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Ebook: 5046 - HD-Video with Zofe Kathrin
Beating the Bootslover with Mules
Today we had a visit from the Bootlicker. While the hot member in this small video kisses my thigh high boots, he gets violent strokes with my mules on his bare butt from the maid Kathrin and from me. As long as his buttocks are beautiful red.Ebook: 5047 - Lady Barbara + Zofe Kathrin
Hot on Feet
Maid Kathrin is today once again horny for my feet. First, she kisses my 16 cm high, open toe pumps after a date with a member. Then she licks my heels and at the end the kinky maid has my sweaty nylon toes in her mouth. Now she can clean my guests cock slime from my feet.Ebook: 5048 - Lady Ewa
Seminude under the Fur
Seminude under her fur, the Lady is posing in the streets of a town in the evening. Once she wears only sexy lingerie under the coat, then she has pulled up her sexy dress and passing guys can see the bare pussy of the Polish Lady. She is wearing various high-heels.Ebook: 5049 - Lady Barbara + Zofe Kathrin
The Masked Guest
Waitres Kathrin and me were visited today by a masked member. Our guest was allowed to smell at the waitre´s pantyhose ass and could masturbate, looking at my long polished toenails. Therewhile I took his dick in my hand and rubbed him at the nylon. But I did not let him jerk.Ebook: 5050 - Lady Ewa
Naked under her Fur in the Harvest
In this update Lady Ewa makes a walk through the forest splinter naked under her fur coat and only with high heeled overknee boots on her feet, which nearly reach her cunt. Doesn?t she recognice, that she is observed by a dirty wanker deep in the forest?Ebook: 5051 - Lady Barbara
Ultralong Nails
A new Member had ordered this photoseries from me with a clear announcement: He wantet to see my ultra long toe nails and also the slit between my legs must be fresh shaven. Where do you look first? To the long claws or to my fuck slit? Don´t look - kiss my toes, then I will sit on your face with my wet pussy and feel yout tongue, slave!Ebook: 5052 - HD-Video with Lady Ewa
Half-naked under the Fur - The Video
Lady Ewa is walking today half-naked under her fur coat in a 20-minute video through a park. Under the snow-white fur, the sexy Polish girl wears only sheer lingerie, sheer nylons, and black overknee boots. In the cold, blondy is freezing of course.Ebook: 5053 - Lady Barbara + Zofe
Preparation for Date
Maid Kathrin is making me ready for a hot blind date with a member who would like to exploit me in a negligee. Before the young man comes, the maid makes up my lips, kneads my breasts soft again and is kissing my legs and my butt. Im lying at the end already pretty buzzed with blindfold on the red seat. My guest will have an easy game with me.Ebook: 5054 - Lady Ewa
Sexy Wanking Object
Lady Ewa visited a member in high-heeled pumps and sexy lingerie in his small apartment. Because he only watched her and quietly was wanking himself, Ewa gave him a horny nylon show. It did not take long, until he jerked off - no wonder with this sexy wanking object.Ebook: 5055 - Lady Barbara
Sperm on my Feet
After this member had kissed the heels of my mules and licked my toes, he got a footjob from me in the livingroom with my black polished toe claws. I wanked him with my naked feet, until I got all of his cum on my bare feet between my toes.Ebook: 5056 - Lady Ewa
Fucking with Heels
Lady Ewa is bored in the hotel. According to an email by her admirer Egon, she asks her photographer to make some great pics with her red patent leather pumps for the generous retiree. The sexy Polish lays down only in stockings and high-heels on the bed and masturbates her wet pussy and asshole with the 16cm-long heels of her red patent leather pumps.Ebook: 5057 - Lady Barbara +  Zofe Kathrin
Smell my Toes & Oil my Titts
While I am relaxing on my massagebed, Maid Kathris gives a massage to my tight bound titts and anoints them with oil. In between the obedient jung women may even smell at my toes before I let the next guest rub his dick on the stinky feet.Ebook: 5058 - Lady Barbara + Zofe Kathrin
The Crushing Victim
Here you can see photos and clips from a date in my party room with a submissive crushing victim, which I treat with the help of my maid Kathrin. While I shut his mouth with a nylon foot, he is by the maid who is wanking his little prick , if he wants or not.Ebook: 5059 - Lady Barbara
Furcoat on the Gardenbridge
Only in a sheer Nightie with lingerie and Nylons with 16cm high open toe pumps, I am posing for you early in the morning in the garden on the pond bridge. It is pretty cold, so I had to pull over a fur coat.Ebook: 5060 - Lady Ewa
Half Naked under the Leather Coat
Today, Lady Ewa strolls in a black leather coat through a small town in Poland. Under the coat, she wears black lingerie and sheer black nylon stockings with white stitching. Why Ewa waived a slip. Because any passerby can see the bald shaved pussy? Ist she known there as a nylon exhibitionist?Ebook: 5061 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate with the ButtocksWanker
Would you ever like to do a blind date with me? Where I wear a blindfold mask and cant see you? Here, you see, how it looks when two men grope my laced up titts and rub their cocks on my toes and buttocks while I cant see anything because of my blindfold.Ebook: 5062 - Lady Barbara + Monique
Hand- und Footjobs
At a small private party I spoil my guests with my friend Monique, mistress Joanna and Maid Kathrin with hand and footjobs. Of course only after they thoroughly kissed our feet and made a gift. Because who does not worship us Ladies in person, is not worthy of our feet. Here you see some nice Partyimpressions.Ebook: 5063 - Lady Ewa
Playing with Heels
Today the Lady is looking around in my Heelsstudio in a tight business suit.  Apparently, she likes some high-heeled shoes so well that she not only tried them, but played with them. At a point she then takes off her costume and at the end she wallows with some shoes on the floor and plays with the heels on her pussy.Ebook: 5064 - Lady Barbara
Desired Dress
Occasionally I welcome visitors, which mostly want me to wear special brought clothes for them on photos, like this micro bikini. This dress pulled up pretty deep into my crack, so my pussy has become soaking wet then. Also high-heeled shoes are of course mandatory for this dress.Ebook: 5065 - Lady Monique
Christmas Greetings
Merry Christmas to you all, from Monique. The housewife plays the Christmas Angels for a member in his hotel room. She treats him with her red mules and lets him lick her white stockinged feet. At the end, the hot guy jerks his sperm on Monique´s nylon feet, but he must also lick it off. A matter of course.Ebook: 5066 - Lady Barbara
The Nylon-Soles-Fucker
With the support of my maid, this Member is allowed to fuck my stockinged nylon feet. Again and again he rubs his big dick and his hard balls at my stockinged feet, until at the end I get a big load of cum from him on my footsoles. Very Good !Ebook: 5067 - Lady Ewa
Ewa K in the Snow in Poland
Yes it has snowed this winter too, but not so much for us in the Rhineland. But Ewa from Poland has taken the opportunity to walk permissive in the Christmas snow. In freezing cold with snow, the blonde is walking in sexy lingerie under her coat through a park and in the streets. Does she hope that one or two are watching her and become aware of her?Ebook: 5068 - Lady Barbara
Merry Christmas in Red/White
Its Christmas again and I would like to send you my warm greetings and wish you a Merry Christmas. Celebratory I present myself today in innocent white lingerie and a coat of Santa Claus. On my legs I wear white Christmas stockings and on my feet red pumps. You can certainly imagine how my feet are smelling good in these nylons + shoes.Ebook: 5069 - Lady Barbara
Christmas Feet
On this Christmas Eve, I had placed my bare feet on the table, and adorned them with Christmas paraphernalia and photographed. It was the smell of Christmas cookies and mulled wine in the air. Im sure that you would rather take the toes, than the cookies. Right?Ebook: 5070 - Lady Barbara
Black Bride
By popular demand, you will see me here again in the widow outfit. In the WhiteRoom, I sit on a bar stool in a black costume with widows veil and 17 cm high platform pumps. After Ive pulled out the costume, there remains for me only my black corset. Sheer black nylons on suspenders makes it perfect. Who will comfort me?Ebook: 5071 - Lady Barbara
Smoking in the Red Eveningdress
Today you see me smoking with red satin gloves in a red evening dress with a bright, white fur stole over my shoulders. I just came back from a party with my girlfriends. Pretty nearly I had taken the young taxi driver inside. On my legs Im wearing sheer nylon stockings with seam and on the feet red, 15cm high heeled shiny mules. Even my driver had noticed my long toe nails.Ebook: 5072 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Widow on the Cemetery
Today you can see something for the fans of black dress. In an elegant black costume I am standing on the cemetry with a sheer black veil over my face as The Sexy Widow. On my legs I wear ultra-sheer black nylons with a seam.  I stand on very high heeled, black pumps, when I am praying.Ebook: 5073 - Waiting-Girl Kathrin
Golden Shower with Two Ladys
The maid and me are treating slaves in this update with our Golden shower. Do you want to lick it live from my wet pussy? Would you like to feel our long labia over your mouth and nose, until finally the precious liquid comes out, and with our orders swallow! Swallow! You open your mouthwide up and you take our golden pee.Ebook: 5074 - Lady Barbara
Heels on the Bar
Today I present a few of my favourite high-heeled shoes and show you how I like to play with these. Im wearing an open black leather jacket and have my big titts laced up with tight rubber rings. Who wants to suck my permanently stiff nipples, while a pair of high heels are standing on my big bound boobs?Ebook: 5075 - Lady Barbara
With Furcoat in the Snow
Here you see me in a brown furcoat in my garten, wearing also a breastbondage with rubber rings and 16 cm high black platform pumps. Initially the coat warms even, but I get it more and more open to show you my wide open buttocks. Who comes and keeps me warm ? Especially my outstanding nipples are ice cold today.Ebook: 5076 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Female Cook
In this private series Ill show you how I cook for my guests and above all, what I wear when I am cooking: Today I welcome later two businesfriend of my husband, which live alone. So Im wearing a corset with transparent, long pants and on my feet red shiny mules. Because: You eat with your eyes (first)!Ebook: 5076 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Female Cook
In this private series Ill show you how I cook for my guests and above all, what I wear when I am cooking: Today I welcome later two businesfriend of my husband, which live alone. So Im wearing a corset with transparent, long pants and on my feet red shiny mules. Because: You eat with your eyes (first)!