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Ebook: 5320 - Lady Barbara
My Horny Big Butt in Sheer Dress
Many of you love my horny butt butt and on the parties more and more fans are there, who want to put their nose between my hot buttocks at the end. Especially if the bubble butt is in silky tulle. Are you also one of the horny snoopers, who woul like to put their nose into my arse crack? Or would you prefer me, as I was lying on the cover picture, and lick my pussy? And therewhile play with your dick on my pumps? Come on, let us do it!Ebook: 5321 - Lady Barbara
Black Swimsuit
Only in black mules I sat Sunday at noon naked by the pool when suddenly announced visit. So I quickly put on a black bathing suit with glittering rhinestones and a black summer hat. Since the visit was delayed, I took the opportunity to take some pictures for you and to show you what it looks like on the weekend at my pool. At the end you will also find close-ups of my feet in the pointed designer mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi.Ebook: 5322 - Lady Ewa
Sexy in Leggins at the Roadside
In a pink colored leggins and high heeled miles the Lady is posing at the roadside and in a park. It was at the beginning of her career as foot-slut. When no passerby was looking, she showed her (still small)  naughty tits.Ebook: 5323 - Lady Ewa
Walk in a Knit Dress
Lady Ewa is wearing today a sheer, beige knit dress while she is walking in red, high-heeled pumps and ultra-sheer, brown nylon stockings through the old town of Krakow. In between, the sexy polish takes a break on a bench and rests her tired feet.Ebook: 5324 - Lady Barbara
StarkNaked on the Terrace
Two members booked me here in Spain for a glass of wine where only I was supposed to be stark naked. I was only allowed to wear my high-heeled mules, jewelry and my tight rubber bands. And so I welcome the men (who unfortunately didnEbook: 5325 - Lady Barbara
Pussy-Tanning at the Coast
On the weekend, I went with my Wrangler on the coast. As so often, I was wearing only a sheer dress and high-heeled mules. In between Ive made a break I have pulled out my lace panties to show you my ass and more. I show also my long red toe nails of course in the designer mules in close-up.Ebook: 5326 - Lady Ewa
Ewa Naked in the Forest
Something special for the hunters of highheeled stiletto cats is today here. Lady Ewa is posing bare nude in the forest for a secret wanker. The Polish beauty is wearing only a belt and a summer hat. And of course sexyhigh-heeled sandals.Ebook: 5327 - Lady Ewa
Exhibitionist at the Beach
Lady Ewa openly shows her shaved pussy on the Ebro Delta beach in Spain. Although we were not on the nude bathing beach, the sexy Polish woman pulled her panties to the side again and again when she noticed that men were watching her. Then she took off her skimpy bikini completely and posed naked in the water. She kept spreading her legs and posing in the water until her tight briefs were gone.Ebook: 5328 - Lady Barbara
Naked Footsoles at the Pool
Here there is again something for the friends of my sweaty, wet footsoles today. Look forward to close-ups and video clips of my suntanned soles in Spain... Question for everyone: Do you want my feet actually prefer more or less suntanned? The soles remain always white of course.Ebook: 5329 - Lady Barbara
White Wine for Breakfast
In a black bathing suit and red 16 cm high crocodile pumps I am posing with a lot of jewelry and a big summer hat on the terrace of my villa in Spain at 30 degrees in the shade. I enjoy an ice-cold, delicious white wine - before breakfast. Do I have bare legs, or do I wear sheer skin-colored tights? Take a close look.Ebook: 5330 - Lady Ewa
Ewa at the Rock Beach
In Spain we went out a little at the coast with the jeep to a rocky beach. There is the hot Lady Ewa in 16 cm-high mules and a sheer summer dress posing. Again and again the sexy Polish mare is spreading her legs to show possible viewers her naked  and freshly shaved pussy.Ebook: 5331 - Lady Barbara
At the old Monastery
Here I am posing for you in front of an old monastery in Spain. Even that sometimes there come vacationers, I am only dressed with an ouvert  lace catsuit to my 15cm high patent leather mules and my boobs are bound with tight rubber rings. Again and again, you can see my freshly shaved pussy in the open crotch of the catsuit. Whether a hiker would have liked to fuck me, in a quick way?Ebook: 5332 - Lady Barbara
At the pond
The pond in the mountains has been a popular destination for me here in Spain, whenever it was very hot and I wanted to rest. Here you see me once in red platform mules and with rubberized boobs, another time in a white dress and black designer sandals.Ebook: 5333 - Lady Ewa
US-Car-Meeting at the Lower Rhine
Lady Ewa stroll through an US-car-meeting in Grefrath in the Lower Rhine area together with a horny member. The Polish mare wears a corset with skirt and on her long legs temporaryly some ultra-sheer black nylon stockings. In between, the companion of the Lady with hat, does from time to time play with her high heeled feet.Ebook: 5334 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Goldenshower in the sun
In front of this demolition house Ewa and I treated two horny slaves which loved golden shower and neatly gave them some of our delicious wet. Both guys were so often pissed on their tails and in their mouth, until there was nothing left in our pee. Lady Ewa has pushed one of the slaves again and again in front of her horny pussy, whenever he said: I love Polish Pee.Ebook: 5335 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate in GucciDress
After many of you wanted more action again, today are some photos of my blind date last week. In a gauzy designer dress I let grab my body by an unknown guest and then I take his dick into my mouth. In the end, I have to strip me completely except for the rubber rings araound my breasts and he jerked a full load of sperm on my tight bound boobs.Ebook: 5336 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Kiss Our Feet!
Ewa and I visited a young man in his house today after an extensive shopping spree in the Ruhr area in Bochum. First we got massaged and licked our, from the shopping tour strained and sweaty, feet. Thats the way it has to be. We like to visit such members, who pamper our feet intensively.Ebook: 5337 - Lady Ewa
Hot Nylons in the Cafe
In a short skirt without panties underneath but with ultra-sheer nylons and 15cm high mules, Lady Ewa sits in a cafe. While the Polish blonde smokes a cigarette and takes a cappuccino, she shows her nylon legs and quite uninhibited what she has in between: Namely her, this time partially shaved, open vagina.Ebook: 5338 - Lady Ewa
Wanker´s Slut in the Park
Lady Ewa is here at the beginning of her career as Public Wanker´s Objekt. Half naked, only in15cm high leopard pumps with toe opening, the sexy Polish walks through a park in the Ruhr area in Duisburg and shows her muscular legs, her shaved pussy and her well-trained butt in front of secret voyeurs. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to come before the camera, but they all rubbed their cocks vigorously.Ebook: 5339 - Lady Barbara
A Day Relaxing at the Pool
It was a nice day today with lots of sun, which I spent again, of course, by the pool. There I am posing at the poolside in various bikinis and high heeled mules. My gold-colored bikini just covered my nipples hardly and from the black rhinestone bikini, the top is now again too small, as you see.Ebook: 5340 - Lady Barbara
In Pink Evening Dress on Terrace
In a pink evening dress and pink designer mules I wait again for the two wine merchants this evening. Meanwhile, I smoke a cigarette and take red wine. My breasts are already cut off under the dress with tight gums. I hope they like my outfit with the sheer dress and the matching Gianmarco-Lorenzi-Zoccolis.Ebook: 5341 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Stroll in Pink Leggins
The blonde sexy Polish Lady Ewa strolls today in a pink leggings around outside. Her jacket is open, so that everyone can see the white bra, from which the stiff teats stick out. As if the want to say: Look at me, I am hot and I´m looking for a fuck-buddy. To this, Lady Ewa wears 13cm-high mules with rhinestones.Ebook: 5342 - Lady Ewa
Nylonshow at the Industrial Monument
Lady Ewa is posing today on old metal objects in a beige/black costume. The black skirt she has just moved up and shows her sexy panties and her big, horny bottom, which is framed by suspenders. The Poland Lady is wearing sheer nylons and a pair of delicate, high-heeled strappy sandals.Ebook: 5343 - Lady Barbara
Red Platform Mules & Blue Sky
My new, bright red platform mules are super hot. Not only I think so, but also this member, who first kisses the soles and heels of the shoes and then take  also my toes into his mouth. And when do you want my sexy feet?Ebook: 5344 - Lady Ewa
Slave in the Hotel Room
In his small hotel room in Hilden, Lady Ewa visits a 19-year-old slave. She pulls off her skirt in front of the young man and lets him grope her body, suck her nipples and lick her pussy. Then the young guy gets a shoe and footjob from the hot blondie. Watch the video and see how greedy the young boy licks that hot Polish Madame.Ebook: 5345 - Lady Barbara
Waiting for Guests
In a tight black evening dress, I smoke a cigarette while waiting for guests. Under the dress Im wearing only ultra-sheer black fully fashioned nylon stockings by Ars-Vivendi, nothing else. To this dress, my pointed, 14 cm high heeled mules fit perfectly.Ebook: 5346 - Lady Ewa
The Nylonman
Ewa was in this update at the Garzweiler strip mine very excited to meet a guy who is hot for wearing of highheels and sheer nylon stockings himself - just as she is. Finally, he was a nylon slave, the dominant Polish could use as she wanted, and who was also greedy on her pussy and her butt . Ewa eagerly offers him her cunts.Ebook: 5347 - Lady Barbara
Footsmelling is Horny
While I make a small trip to the brown coal open pit in Aachen in red dress, red mules, pantyhose and anklets, I meet there with a horny member. Foot fan Markus kneels in front of me to sniff greedy in my open toes pantyhose on my bare toes.Ebook: 5348 - Lady Barbara
Cum on my Ass
A nice big dick that I would have liked to put in my mouth. Unfortunately, the horny guy had no condoms and a real Lady like me is blowing foreign cocks only with condom. And so the horny bull was not allowed to come in my mouth, but had to squirt on my buttocks.Ebook: 5349 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Two FootSlaves
Lady Ewa and my are visited by two foot fans in the Heels-Studio. The two are trying different shoes to us and are trained to be obedient foot slaves. At the end crossdresser Dave gets in nylons a solid hand job by Polish Ewa.Ebook: 5349 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Two FootSlaves
Lady Ewa and my are visited by two foot fans in the Heels-Studio. The two are trying different shoes to us and are trained to be obedient foot slaves. At the end crossdresser Dave gets in nylons a solid hand job by Polish Ewa.