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Ebook: 5136 - Lady Ewa
The Polish Mistress
This slave gets a full treatment of his Polish Mistress. Only in black lingerie and ultra-sheer nylons, he gets a footjob, gets kneaded his with her nylon hand or must endure trampling of her crude feet. Who would not be happy to feel the pumps of the Lady on his balls?Ebook: 5137 - Lady Barbara
The Soles of my Pumps
In sexy lingerie, ultra-sheer nylons, and various, very pointed 16 cm high heel pumps I made myself comfortable on the beauty couch. Today not my boobs are not the center of attention but the used soles of my high-heeled pumps.Ebook: 5138 - Lady Erika
Dildo Games on the Floor
In the afternoon I went from working in a sheer shirt, short skirt with nylonstockings there under, and high blue pumps as usual in the summer  home. After again a peeping Tom was following me in the pedestrian zone, I had to take my dildo, when I was home. I always become hot, when I notice that men are keen on me.Ebook: 5139 - Lady Ewa
FootSucker for a Platinum Blonde Lady
In the living room of a member´s home the Lady treated him in a black costume jacket, sheer nylons on straps and high-heeled mules. She lets the masked slave on her legs and feet, and he can kiss them. But he better makes everything right...Ebook: 5140 - Lady Barbara
Tripple Breastrubbers
Here is something for the friends ob bound breasts. For a special member, I had to stand tight in mini skirt, 16cm high heels and blindfolded at attention. To make sure that my big boobs were standing right out, I had to bind them with 3 rubbers rings around each boob. Imagine you kneel in front of me, slave! And YOU look up at me and my boobs.Ebook: 5141 - Lady Monique
Partyimpressions with Monique
Here you can see some photo impressions from one of my private parties. My girlfriends always like to be guests at my parties, especially when they are once again looking for a new partner. As always, the guys were glad to be at our feet on the ground, and to inhale the scent of our feet made them hot. This time the main theme was: Trampling.Ebook: 5142 - Lady Ewa
Blindfolded Foot Licker
This naked masked slave is allowed to serve the blonde NylonLady in a hotel room in Koblenz. He must clean at first the naked and then the stocking feet of his Mistress Lady Ewa with his tongue and he also has to lick  then the cream from her naked body.Ebook: 5143 - Lady Erika
The Tit Wanker
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, had never posted on Legsworld. Today I show you how I visit tit wanker Harry at his home in Cologne, when his wife was not at home. First I give him a blow job for his big dick and then I present to the hot guy my big tits with the stiff nipples for jerking off.Ebook: 5144 - Lady Barbara
Private Show for a Member
Here am I doing a private show for a member in my stiletto Studio and show him some of my high heeled sandals. Here you also find beautiful close ups, where my red polished little toes hang out of the open sexy sandals and touch the ground.Ebook: 5145 - Lady Ewa
Date in a Nightie
In a sheer red nightie, NylonLady Ewa pampers a member in the hotel room. The young man gets his balls bound with a nylon stocking by the polish, before she gives him a footjob and shoejobHe must kisse the Lady´s 16 cm-highheeled patent leather pumps and she lets him play with her titts at the end.Ebook: 5146 - Lady Erika
HomeVisit in Cologne
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which had never posted on Legsworld. Today, I once again visit a member in Cologne. I like to suck his thick Dick because I know he fucks me very good. Especially when I´m wearing nylons, garterbelt and 15cm high heeled open-toe pumps. Because his wife doesn´t wear that.Ebook: 5147 - Lady Barbara
Nylonsoles after Shopping
You love to see my footsoles in ultra sheer nylonstockings nd you would like to smell my stinky feet? You like it when the sheer nylon spans over my long toe claws? Then come pretty close to the screen and smell my stinky nylon soles. Breath the odor of foot sweat and leather. I have just come from a shopping spree, so you can imagine how they smell.Ebook: 5148 - Lady Ewa
CFNM - Clothed Female-Naked-Man
This naked slave is visited by the Polish Lady in a costume, nylons and high heels in his hotel room. While the Lady smokes a Zigaterre, he may rub his cock on her nylon feet. Then the naked wanker gets a hand and footjob from the fully dressed sexy Lady.Ebook: 5149 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Footworship in the Heelsstudio
Ewa and I had a visit in the Heelsstudio yesterday. While we were still wearing our sexy costumes from the shopping spree we did before, our visitor crawled half-naked on the floor at our feet. Between hundreds of sexy high heels the slave had to worship and kiss my feet and the feet of Lady Ewa. Then he could feel my long, red-polished toenails on his balls and was allowed to jerk off.Ebook: 5150 - Lady Erika
Private Shots in the Shower
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which had never posted on Legsworld. Today I will show you some private photos which show me taking a shower in my house in Krefeld/Germany.Ebook: 5151 - Lady Erika
Naked at the Black Jeep
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which had never been posted on Legsworld before. Today I will show you how I pose naked in and at my old Jeep. Maybe someone has observed me? I hope he had fun.Ebook: 5152 - Lady Ewa
Peeing in the Hotel
Here you can see Lady Ewa in the morning in a hotel room of a polish user: she is chilling on the bed in sheer black nylons and pushes the heels of one of her high-heeled patent leather pumps in her pussy. Then the Polish Lady is styling sexy in the bathroom, and she pisses into the sink and on the floor. She then leaves the hotel and user Jacek can deal with the mess the Lady left behind.Ebook: 5153 - Lady Barbara
Picnic at the River Rhine
When weather was nice, I drove in shirt and leggings with a small blue quad out on the Rhine meadows in Krefeld. Ill show you my bare soles and special wedge sandals. Since it was so beautiful weather , Ive stripped me down to the underwear.Ebook: 5154 - Lady Anoushka
The Red Dress
The saleswoman from Lithuania shows up in a red dress today. Underneath, blondy wears red lingerie and a couple of ultra-sheer black nylons. Her black lacquer sandals go perfectly with this. A dress that she can often be seen in her hometown in summer. Without panties underneath.Ebook: 5155 - Lady Ewa
She wants his Cum
In a rundown warehouse, Lady Ewa is appointed by an attractive member. She is posing in front of him in a tight black leggings, a corsage and Golden sandals. The young man seems to please the older Polish as she licks his cock when she should wank his dick with her long red polished finger nails.Ebook: 5156 - Lady Barbara
Rub your Dick at my costume
Sometimes I like it too, when a hot guy gropes my ass and then rubs his stiff dick on my elegant costume and my nylons. If you meet me coincidentally at a wine festival or similar, you can ask me if I would like to dance with you or you invite me to a glass of wine. If you want more, better as my husband if I am in the mood for more, when I am gone to toilet.Ebook: 5157 - Lady Barbara
Bootys and Crutches
First you see me walking down the street in a white skirt with ankle boots and crutches. Then I loll on my blue quad. I show myself on the Rhine meadows in white underwear and long, white ankle boots. Would you like to undress my boots and smell my stinky, sweaty toes?Ebook: 5158 - Zofe Johanna
Chubby Visit from Poland
For a week I had chubby Johanna from Poland to visit, which should help me in the household. Johanna wanted to make photos, you can see her here in the laundry room, in the Heelsstudio and at the champagne bar in a fishnet suit and Overknees. Most she liked to stand at the bar with a bottle of champagne. No matter which.Ebook: 5159 - HD-Video mit Lady Ewa
Polish Mistress Ewa
In the todays vintage video a masked foot fan lies in a hotel room in Krakow on the floor before the half-naked Poland-Lady Ewa. The Lady wears only lingerie and sheer nylons. She presses her nylon feet into the face of the slave, let him lick the heels of her pumps before she notices the bulge in his pants and takes his big Dick between her nylon feet. As the young man has not jerked while the foot job, he must lick the boots of the Lady at the end and he gets to feel her whip.Ebook: 5160 - Lady Barbara
In the Champagne Cellar
Im sitting in a lace dress at the bar in my champagne cellar and show you my sheer stockinged footsoles and my wet blank pussy. My long toenails are painted bright red.Ebook: 5161 - Lady Ewa
Muscular Legs in the City
Ewa is now on the road in a black costume with a super short pleated skirt in a town in Poland. Her long, muscular legs are covered with ultra-sheer brown nylon stockings. To this, the hot Polish wears red patent leather pumps. Many guys look behind the flashy blonde and are just waiting, that she bends.Ebook: 5162 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Balloon Crushing
In this 8-minutes-video I crushed lots of colorful balloons with the heels of my sexy mules. Im wearing in the clips various outfits and several mules, all with 14 and 15 cm high heels.Ebook: 5163 - Lady Ewa
Cat Meeting in Lingerie
The Polish Lady services this member on his silver car. While shes wearing a sexy negligee, sheer stockings and high-heeled pumps, Member Adolf will be allowed to play with her. He gets a footjob and much more. Everything deep in the Woods.Ebook: 5164 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Member Marek bound Lady Ewa and me on a hook at the ceiling. So he could grab our tits, our asses and our pussys. Then the horny guy fucked my mules and at the end he jerked of a big load of hot sperm on our nylonsoles.Ebook: 5165 - Lady Barbara
Topless on the Green Field
Today you see me in tight white leggings and red 13 cm-high heeled mules on a fresh green at the Rhine dam in Duesseldorf. To my cowboy leather jacket Im wearing the right hat and let my big tits dangle free. Finally, they deserve some Sun.Ebook: 5166 - Lady Ewa
Footsex on a Parklinglot
Lady Ewa went in jeans and plateau mules on her bare feet with my slave to a forest parking lot. There, the Lady meets Member Markus from Aachen, and gives him her bare feet to lick. Then the hot guy can rub his dick on the feet of the Polish mistress and jerk on the toes while she slowly takes off her jeans.Ebook: 5166 - Lady Ewa
Footsex on a Parklinglot
Lady Ewa went in jeans and plateau mules on her bare feet with my slave to a forest parking lot. There, the Lady meets Member Markus from Aachen, and gives him her bare feet to lick. Then the hot guy can rub his dick on the feet of the Polish mistress and jerk on the toes while she slowly takes off her jeans.