The Photo qualitiy is not as hi-res as in the original updates. If you want a special updates as ebook, just send me the update number and I will post it here. You can save the eBooks in your Iphone and take over there in ibooks.

Ebook: 5258 - Lady Erika
Erika´s Lover
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were previously never posted on Legsworld. In this update you see how a new lover had taken me with him to his home. The young man had a big dick, which I recognized direktly through his trousers. On the couch we were fumbling and smooching a little, and my cuckold had to watch us.Ebook: 5259 - Lady Ewa
Nylon Stalker on the Park Bench
Ewa has gone back to the park today, hoping to have some nice experience again. In ultra sheer black seamed nylons, red pumps and without panties under the elegant costume Ewa sits on the park bench and shows her stocking welts to the strollers. And in fact, the nylon wanker from update 5237 is over again. Without even asking, he simply sits down on the bench, takes her tight legs on his lap and starts to feel and grope her legs up to the vagina.Ebook: 5260 - Lady Barbara
Posing + Pedal Pumping
Here I was again on the road with my old military off-road vehicle, before the new comes. I am wearing a black costume, sheer black nylons and black open toe patent leather pumps with 15 cm heels.  I I were driven to the near by barracks, I think some soldiers woul have got a stiff prick. Incl. a short (1min) pedal-pumping-video.Ebook: 5261 - Lady Erika
In this series you see my adventures as Lady Erika from 1999 and 2000, who were never posted in Legsworld before. Today you see, how a slave prepares me for a live show in front of camera with leather paraphernalia. The crowd at the screens wanted the TallBoy to lick my Pussy and my butthole. He really opened my buttocks wide.Ebook: 5262 - Lady Barbara
HighHeels for my Car
Today I am posing in a tight jeans suit, ultra-sheer brown seamed nylons and 16 cm high heeled green sandals in front of my same-colored new Jeep. If I shoud go the now and let the boys see extensively to the chassis? Maybe something is wet?Ebook: 5263 - Lady Barbara
Showing my Titts at the Jeep
In a cowboy outfit with a tight white leggings and 18cm high heeled plateau mules I posed today in front of my green Jeep. On request of a present Member, Im also presenting my big boobs with the stiff nipples which I pull out of the shirt, so that men in the old building have something to watch.Ebook: 5264 - Lady Ewa
DoubleSeries Nylonwalk
1.) In a Garterbelt on the Red Bench: Lady Ewa is strolling in sheer stockings at a garter belts through a park. When she sits on the park bench, everyone can see the garterbelt under the short skirt, and as so often I think that the hot Polish is observed by some wankers. Wankers are everywhere.<br>2.) Stroll through Town: On this sunny but cool day, the sexy blonde made a stroll in the city, only in a short business - costume. She wore high-heeled Sandals on her feet to sheer light brown seamed nylons. Of course several men were watching the hot legs and ass of the Polish, and I´m sure, that someone would prefer to grab at her buttocks under the tight skirt.Ebook: 5265 - Lady Barbara
The Greedy Asslicker
In his hotel room, I let this horny member lick my asshole. While I kneel in a corset, an open toe pantyhose and red mules on the table, Member Bernd smells and licks my asshole and rubs his cock on my feet. Again and again he pushes his nose deep between my buttocks while my toes play with his big and hard prick.Ebook: 5266 - Lady Ewa
Posing at the Garden Table
after she has just finished cleaning up the garden furniture, hot Polish Ewa is leaning at a wooden table in her super short denim mini, ultra sheer nylon stockings and bright red plateau mules. Because the gardener is still in wooden hous, the Lady wants to irritate him while she stretches her nipples long and shows her freshly shaved pussy.Ebook: 5267 - Lady Ewa
Naked Walk in the Forest
Lady Ewa walks today splinter naked only in red patent leather pumps and a thin belly chain through a lonely forest. In between she smokes a cigarette on a park bench and in the video you see her peeing on a playground. Everyone  would like to lie at the feet of the hot polish, or do something else with the naked blondie.Ebook: 5268 - Lady Barbara
Turquoise Trouser Suit
Today Im going to show you my turquoise pants suit with that I was shopping all day in the city. Of course without panties under the trousers. Look at me in close-ups directly into my pants-pussy and come near with your nose. There were great guys traveling in the city, which you might also notice on the pictures. Do you see the moist spot between my legs? Just smell it.Ebook: 5269 - Lady Erika
Gardenwork for Grandpa Willy
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were previously never posted on Legsworld. When it is hot in summer, I like to be naked, even outside in the garden. Today I am supposed to work something in the garden of member Willy from Herne and sweep the terrace, while the hot retiree once again is watching me splinter naked  secretly  from his study and certainly he is wanking his old fat dick. Willy never gets stiff anymre but his tail is long and fat, as his balls.Ebook: 5270 - Lady Erika
Visit from a Macho Member
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were previously never posted on Legsworld. Some people make a date and describe in many sentences what they want to do. And nothing happens. Member Jörg from Dortmund wrote only briefly and succinctly that he wanted a photodate. On our date he did not ask whats possible. He just slipped over a condom, wanked his penis in my mouth till it was hard and then he fucked my cunt. At the end the horny guy jerked his full load of sperm on my tits. Thats how I like it! Take me - don´t ask.Ebook: 5271 - Lady Ewa
Polish Hotel Service
The blonde Polish visited in this update a member in his hotel room in Poland. She wears black sexy lingerie and a pair of black mules with clasp. After Member Ivan put on  some sheer black nylons to her legs and attached them to the suspenders, he gets an extensive treatment. Ewa tramples with her thin heels on him and gives him very long hand and Footjobs. Ivan cannot get enough.Ebook: 5272 - Lady Barbara
The Shoes of his Wife
A married member was visiting me at my home. When he found out that I have the same shoe size as his wife, he wanted to see some of her slippers on my feet. And so he then helped me to try on the shoes of his wife. And he has become quite horny seeing my feet in the shoes.Ebook: 5273 - Lady Ewa
In Knit Dress through the City
Once again the sexy Polish with the long legs is on the road in a light knit dress and offers a wonderful template for knitting fetishists in a town in Poland. Today, Ewa is wearing sheer black nylons, a pair of black high-heeled mules and a summer hat. Is she followed by wankers?Ebook: 5274 - Lady Barbara
Long Toenails
Today I am once again visited by a member, who likes to try on to my feet the fancy shoes of his wife. Ive polished my long toenails extra in a bright red to please my fan. The Shoes of his wife are slightly too small for me, so my toes often hang beyond the shoes, especially in the plateaushoes. Here I had to span the toestraps between two toes that it matched.Ebook: 5275 - Lady Barbara
Footwanker at the Pool
This member had invited me to his house in Holland. In a rose-colored summer dress and sexy wooden mules by Gianmarco Lorenzi, I showed him my pussy in the garden. When he became horny, he wanked at the pool his dick on my toes and jerked a full load off cum to them. Of coure I stroke my pussy while I saw him wanking.Ebook: 5276 - Lady Ewa
Masturbating in a Train Compartment
Lady Ewa is in a short skirt, blouse and 15cm high heeled pumps with a member in a train on the way to a rock concert. Because there are not much people in the train, the blonde Polish pulls up her skirt. Ewa wears no panties, so Josef can look directly at her bald pussy. See great pictures and clips, as the Polish scrubs her wet horny pussy in the train compartment.Ebook: 5277 - Lady Barbara
Lady with Watering Can
As so often, I do light gardening here, as watering the flowers, with high-heeled designer mules on my feet. Because I can´t wear rubber boots with the long toe nails. This pair of mules is from Italian Designer Gianmarco Lorenzi. I wear to these shoes sheer lace leggings and an ultra-short and super sheer dress.Ebook: 5278 - Lady Erika
Tour with the Cabrio
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which were previously never posted on Legsworld. Today I drive in my Barchetta convertible to a parking lot to make awesome photos in 15cm high-heeeld golden mules. Except for the shoes and white lace panties, Im completely naked. Then you see me on the street in front of my car and other cars naked under the coat in white mules.Ebook: 5279 - Lady Ewa
Slave in the Hotel
Today, the blonde Polish Lady uses one of her young slaves in a hotel room. First the hot slave boy must lick Lady Ewa´s wet blad pussy till she is satified. Then Ewa kneels on the arm chair and the slave is allowed rub his big dick on Ewa´s naked, sweaty footsoles and toes. Incl. Video.Ebook: 5280 - Lady Barbara
Footjob in the Hotel
In a beige costume and 15cm high-heeled red mules on my feet I visit a member in his hotel room in Duesseldorf.  After kissing my feet and shoes, he got a shoejob and a footjob from me. Again and again I rub his glans with my bright red polished toes until he squirts a big load of sperm. Incl. Video.Ebook: 5281 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
Frivolous Walk with Hat (Video)
In this video, Lady Ewa is in super short black skirt, a white blouse and ultra-sheer black stockings on a garter belts on the road in her hometown in Poland. To this, she wears black patent leather pumps and a beige colored hat, which makes her particularly flashy. Especially when she lifts the skirt and shows her suspenders. Some peepers are lurking in the background, because before the camera no one really wants.Ebook: 5282 - Lady Barbara
No, this is not my new car. In this series I show 7 inch high mules to you in shiny red and silver. See how my red painted claws are drilling through the sheer nylon stocking and protrude in in the toe opening. Not at the car, but at me.Ebook: 5283 - Lady Ewa
In a Short Knit Dress through the City
Lady Ewa is tottering in high-heeled red pumps through the city. She is wearing a beige short knitted dress, including ultra-sheer Brown nylons on suspenders. As always, she is surely again pursued by clamps when the leggy Polish makes a stroll through the city.Ebook: 5284 - Lady Barbara
Nylon Soles in the Garden
Today I show you my stinky foot soles in ultra sheer seamed nylons in the garden. To this, I wear a black and white hooded dress without panties. The dress is so short that you can see my bald shaved cunt on many photos. I hope, that the old neighbor over did see nothing.Ebook: 5285 - Lady Barbara
Relax in the Villa
In the Villa Vertigo I made myself comfortable on a lounge in the outdoor area. To my light beige costume Im wearing some 16cm-high heeled mules with floral pattern. These mules are very steep and have very thin straps that make pain on the toes, when I wear them longer.Ebook: 5286 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
Without Skirt in the Park
Lady Ewa is walking only in a costume jacket and a sheer black pantyhose through a park. On her feet she is wearing various open high heels, sandals and mules. Did she forget the skirt? Is the hot, blonde mare be watched secretly by the hot Polish wankers?Ebook: 5287 - Lady Barbara
Foot Soles in Mules
In a series with photos and clips, I show something for the mules fans today. Especially for those who like to look on my foot soles in the mules. Everything with a blue pants and bare feet. >Incl. mp4 video. Would you like to put your dick into the slit between my soles and the mules?Ebook: 5288 - Lady Ewa
Walk in Slutty Pumps
In a super short mini skirt and high-heeled whore pumps the Polish makes today a window-shopping and then she is tottering through a park. The welts of her sheer nylon stockings are permanently to be seen under the skirt. Maybe someone is watching hot Ewa?Ebook: 5288 - Lady Ewa
Walk in Slutty Pumps
In a super short mini skirt and high-heeled whore pumps the Polish makes today a window-shopping and then she is tottering through a park. The welts of her sheer nylon stockings are permanently to be seen under the skirt. Maybe someone is watching hot Ewa?