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Ebook: 5289 - Lady Barbara
Spain 2018 at the Pool
Today, Im showing you some selfies by the pool of last week here in Spain. I finally got to take a little rest time and make it comfortable for me at and in the swimmingpool. When its over 30 degrees, it´s better to enjoy time in the cold water. So it looks like on my home in Spain in August 2018.Ebook: 5290 - Lady Ewa
Nylonwalk in Krakow
The blonde Lady is tottering today through the city with a hat and high heels, dressed in an elegant black business suit. The slit in her skirt is so long, that you can look up to the garter belt. To this, Lady Ewa wears black seamed nylons. Again and again the guys to look after the Polish, and not just the guys.Ebook: 5291 - Lady Erika
On the RhineBridge
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which have never been posted on Legsworld before. Today Ill show you how I provoked a secret peeper who had been following us for a while with my bare butt at the entrance to the Krefeld Rhine bridge. Again and again I pull up my thin, black stretch dress especially for the horny buck.Ebook: 5292 - Lady Barbara
Toes Wanking At the Garden House
I served a member at the Garden House on this summer evening. The young man wanted to see me in bluejeans with my boobs laced up and with very open slippers on my bare feet. I took the black mules without toe straps. So he could work very well on my feet with his big dick.Ebook: 5293 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous in the City
With Hat, ultra sheeer black seamed nylons and golden sandals, the Lady is on the road again today for some wankers in the city. The short black skirt she has pulled up so far, that the beginning of the stockings can be seen by everyone. She loves it when guys can see under her skirt and get their hoops on it.Ebook: 5294 - Lady Barbara
Licking Toes on the Grass
While Im lying in the garden in a sheer white summerdress on a ceiling on the meadow, I let the slave pamper my feet. He can take my shoes off and lick my toes. Later, at the garden table, he has to try me various high - heeled sandals with thin straps. What shoes shall I wear to the dancing tonight?Ebook: 5295 - Lady Barbara
Allone at the Autobahn
On a deserted Highway Im walking with a cowboy hat in a transparent lace leggings and green strappy heels. On top I wear an open jeans jacket. I present to you my bare tits under the denim jacket. Nice close-ups of my feet in the sexy sandals. Who kisses my toes on the autobahn?Ebook: 5296 - Lady Ewa
Stark Naked at the Beach
On a lonely part of the beach at the baltic sea, the stark naked Poland Lady shows you not only her dark tanned feet. On all fours, blondie Ewa stretches out her sexy butt and pulls off her long labia with her long and red-polished finger nails. Maybe someone is watching the lonely exhibitionist, when she is offering her cunt and asshole?Ebook: 5297 - Lady Barbara
Mules Show
In an ultra-sheer beige pantyhose and tight laced tits I tried several sexy mules at the Garden House brought by a member. Tom brought lots of shoes e.g. corc shoes, thongs up to shoes with extremely thin straps. Were that shoes from his wife? Was member Tom looking more on my toes or on my stiff nipples?Ebook: 5298 - Lady Barbara
Naked and Isolated
Stark naked, wearing only a belt and 16cm high strappy heels, Im standing closed off with hearing protection and blackened sunglasses in the garden. My big titt balls are laced with hard black rubber rings. So closed I should not notice, whos watching me. Is it my old chief? Or the neighbor?Ebook: 5299 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Stroll through the Park
With a horny Member Lady Ewa makes tonight a stroll through the Park in a knitted dress and red patent leather pumps. The two take a break on a bench and businessman David takes a pair of ultra-sheer brown nylon stockings and dresses the Lady Lady. This makes both so hot that David pulls his pants down and rubs his dick on the nylon feet of the Polish Lady.Ebook: 5300 - Lady Barbara
Stark Naked in Spain
In the heat I show you today some private photos and clips from me in Spain, where Im usually naked walking around  at a temperature of more than 35 degrees. Of course never without my high heels. On the cover photo I had washed my hair just. On the other photos you can see me naked in the pool, in the garden, on the terrace and while I look tv on the sofa.Ebook: 5301 - Lady Barbara
In a sheer, black evening dress and strappy heels of Santa Cruz, I am making me ready myself for the pool party in the evening. I am posing for you sexy at the pool bar and show the red, worn out soles of my designer sandals. I hope, taht some hardworking tongues will polish them in the evening.Ebook: 5302 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Stroll with Hat
Lady Ewa sits in an elegant beige-and-black costume with hat in the Café, so that her feet can relax from running in the narrow, 14 cm high pumps. Her short black skirt slipped up so far, that the welts of her sheer black seamed nylon stockings can be seen by the people. Then she continues her walk across the marketplace, where she is solicited by some people.Ebook: 5303 - Lady Barbara
Wanker on the Parking
In a light yellow summer dress and beige summer hat, I was ordered to a parking lot near Neuss. Under the dress I had to (or rather: was allowed to) tie my breasts tightly with elastic and on my feet I wear 15cm high, white leather mules. A masked wanker, whom I dont know, speaks to me, puts 100 euros in my hand and immediately grabs my big boobies. He works pretty tough, I like that, although he almost compels me.Ebook: 5304 - Lady Barbara
Cum on my Legs
When I visited this member, I was sitting in the garden. I had my breasts hanging half out of the dress and my feet, put in 15cm high designer heels, were on the garden table. The guy was so horny that he needed to get his dick out of his pants. After I wanked his dick with a few strokes, he gave me a full load on my legs.Ebook: 5305 - Lady Ewa
Hot Buttocks at the Baltic Sea Beach
Isn´t that a great butt? Lady Ewa is posing in a white vest, white panties and white pompom slippers on a blue towel at the beach on the Baltic Sea. She is creaming up her tanned body and while she kneels on all fours, the hot Polish shows you her freshly oiled cunts.Ebook: 5306 - Lady Barbara
Blowjob at the Gardenhouse
Today I give a blowjob to a member at the Garden House in bluejeans and on my feet I wear these special, 15cm high heeld mules without toe straps. In doing so Im topless and have my breasts bound with tight rubber rings, so my nipples are extremly stiff. With these shoes, you can see often that my little toes hang out of the shoes.Ebook: 5308 - Lady Ewa
Wankers Goddess in the City
In a super short pleated skirt, ultra sheer nylons on suspenders and 15 cm high heeled mules, Lady Ewa is on the way today for a nylon voyeur in a small town in Poland. She is tottering through the city, let him see her bare butt, when she bends, and presents her long, dark-red polished toenails under the nylon.Ebook: 5309 - Lady Barbara
Firing Practices in High-Heels
Totally in yellow with a sheer yellow summer dress and 16 cm-high yellow patent leather pumps with open toe (for my long red toenails), Im shooting in the garden with a Walther P99. Because it bangs so loud, I wear a big ear protection. Incl. Video.Ebook: 5310 - Lady Barbara
Pussy Show in the Garden
In various sheer little dresses I pose today with and without nylons in the garden and show you my freshly shaved pussy. On all the photos Im wearing the matching, high-heeled stiletto shoes of course. Sometimes with and sometimes without my favourite ultra-sheer nylonstockings from Ars Vivendi.Ebook: 5311 - Lady Ewa
The Nylon Puppet
The Polish Lady is traveling in a black plaid skirt and high-heeled sandals in the city for a nylon wanker. Under the skirt she wears sheer black stockings and under her long blond hair she has an earphone, so that wanker Horst via radio can guid the long legged sexy where to go.Ebook: 5312 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate Stark Naked
In a parking lot in the Rhineland, I had to take off my sheer yellow dress for a masked member. So I was tottering then completely naked in 15cm high-heeled, white mules and a bright summer hat across the dusty parking lot and let grab my titts from the horny wanker.Ebook: 5313 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Walk through Krakow
In an elegant black business suit with hat, Lady Ewa goes for a walk through Krakow for a wanker who want to watch her. To the costume, the sexy Polish is wearing sheer black nylons and red shiny sabots with ankle straps.Ebook: 5315 - Lady Barbara
Stroll in the Evening Sun
In the warm afternoon sun, I am walking only in hot pants and 14 cm high heeled mules in Spain through the urbanisation. Then I take a last sun bath still naked on the terrace and at the end I jump naked in the pool.Ebook: 5316 - Lady Ewa
In a Pleated Skirt through the City in Poland
In a short, black pleated skirt and sheer black nylon stockings, Lady Ewa makes a stroll through a small town in Poland. She wears high heeled sandals on her feet and when she bends, everybody can look under her short skirt. What is the hot Polish probably wearing under the skirt?Ebook: 5317 - Lady Barbara
Brown Nylon Footsoles
Im sitting here in the garden and have placed my legs on the garden table. While that, Im wearing some ultra sheer, brown seamed nylons and have put my feet in lace, side cut-out pumps. If I take off my heels, you can see my footsoles in the sheer stinky nylon stockings.Ebook: 5318 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Horny Foot Studs on a Parking
Lady Ewa and I, lightly dressed in sandals, met two horny foot studs at the car in a parking lot near Neuss in the evening. After the two introduced themselves politely and wanted to be photographed, we let them rub their cocks on our feet and then the could cum on them as well.Ebook: 5319 - Lady Ewa
PumpsStroll through the Park
Ewa does a stroll through the Park in a black, high slit costume, ultra sheer, black seamed nylons, and various high-heeled pumps. Sometimes the blonde Polish bends down, so people can watch through the long slit up to her butt, then she slightly is resting on a bench and shows her stinky soles in the nylons.Ebook: 5319 - Lady Ewa
PumpsStroll through the Park
Ewa does a stroll through the Park in a black, high slit costume, ultra sheer, black seamed nylons, and various high-heeled pumps. Sometimes the blonde Polish bends down, so people can watch through the long slit up to her butt, then she slightly is resting on a bench and shows her stinky soles in the nylons.