope you have got generous gifts on Christmas. Lady Ewa is standing today in her red holiday dress with a whip and her shoe gifts at the Christmas tree. In the course of the shoot, the hot Polish blonde pulls out her dress and wants to use the whip. But because no slave is there, she is testing the stick of the whip as a dildo.Ebook: 5436 - Lady Barbara
In the Kitchen
Not only at Christmas I cook like that. I like to cut a fine figure in the kitchen as well. Therefore, you see me today in the preparation of the Christmas meal only wearing a black apron and black pumps. On holidays, this is my favorite dress in the household. Under the apron, Im always naked and wear only high-heeled shoes. Even if certain guests come. Some hope then that they are served by me under the table, but after so much kitchen work, I can not do that too.Ebook: 5437 - Lady Barbara
In a beige suit, I had still desired to show something after a glass of champagne: Lady Bs NylonFootsoles For all fans of sheer nylons and footsoles. Here I am sitting in my livingroom with my feet on the table, which are in ultra sheer nylon stockings. Do you want to sit at my side and smell my hot stinky feet?Ebook: 5438 - Lady Ewa
At the Old Terrace
Lady Ewa was locked out on the terrace of an old mansion in seamed nylons and 15cm high mules. She had got the lingerie as a gift from her fan Marco. At this point again thanks to Marco, so here for you the desired photos. This evening, the old lord of the manor had once again much to see when the almost naked Polis-Lady posed there in the icy coldness.Ebook: 5439 - Lady Barbara
Footlicker in the Morning
I was still in the dressing gown when one of my footlovers visited me Tuesday morning. He wanted to smell the night sweat of my toes and he should get it. Finally, he pays well. He smelled and licked intensely on my sweaty feet and was allowed to jerk in the end a load of cum on my soles. Of course he had to lick everything clean. This is aoligatory, when a slave jerks his cum on me.Ebook: 5440 - Lady Ewa
Posh for the New Year
Does the hot Polish Lady go in one hour to a hot New Years Eve Party? Our photographer watched Ewa, how she is styling when she goes out for a night. Suspender, nylons and corsage she has already dressed and her petite feet were in 16cm high patent leather pumps. Now, she had to comb her hair, make the eyeshadow, and put on red lipstick. Then Ewa is ready for the hot New Years Eve Party. We all wish you a happy new year, celebrate and keep us in mind in 2019!Ebook: 5441 - Lady Barbara
Happy New Year 2019 !
Its early morning and I just got home from New Years Eve party. I spent most of my time on the bar stool wearing a black business suit and 18cm high heeled pumps. Because dancing in the shoes is almost impossible. Before I go to bed now I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year 2019. That all your wishes come true. What am I wearing under my costume? Come in and check it out, I show you.Ebook: 5441 - Lady Barbara
Happy New Year 2019 !
Its early morning and I just got home from New Years Eve party. I spent most of my time on the bar stool wearing a black business suit and 18cm high heeled pumps. Because dancing in the shoes is almost impossible. Before I go to bed now I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year 2019. That all your wishes come true. What am I wearing under my costume? Come in and check it out, I show you.