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Ebook: 5077 - Lady Barbara
Transparent Rain Coat
For the members of Babsis´s Wixclub I should make at home these pictures in a transparent raincoat, before my husband brought me to them on the parking lot. On my dance pole, I am posing with widows Veil for the fans of transparent PVC rainwear. On my feet I am wearing transparent PVC laced boots.Ebook: 5078 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
Skirt wit High Slit
Lady Ewa is tottering here in a series only with video clips in a high slit black costume, sheer black nylons, and various high-heeled pumps in her hometown in Poland. It she there at the Polish clamps and nylon friends and being watched?Ebook: 5079 - Lady Tina
Big Butt in Turquoise Pantyhose
The 34 year old blonde Lady loves pantyhose and nylon stockings, and likes to pose for leg fetishists. Today, she is posing with unshaved cunt in turquoise tights and black lingerie. Over the pantyhose shes wearing initially black nylons on a 1950s Suspender belt. At the end she pulls down also the pantyhose and shows her bush.Ebook: 5080 - Lady Ewa
Fur & Overknees  in the Park
Only with a fur coat over her black sexy lingerie and her sheer, skin colored pantyhose, the Lady is walking through the winterly park. Matching to the fur, she wears black shiny overknee-boots with high heels. From far, a wanker watches her sitting in his warm car and he enjoys how the Lady is freezing. Especially her feet are freezing in the high, tight boots.Ebook: 5081 - HD-Video with Lady Barbara
Neglige + Seamed Nylons
In a sheer negligee, I show you in this clip series seamed nylons of Ars Vivendi. To this, I wear a pair of sexy house slippers with a small platform and pompom. How do you like my stinky nylon footsoles? Would you like to smell?Ebook: 5082 - Lady Barbara
Long Red Nails in the Snow
Here I do you a gift from Member plateau lover: A pair of sexy glitter sandals, in which my long, red-polished toenails are shown off to it´s best advantage. I present for you the shoes in the snow, it was pretty chilly. Who frees my feet from the snow and warms my ice cold toes now?Ebook: 5083 - Lady Erika
Wanker´s Erika in a Hotel
In this serie I present you my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000 which were never before shown on Legsworld. Today I show you how I visit a business friend of my husband in the hotel and make him a nice evening, until my husband can take me home naked and with cum on my body.Ebook: 5084 - Lady Ewa
Slave at the cross
Lady Ewa is once again to guest in a club in Frankfurt. There the smoking Polish educates a slave on the cross, wearing a lacquer body, sheer tights and black, 13 cm high lacquer overkneee boots. Her maid Dollface must watch the Mistress, how she is again and again wanking the big slave dick with her red claws and jewelry-covered hands without let him cum. Instead of having the Lady´s hands also on her dick, Dollface only gets blown the cold smoke of the Lady into her face.Ebook: 5085 - Lady Erika
On ParkingLot with the LeatherStud
In this series you can see my adventures as Lady Erika from the years 1999 and 2000, which had never been posted on Legsworld. Today Ill show you some more from my parking date with the leather Stallion. After he had pushed up my skirt and fumbled my unshaved pussy, I had to kneel in front of him and take his big Stallion Dick in my mouth. Then I had to pee and should do this when he´s touching my pussy. At the ende I had again to kneel an take his big Dick back in my mouth while wankers were secretly watching us.Ebook: 5086 - Lady Gina
Gina´s Mouth for All
In this Lady-Gina-Mouth-Pussy-Special you see that Gina only wants one thing: To make the men happy. Whether it is with pinned-up hair in an elegant costume in a porno cinema or in a light summer dress on a cold wanker´s parking. She kneels in front of foreign wankers and sucks their dicks! The redhead is not only very popular in parking lots and in cinemas.Ebook: 5087 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Treated to lick and cum (part 1)
This member was meeting Ewa and me for a long evening in my partyromm. He was trated to lick our feet and pussys and we were grabbing his big dick. While we Ladys are wearing sexy-elegant clothes and high heels, member Markus had to be naked. We wanked his dick with our hands and Ewa took it also into her mouth. Incl. 16-minutes milking-video.Ebook: 5088 - Lady Ewa
Fun with the Slave
Today it seems that Lady Ewa has a lot of fun with a submissive member in her hotel room. While the boy licks the Lady´s wet pussy, she is wanking the slave´s prick first with her sexy hands and then with her feet, wearing ultra-sheer brown nylons. At the ende the horny boy is allowed to jerk off a big load into the sheer nylons of the Polish.Ebook: 5089 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
Treated to lick and cum (part 2)
Today Ewa and I took a foot-hot guy on 49 minutes of HD video not only for a long foot-sex-session. After Member Markus from Aachen has been milked, he was allowed to lick my toes. In the second video he was milked again by Ewa, this time with my sweaty nylon soles in his face. In section 3, Ewa only blows his Dick, then I milk him while he must lick Ewa´s ass. Then he had to inseminate my nylon soles and finally even he must extensively lick Ewa´s pussy.Ebook: 5090 - Lady Barbara
Wanking with Rubber Gloves
This member had unexpectedly dropped in while I was in the morning chores. But it was enough for a short hand job, because with a stiff dick I would not let him go. So I wanked him with at work directly in the narrow hallway with my pink rubber gloves, until he jerked me his full load of sperm into my gloves. I wore as mostly on domestic work, jeans and slippers. Marked liked my outfit very much, as you can see.Ebook: 5091 - Lady Monique
Monique and the Bootslave
Housewife Monique has an appointment  in a hotelroom in Cologne with a naughty bootslave. She is treating him with a whip and allows the sub to cum on her highheeld black overkneeboots. To her hot boots, the housewife is wearing awhite linnen and a black leather jacket.Ebook: 5092 - Lady Ewa
Visiting a Member in Stuttgart
Lady Ewa visited a member in this update and surveyed his apartment in Stuttgart. Since the bathroom was not clean, the young man had to go on his knees and must kiss the nylon feet of the Lady. After that, he had to wash the feet of Lady and dry them.Ebook: 5093 - Lady Barbara
Pantsuit + Pumps
Here you can see me in a beige pantsuit and 16 cm high heel pumps. I wont keep the pants for long time, because the pumps are too cool to stay only on my feet. As you know, I love to feel the cold leather on my wet pussy ...Ebook: 5094 - Lady Monique
Lady Monique gives GoldenShower
Monique had actually only a hotel date to pose for some photos in overknee boots. But her guest seemed to be very special gourmet and offered Monique Money for her pee. And so the two still went in the bathroom and the golden-shower-fan put his head on the toilet bowl.Ebook: 5095 - Lady Barbara
Southern Comfort
Here, I am posing for you in a black negligee, black, hold-up nylons with seam and black patent leather pumps for you on the buffet. And my wish, when I made the photos, was: jerk on me ! Give me lots of your hot sperm on my wet cunt or into my face!Ebook: 5096 - Lady Erika
Blinddate with the Boss
Here I am inspected and goped by a businessman. After I arrived in my fur coat at the Villa, I was conducted to the bathroom and pulled out. My panties were pulled down only up to my knees and my strappy heels I could keep on. At the end I had to sculpt my hands to a shell to receive the sperm of my boss.Ebook: 5097 - Lady Barbara
The Shy Member
First, Member David keeps a while in the background and I show him my sheer nylons and 16 cm high heels. I smoke, show my pussy and pee for him, until he is finally so horny, that he comes in front of the camera and wants to lick my goldenshower from my pussy.Ebook: 5098 - Lady Rebecca
Oiled Foot Soles
Oiled soles are perfect to rub his Dick on them. Today, Rebecca oils up my soles, so that the foot Stallion again can squirt a thick load of sperm on them. The hot Turk today only has eyes for the young blonde and she willingly assist a Stallion dick like him, to get his balls empty with a special wanking technique (she wanks with my foot his dick). At the end, my wrinkled footsoles are well decorated with lots of hot bull sperm.Ebook: 5099 - Lady Monique
Going to the HotelRoom
After she made a stroll through the historic city of Duesseldorf in her business suit and black leather boots with him during the day, Monique goes with foot slave Hassan from Dubai to his hotel room. Instead of beer, they took now white wine and the Lady changes her boots to high heeled mules. Then Hassan can smell her sweaty nylon feet. After he got a hand job, the hot slave squirts a load of sperm on Monique´s feet. At the end, he obediently licks off the sperm from her feet.Ebook: 5100 - Lady Ewa
Wet Games
Lady Ewa is sitting on the sofa in a white corset and takes a cup of coffee. Instead of a cookie she keeps popping up her dildo in the coffee. Later she pees in her pumps and in a dog bowl. Then the hot Polish presses one of her boobs into the bowl full with pee. Now it´s your turn, slave: Go on your knees and take up the bowl. Maybe the goddess lets you clean her wet boob then.Ebook: 5101 - Lady Barbara
Hot on 7inch Heels
It is always horny for me to wear such 16 cm high heels. I like it when my feet are really steep in the shoes, and when I can make men hot with my sexy feet. Today I am sitting in an elegant costume with sheer nylonstockings and highheeled golden Sandals on the sofa. My long toenails are freshly polished and Ill show you not only my shoe soles.Ebook: 5102 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate with the HandWanker
On this day I visited a member in his hotelroom as a blind date object. I got the breasts rubberized, my buttocks spread for control and he made clamps on my nipples. He has extensively examined me and made also clamps on my pussy-lips. At the end, I got his sperm into my jewelry covered hands. Yes, I am a wanker slut and my husband is a cuckold which only is allowed to watch us.Ebook: 5103 - Lady Rebecca
Footsex in the Garden
After Rebecca had made my Turkish foot stud in the living room really hot with her long fingernails, he wants to go with her alone in the garden. There he is rubbing his big cock on her feet, fucks her tits and let he wank him with her slender hands. At the end, the hot blonde with the pageboy hairstyle gets a full load of cum from him on her feet.Ebook: 5104 - Lady Barbara
In Front of the Mirror
Almost finished  with my makeu, I sit in front of the mirror in sheer brown seamed nylons and bright red platform mules and I make up my lips and see if everything fits properly. My blouse stretches rather tightly over the laced boobs. And of course I do not only look into my face, but also whether my cucky has shaved well my cunt. At least thatEbook: 5105 - Lady Ewa
The Nylons-Fitting
After she came back home from a trip, dressed in business suit and 16 cm  high heels, the Lady was fittting various nylon stockings and some sexy white marabou mules. With wide open legs she is sitting on a chair, after she pulled off her white lace panties.Ebook: 5106 - Lady Barbara
Extremely High
This pointed and extremely high pumps are one of my favorites. They are very tight. I show them here together with hot lingerie, an open tip bra and ultra sheer nylonstockings with seam. Come and jerk on my hot nylon legs or between my titts ...Ebook: 5107 - Lady Barbara + Zofe Kathrin
Partyimpressions with 2 Footlickers
On this little privat party I had two footlickers. A member and my waitress who were both very hot to smell and lick my feet. They are smelling and licking my sheer stocking-footed soles and toes while I lay back and enjy it, whil smoking cigarettes and taking champange.Ebook: 5107 - Lady Barbara + Zofe Kathrin
Partyimpressions with 2 Footlickers
On this little privat party I had two footlickers. A member and my waitress who were both very hot to smell and lick my feet. They are smelling and licking my sheer stocking-footed soles and toes while I lay back and enjy it, whil smoking cigarettes and taking champange.