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Ebook: 5381 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate Visitation
I had finished cleaning the windows in high-heeled black strappy sandals, when member Herbert was calling at that moment for a blind date. I already was wearing a denim mini and my heels, so I had only to bind my breasts tight. Then I was put from my husband blindfold ed in the cellar. Without seeing anything, I spread my buttocks and my labia for the unknown wanker´s delight.Ebook: 5382 - Lady Ewa
Eveningdress & Nylons in the Hotel Room
Sexy Ewa is posing in a hotel room in Gdansk for a member in ultra sheer nylons. Shamelessly the horny Polish Lady shows her bald pussy not only at the end of her dress slit. Legs apart, she sits on the antique table and rubs her cunt with a sheer nylon stocking over the hand, until the mature pensioner has jerked in the background.Ebook: 5383 - Lady Barbara
My New, Young Asss Licker
This young member was hot to sniff my butt. Just as I came to his apartment, he began to kiss my feet and shoes. Then he put me on his sofa and while I knelt there, he rubbed his big dick at my foot soles. I love yound studs like him. He pushed up my skirt and smelled and licked then right on my butt while he further was wanking. At the end, he jerked a full load of cum on my soles.Ebook: 5384 - Lady Ewa
Ewa in red Pumps
Today you see the elegant Polish Blondynka walking through her hometown in a short mini skirt and red, high heeled pumps. of course Ewa attracts attention especially to horny men. I wonder if one of her ex-neighbors crossed her path here and there and was watching this hottie on this nice day?Ebook: 5385 - Lady Barbara
Licked In the Bathtub
Today, I visit member Fred in Duesseldorf in his bath tub. Immediately I undress when the door is closed, and only in sexy lingerie, nylons and platform sandals I stretch my butt to his face and let him smell and lick my ass and pussy, before he gets my pee. My pusssy was already wet when I was sitting in my car, because I love young men. At the end I still give a footjob with my nylon feet to this horny, young stallion. But he is really cool on ass licking.Ebook: 5386 - Lady Uljana
Red with White Dots
In a red and white dotted night dress Uljana was photographed this morning after getting up. But no sooner had she shown us the dress, she also undressed already and showed her sweaty, bare soles in the camera. Come on, smell it! said the pretty Ukrainian to the photographer. Of course, he did not ask for a long time after he had finished the photos.Ebook: 5387 - Lady Barbara
Beach Trip
With my green jeep I made a trip to the beach in the Ebro Delta on the Spanish mainland. here I pose for you in different outfits and show my bare feet on the gravel. There are hardly any people, actually this could be ideal for pigs ;-)Ebook: 5388 - Shoefetishist Thea
Visiting Thea in Bonn
The 24-year-old student is a shoe fetishist to the very fingertips. Today she presents herself in a tight skirt for the first time, then she diligently cleans the shoes we brought her. After that Thea has to take off her clothes and half naked she has to lick on the heels of my red patent leather pumps which she then has to push into into her pussy. Because she does not do it right, Thea must be punished and kneel under the supervision of her master.Ebook: 5389 - Lady Barbara
Serve your Lady, Slave !
Sometimes I let myself be served already in the afternoon by my slaves, before I go to my friends for coffee party. Today, the horny guy may once again kneel naked in front of me, while I try on different shoes and he can kiss extensively my feet after I have took him on the leash to go walkies. Sometimes I also allow him to wank on my feet when I am am in the mood for foot sperm.Ebook: 5390 - Lady Iris
Visiting Iris at Home
Here we visited Iris from Duisburg at her home. The housewife with the long toenails initially wears a black leather skirt and a sheer red sweater. To the black mules with plateau she wears fine mesh fishnet stockings. After Iris has shown us that she also likes to lick her toes, she presents her hungry shaved pussy in an Ouvert Catsuit. More from Housewife Iris you can see in the Vintage Archives.Ebook: 5391 - Lady Barbara
Facesitting + Handjob
Here gets one of my members what each of my members can have: A decent hand and footjob from me personally in nylons, suspenders and high heels in front of the camera. This member gets it while I make facesitting and sit down with my wet, bald pussy on his nose. At his request, I got my big boobs out from the blouse.Ebook: 5392 - Lady Ewa
Hot Polish Naked at the old Villa
Lady Ewa got an old villa as a location for her photo shootings. But only because the owner of the horny, naked Polish MAdame wanted to watch her naked. Here she had to do a photo shoot on the terrace and repeatedly stick out her sexy big butt and spred her buttock so that everyone could see her anus. If the old man would like to fuck her into her spicy anus?Ebook: 5393 - Lady Barbara
At the request of a member, I am laid out naked on my treatment couch for a one-hour DreamDate. As I am asleep I lie there on the couch. At first with original seamed nylons from Ars Vivendi on suspenders and black crocodile pumps on my feet. And in the end IEbook: 5394 - Lady Monique
The Polish Slut
Lady Monique, the good looking riding instructor from the Rhineland, is drilling Poland maid Ewunia in front of the camera. Monique shows the little Polish redwine-slut at her first educational session how to serve and kiss the feet of a real Lady. Ewunia obeys the mature, dominant housewife, because Monique has cleverly promised her a few large glasses of vodka.Ebook: 5395 - Lady Ewa
GoldenShower in the Garden
The garden party had not really started yet, when Poland Lady Ewa grabbed Werner and wanted to pee on him in standing position. She not only gave her sweet shower to slave Werner, but also peed  her own legs wet. Therefore, she sat down on the masked head of the slave and let it run straight into his mouth. Member Werner was totally excited and really greedy for the yellow juice of the Polish Madame.Ebook: 5396 - Lady Barbara
Visiting a Member at Home
I visited this member in his house in Dusseldorf. In the elegant, beige business costume I once smoked a cigarette. Then the horny guy was allowed to smell briefly on my pump feet, while I made a shoot in costume and nylons on the stairs. What would you do with me on a date? Would you rather lick my feet or my pussy? Or smell my asshole?Ebook: 5397 - Lady Barbara
In Nylons and Boots on the Pool Terracca
In a sheer black nylon pantyhose and 16cm high, whiteoverknee boots I pose on the pool terrace and let you look between my legs. Would you like to kneel in front of me and smell my wet pantyhose pussy? Or would you rather knead big, bound boobs? Come on you bootslaves, kneel in front of me and lick my cold leather Overknees.Ebook: 5398 - Lady Barbara
The Visitor from England
This member has visited me from England and was picked up by Ewa and me in Duesseldorf at the airport. Already in the airport parking garage he had to go flat on the ground and kiss my feet in the shoes. At the motorway exit we drove then briefly into a commercial area. While Dave kissed my feet in the shoes on the sidewalk, I peed while standing. In the end, you still see him as a baby in the heels studio, where I treat him.Ebook: 5399 - Lady Ewa
Walk through the Hometown
Lady Ewa is back home in Poland and takes a walk through her town, sexy dressed. <br>1.)She wears a sheer, beige knit costume, which offers good views to her luscious buttocks for each City wanker who follows the hottie. Her legs are in sheer nylons and she has 15cm-high slippers on her feet.<br>2.) Sheis walking in an elegant black costume, seamed nylons, 13cm high heeled slingpumps and a black and white summerhat on her head, through Krakau. While she is walking, the guys are always staring on her long legs and on her sexy butt.Ebook: 5400 - Lady Barbara
Diamond Ladyd eLuxe
Unfortunately, the two diamonds are not real, because otherwise it would be certainly over 500 carats. While I am posing for you in hot lingerie and black seamed nylons from Ars Vivendi, I enhance the appearance of my both cunts. But if someone wants to push a real diamond in my butt hole, he can do that.Ebook: 5401 - Lady Ewa
Posing at the Deserted Factory Hall
During a great summer excursion through the lignite area near Jüchen we met a member. He once wanted to secretly watch, when the hot Poland Blondie Ewa is posing at a deserted factory hall showing her hot fuck holes. What we all realized afterwards: There were also two workers there, but they had really secretly watched. They would have preferred to fuck Ewa and me afterwards. How good that we were not alone.Ebook: 5402 - Lady Barbara
Slave Abdullah from Cairo
I hate slaves who are forgetting something or bringing senseless gifts to me. Because slave Abdullah from Cairo brought me the wrong gift, he had to be punished. He was particularly embarrassed because my photographer was also there. But instead of my toes smelling and getting a footjob from me, Abdullah just got the whip on his bare bottom.Ebook: 5403 - Lady Barbara
The Toes of Goddess Barbara
Here you can see with what I attract attention not only to  the hot guys every day in the summer in the pedestrian zones: today you see once again beautiful close-ups of my bare feet with the super long and bright red polished toe nails. When I am tottering with my bare feet in 15cm high strappy mules, everyone is starring. But only from a distance of course. Here you can look closely at my toes in beautiful closeups.Ebook: 5404 - Lady Barbara
Not only Footmassage
After a date with a groper, I fell tired on the treatment couch in my Gucci nightie. Actually, the next guest should only massage my feet, but when I woke up, I realized how he was doing what real guys are doing: he used my feet and after rubbing his cock vigorously on my toes, he jerked off properly. Incl. 5min Video.Ebook: 5405 - Lady Barbara
Toes in shiny Stockings
Shiny nylonstockings are one of my preferred clothings also as exclusive designer heels. Here you see my toes with long red and black nails and shiny brown nylonstockings in close-ups. Without shoes. Come on, rub your dick  (whether he is hard or semi-limp) on my nylontoes. Main thing is, that I get your sperm on my toes.Ebook: 5406 - Lady Ewa
GoldenshowerLady in Red Dress
On a forest path, the blonde Ewa is in high-heeled Slingpumps on the way. Under her red evening dress, the blonde Polish mare only wears sheer nylons and red sexy lingerie. When she hears rustling in the bushes, she pulls up her long dress and shows her wet fuck-hole. Then she squats to pee on the forest path. In the end, she takes off her red dress and pulls apart her buttocks towards the camera.Ebook: 5407 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Shoegift
This sklave brought me what I like most: Expensive Designershoes. This time it were a pair of red sandals from Santa Cruz with a very thin heel and even thinner toe straps. I had the same, years ago and sold them to a french guy. Some years later I had an appointment with  this guy and he brought the shoes which he bought from me. When I was wearing in the shoes with him through Duesseldorf City, I said, ?The shoes look like a precious oldtimer from the 60s. He said that about 50 dicks have been inside the shoes last years, and jerked in them. I became very hot when I heard this, because my toes were standing quasi on fifty dicks ;-)Ebook: 5408 - Lady Barbara
Feet in Plastic Wrap
Today I get my feet wrapped in foil. I make myself comfortable on the treatment bench and let my feet pack in the 17cm high patent leather pumps. After some time they smell very good, what my slave is allowed to try, as he unpacks them. In the end, the guy is so horny that I let him squirt on my foot soles. Especially in the toe area I like that, because it sticks so nicely. Incl. 6min VideoEbook: 5409 - Lady Ewa
Masturbating With Dildo in a Cafe
Ewa plays on a cafe terrace with one of her dildos. To her beige summer hat, the horny Polish Mare wears a pair of sheer nylons under the white summer dress and a pair of high-heeled stiletto mules on her feet. Unfortunately the terrace is nearly empty, when she pushes the big pink rubber cock between her shaved labia.Ebook: 5410 - Lady Barbara
My Designer-House Mules
Today Im going to show you my red designer house mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi, which have also thrilled so many of my regular visitors. The shoes have golden soles and 13cm high heels and they are more comfortable than they seem to be. I like to wear them at home, especially on elegant occasions when we get a normal visit. I will wear it again at Christmas and everyone will look at my feet again, I´m sure.Ebook: 5410 - Lady Barbara
My Designer-House Mules
Today Im going to show you my red designer house mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi, which have also thrilled so many of my regular visitors. The shoes have golden soles and 13cm high heels and they are more comfortable than they seem to be. I like to wear them at home, especially on elegant occasions when we get a normal visit. I will wear it again at Christmas and everyone will look at my feet again, I´m sure.