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Ebook: 5350 - Lady Monique
Barefoot on the Bank a the Rhine
Housewife Monique shows herself on a bench on the Rhine as a living wank material with her open dress and barefoot in cork mules. Her toenails she painted extra in red. She wears an anklet and out of the green lace panties some of her long pubic hairs look out.Ebook: 5351 - Lady Uljana
Sexy Butt in Sweet Lingerie
Uljana is the sweet girl next door, although she only speaks broken German. At H & M she bought a black and white lingerie set and poses today in brown Nylonstockings for you on the bed. Her panty is a bit large, so that the view to her two fuck holes is often exposed. The 28-year-old saleswoman from Minsk, Belarus, loves to show herself so freely and sexy. She loves to be highly coveted.Ebook: 5352 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Rhinestonesandals at the Mosel (1)
On my trip to the river Mosel, I was wearing designersandals with nice glitter. Only in a blouse I sat with wide open legs apart from the window and made these photos for you, before I then just pulled over a skirt and was going in one of the wine restaurants, of course without panty.Ebook: 5353 - Lady Monique
Footjob at the River Rhine
After her stroll on a park bench on the Rhine, foot fan Alberto came to her and let the housewife give him a footjob. While Monique sat on the bench, the horny guy stood in front of her and used her bare feet. He fucked with his big dick between her toes and between foot- and shoe sole. In the end, Monique got a big load of cum on and between her toes.Ebook: 5354 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Walk with Hat
That the hot Polish is known all over her hometown by the wankers, you can imagine well after these shots. The ends of her ultra-sheer nylon stockings are flashing under the short skirt always out, when Lady Ewa makes a spree in high black patent leather pumps through the city. She is wearing a light beige hat and a tight black dress with light beige costume jacket over it. Maybe the Polish is probably secretly ogled by wankers?Ebook: 5355 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Rhinestonesandals at the Mosel (2)
In front of the river Mosel as a sunny backdrop, I am posing once again. I show you my new glitter sandals wearing a black evening dress. On special request of a member which I had a date there for foot fuck, I then pulled up the dress and showed with wide open legs my bald shaved polish pussy for you.Ebook: 5356 - Lady Uljana
Pantyhose under the Lingerie
The 28-year-old saleswoman can not get enough of Western fashion, especially sexy lingerie. Here she shows a gift from a member: Herbert from Münster has bought her this chic set, along with a sheer pantyhose. All presented by the sexy blonde on the bed, with pantyhose under the lingerie. So you can see everything, Uljana likes to pull the slip aside.Ebook: 5357 - Lady Monique
Handjob for Alberto
Jerking only once is nothing for him. Especially when Monique showed him her butt, where the bush looked out of the panties, he became horny again. Member Alberto likes to cum several times and so Monique was allowed to milk his big dick again after the footjob with her awesome hands. It looks like it was a lot of fun for Monique. Who knows what the mature sexy housewife thought at that time.Ebook: 5358 - Lady Barbara
In a hoteldate with foot and handjob this member wanted to constantly lick my ass or at least smell my asshole. So I always felt his nose or wet tongue on my anus, while I worked his big cock. In the end he jerked me then in the video a full load of cum on my bare feet. In this camera setting you can see very well my bare, sweaty footsoles and my wet pussy and ass.Ebook: 5359 - Lady Barbara
The CraftsWoman
Today I am wearing just a red chest-free swimsuit and 15 cm high heeled yellow pumps with open toes. To my tits, I pulled my tight rubber rings, and so I try to work in this clip series with a heavy hammer drill. Another hammer would be better.Ebook: 5360 - Lady Monique
Washing the Sperm Feet
After the handjob of Monique on the Rhine, the camera was already off, when Alberto became still horny when watching the sexy housewife. Before the photographer could take pictures, Alberto had again jerked a big load of cum on Moniques feet. What you can see is only the result, before Monique cleaned the sperm feet in the Rhine.Ebook: 5361 - Lady Barbara
Big Boobs under the Corsage
Here I am posing with tufts under the corsage, a white skirt and sheer nylon stockings in a chic restaurant. The horny head waiter secretly watched me behind the bar. That evening I could have needed a decent toe-licking boy or young foot pampering stud. Where were you all?Ebook: 5362 - Lady Ewa
Nylon Footlicker in the Hotel
Lady Ewa has arranged in a hotel room a date with a horny nylon Footlicker. The blonde Polish wears a black suit, black high heels and a pair of ultra sheer nylon stockings. The slave must lie on the floor and can smell Ewa´s nylon toes and then suck them. If he would also like to have pressed his nose on the red lace panties, to breathe the pussy smell of the hot Polish?Ebook: 5363 - Lady Barbara
Latex handjob into a Salad Bowl
I visited on Sunday mornings this fat member in a summer dress, nylons and high heeled mules on the Dutch border, while his wife was in the Church. Because he is rubber glove fetishist, I gave him a hand job with transparent latex gloves. At the end he was allowed to shoot his cream into his salad bowl. Whether his wife liked the salad for lunch?Ebook: 5364 - Lady Ewa
Grabbing a Polish Slut
In a dirty, disused slaughterhouse that is completely demolished, the Polish Mare gets her skirt pulled down and stands there like a slave on the wall. Her panties have been pulled down to her knees and so the horny blonde is groped by a stranger. At the end Ewa is in some video clips, with the panties hanging on her knees, again and again grabbed on her pussy and someone is spreading her buttocks. Incl. 5-min Video.Ebook: 5365 - Lady Barbara
In my Roadster at the Airfield
Driving an old roadster with high-heeled mules is not that easy. Especially if you wear noble designer mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi with 13cm stiletto heel. But on the last Sunday morning, I once again dared to do it. Pumping the brake and clutch with these delicate shoes is a bit risky. But last Sunday morning I dared again and made a little trip in leggings and stiletto mules with the 45 year old panther.Ebook: 5366 - Lady Uljana
Uljana´s Naked Footsoles
Uljana wanted to present herself naked, where it is nice and warm again. In front of a blue background, she stands naked on her tiptoes and then she shows you, lying on the sofa, her hot sweaty footsoles. Who would not like to get a taste of her soles or push his tongie between her long toes?Ebook: 5367 - Lady Ewa
Nylonmann´s Handjob
After Ewa had her feet licked beforehand by the nylon man, the blonde Polish mare now leads him into an old workshop to examine his dick in detail. Of course, the two are still in high-Hels and nylons and as you can see, not only Ewa seems to have a lot of fun. In the end, the horndog jerks a full load of sperm on her sheer, elegant nylons.Ebook: 5368 - Lady Barbara
Tiger Coat and Designerpumps
For all friends of elegant dressed women. Here I am walking in elegant fur and exclusive designerpumps. On my legs I wear ultra sheer nylons on a girdle and in my hand I hold a croco bag from the sixties. Sometimes I leave the coat wide open, so bypassing motorists can see my stockings and my panties.Ebook: 5369 - Lady Ewa
Washing Feet
Lady Ewa is visiting a young man in his apartment and makes conversation with him about Nylons and feet, while she smokes a cigarette and takes a glass of cognac . Then member Theo takes off her nylons, while Ewa takes the next cognac. Then he washes the feet of the sexy Polish in the bathtub. When he had cleaned there sweaty feet, he puts her on again the ultra-sheer black stockings.Ebook: 5370 - Lady Barbara
BikerLady in the Garden
For all friends of big bikes and black leather I pose toady in my biker dress with leather pants and high heeled boots for you on the Harley in the garden. If you meet me somewhere in Germany at a bikers meeting and I wear high-heeled boots, then go to your knees slave and kiss my boots and my hot leather thighs. No matter what other people think!Ebook: 5371 - Lady Barbara
Naked under the Coat
Sometimes I like to go out for a walk naked under the coat, if it is not too cold. Maybe some of you were watching me when I was walking last week  at a place in the Krefeld business park where usually truckers are usually. I was wearing only red designer pumps and a red handbag besides a black leather coat. Bad luck for the truckers, because they would have seen a lot when I was taking off the coat.Ebook: 5372 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Stroll in Poland
The platinum blonde Ewa is today again a bit frivolous in Poland in public on the road. She strolls through a park and a street in a tight costume, sheer black nylon tights. On her feet the sexy blondynka wears high-heeled pumps and later also sexy mules. Her hot, muscular legs make every man crazy.Ebook: 5373 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate for Three
Yesterday, I had a blind date in a semi-transparent green summer dress with 2 members. I was wearing for them sheer seamed nylons from Ars Vivendi and some 14 cm high designer sandals with thin straps. My breasts were tightly laced up with rubber bands. So styled, I let grab Hans and Rolf my boobs and ass and wanked their dicks to get at the end the sperm on my stockinged feet.Ebook: 5374 - Lady Barbara
Private Shots
Here you see private photos + clips from a asslicker visiting me and when I was visiting a rifle range and the Meilenwerk in Duesseldorf in designerpumps. Because I like it when you guys look after me.Ebook: 5375 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Saturday Afternoon
A Saturday afternoon with Lady Ewa and me. We both are lightly dressed to be seen, first in the garden and then traveling around. Always in open high-heeled shoes, so everyone can see our toes with the long nails. At the end there is a shoot in the garden and there are videoclips of our actions in HighHeels.Ebook: 5376 - Lady Uljana
Uljana in White Dress
Except for the gold-colored skirt and the red platform mules, Uljana is now dressed totally in white. In white lacy lingerie, white nylon stockings on suspenders and a white lace blouse. For member Tom she makes in his apartment in Bochum a hot wanker´s show until she is completely naked. Inbetween she has a telepone call with a friend of Tom, who loves her broken German.Ebook: 5377 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Footslave in the bathroom
Friday morning Ewa and I visited Markus in Bochum. Markus is always horny on bare feet. After he had sucked fine Ewa´s and my toes, he was rewarded with footplay on his big cock. In the end, the horny foot stallion was allowed to jerk his white juice on my feet, which of course he had to lick himself clean then.Ebook: 5378 - Lady Ewa
Home Visit of the Smoker
Lady Ewa has visited a member at his home. In mini skirt and sexy house mules, the long-legged Lady told the young slave to kneel in front of her. And while she was smoking a cigarette she showed him her shaved pussy, he had to kiss the bare feet of the Polish mistress and at the end he had to lick her pussy also. Would you like to have to push your tongue between the long labia of a Lady?Ebook: 5379 - Lady Barbara
Breast Training with Weight Plate
Yesterday I once again had my weekly breast training with a weight of dumbbells. I do this regularly to keep my silicone pads supple. With a long leash, the breasts were tightly pinched off, then a 5 kg weight plate was attached to the leash. Since I was photographed, I was only allowed to wear high-heeled shoes, otherwise I had to be stark naked.Ebook: 5380 - Lady Ewa
Visiting Archie
Lady Ewa is visiting a submissive member in his apartment. In sexy outfit with sheer stockings and high-heeled mules the Lady is sitting on the sofa and the submissive boy is allowed to kiss her nylon feet. Then the slave must blindfolded lay down on the floor in front of the Poland Lady, and gets to feel her feet with ultrasheer nylonstockings on his dick.Ebook: 5380 - Lady Ewa
Visiting Archie
Lady Ewa is visiting a submissive member in his apartment. In sexy outfit with sheer stockings and high-heeled mules the Lady is sitting on the sofa and the submissive boy is allowed to kiss her nylon feet. Then the slave must blindfolded lay down on the floor in front of the Poland Lady, and gets to feel her feet with ultrasheer nylonstockings on his dick.