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Ebook: 4955 - Lady Ewa
Heelslicker at the Garden House
At the Garden House, Lady Ewa sits in a short skirt and sheer seamed nylon stockings at suspenders on the garden table and waits for her house slave. She is wearing a transparent black blouse, through which the white bra is shining through. The young man kisses first her red patent leather pumps and then her long legs in the stockings.  At the end, he is lying on the ground and has the heels of her red pumps in his mouth.Ebook: 4956 - Lady Barbara + Ewa
The Trampling Slave
Slave Hassan from Aachen had booked Ewa and me for a private party. We received this member in elegant dresses, nylonstockings and high heels. After he had kissed our shoes, we rode once upon him through the legsbar. Then we were trampling him with and without shoes until we squeezed out all cum at the end with firm pressure on his dick.Ebook: 4957 - Lady Ewa
HighHeeled at the Car
Here, sexyL ady Ewa has fun with her slave in the middle of the forest at the car. The hot Lingerie Polish shows him her bald shaved pussy and blows the big dick of the guy. She is wanking for him with a high-heeled pumps and let the slave fuck her pussy. Is he really a slave or the hot guy does just do as if and in truth he makes of the Polish a nylon- and high heels slut, who has to show off for anybody ?Ebook: 4958 - Lady Barbara
Sexy at the Balkony
In a short black flared skirt and 16 cm high-heeled green sandals, I just wanted to do a walk over the Koenigsalle in Duesseldorf. But my webmaster said, I should show mor from me on the bedroom balcony. Especially how the view is under my skirt with my silky panties. Would you just look  under my skirt to see my panties? Or should I push the panties to the side so you all can see my shaved pussy? Which is incidentally again wet, only when I think how your Dick gets stiff when you are staring on it.Ebook: 4959 - Lady Ewa
Walking in Transparent Dress
A member was hot to see the Lady Ewa in a transparent dress walking through a big town. Therefore Lady Ewa makes with him a walk through Düsseldorf downtown and along the Rhine promenade in her ultra sheer red summerdress. She is wearing also red high heeled pumps and ultrasheer seamed nylonstockings. Everyone can see her garterbelt and the lacy string tanga through her sheer dress. And many people are staring.Ebook: 4960 - Lady Sabrina
Sabrina´s Ouvert Pantyhose
The nurse today is posing for you in a crotchless nylon pantyhose and shows you where soon your dick shoul go inside. She shows her stockinged stinky footsoles for the sniffers and what she has to offer between her legs: her shaved, wet cunt which needs urgently new sperm of old wankers.Ebook: 4961 - Lady Barbara + Gina
Hot afternoon in the hotel room
Today we met again with a masked member in his hotel room in Duesseldorf. Gina and I am wearing both elegant costumes, sheer nylons, and high-heeled mules. First, Gina shows the slave her hot pussy and is masturbating for him. Then we give both a footjob to the poor guy, let us kiss our feet and after making cocktrampling, Gina wanted to taste even the stiff dick of the slave. Later, you see us still in hot lingerie after we have pulled out our costumes.Ebook: 4962 - Lady Ewa
Eveningdress in the Park
The hot Polish makes provocative walks in the open air with a parking wanker. The sexy Polish goes through a park for a walk in a sheer, red evening dress with skin-colored nylons and black patent leather pumps on her feet. Park visitors can see her skimpy lace slip under the dress and to the enthusiastic member, Ewa shows her bare butt at a quiet place in the Park. She allows him to grope her body and lick her wet pussy on a bench.Ebook: 4963 - Lady Ewa
Slave in Public
Lady Ewas slave is treated like a little dog in the middle of her hometown. First she makes him hot in the park with a nylon show, then she puts him on a leash and lets him kiss her shoes and feet and at the end he has to lick her heels clean. The Polish blondynka doesnt care whether friends or neighbors notice how perverse she is with her doggie.Ebook: 4964 - Lady Sabrina
Pantyhose + Dildo
She loves ultra sheer tights and her big rubber dick. In a sheer black pantyhose and black high-heels, Sabrina sits on a cork Chair and stretches her labia wide open for a viewer. That makes her so hot, that the nurse must take her dildo.Ebook: 4965 - Lady Ewa
Lingerie unter the Coat
Today, the Lady is only in sexy lingerie under the coat walking through a park. She is wearing a bra, a wide suspender belt without panties and ultra-sheer brown nylon stockings under a light summer coat. On her feet, she wears black high heeled pumps.Ebook: 4966 - Lady Barbara
French Nails in Mules
Here you can see my tanned feet mainly in close-ups. I am wearing 15cm-high mules which have only a thin ankle strap on the toes. This looks very sexy, but walking is not so comfortable. Directly before the shooting I had polished my toes in French style.Ebook: 4967 - Lady Ewa
Sexy at the Beach
Lady Ewa is invited by a wanker to a brief vacation at the baltic sea. At his request the hot Polish is walking on the beach, wearing a transparent corset, sheer stockings and high-heeled mules. First she takes off her panties and goes only in nylons through the water. Later she washes her nylons in the sea water.Ebook: 4968 - Lady Sabrina
Tartan Skirt + Ouvert Pantyhose
After a long shopping tour Sabrina presents her hot asses on her bed and poses in a tartan mini and an ouvert pantyhose. Again she clearly shows her very sweaty soles, which long time stuck in the tight pumps.Ebook: 4969 - Lady Ewa
Stroll in Mini Skirt
Walking in a mini skirt and high-heeled pumps, without nylons, Lady Ewa shamelessly shows her white panties under the mini. On a bank at the tracks, she spreds her legs very wide, so everybody can see her white lace panty.Ebook: 4970 - Lady Barbara
LatexLady with Gas Mask
Today you see me in a black latex cape and 17 cm high black overknee boots in the garden. Mein breasts are bound tight, and good boys may even suck  mystiff nipples, but for disobedient slaves I have my riding crop ready. Only real machos can touch my big balls or my cunt, and wank on me.Ebook: 4971 - Lady Ewa
High-Heels at the Beach
On the beach, walking in 16 cm high heels is very badly. But you can play wonderful with them in the warm sand. Lady Ewa here is caressing her bald pussy with the 16cm-long metal heels of her black patent leather pumps.Ebook: 4972 - Lady Sabrina
The Camouflage Dress
Today there is again something for the military fans. In a camouflage dress with pantyhose, Sabrina appears in the Office and begins directly to undress. With Pantyhose on her knees, the nurse presents us her hot butt.Ebook: 4973 - Lady Barbara
Controlling the Slave
Today Im controlling not only the desk of one of my slaves, but also what he has saved on his computer. Thereby, the slave must kneel naked under the desk to my feet. To his luck, this slave has only pictures of me on his hard drive, so that he may then kiss my nylon feet and jerk of on them.Ebook: 4974 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Stroll through the park
Lady Ewa strolls through a park in Poland in a sexy outfit. First, she wears an elegant white costume with ultra-sheer seamed nylons and pumps, then she disrobes more and more. At a bridge, she stands in suspenders, nylons and heels and shows her hot bare butt. Inbetween she must pee and cleas he pussy with a tissue.Ebook: 4975 - Black Linda
Workout in Skin-colored Spandexhose
Black Linda makes exercises today in a skin-colored Spandexhose and a blue top. That she makes often her leg exercises, you can see at the  toned butt of the Black Beauty. At the end she gets still her rubber Dick as reward for her wet pussy. Would you lick her when she is so nicely sweaty?Ebook: 4976 - Lady Barbara
Peniscrushing with Goldheels
While member Georg is kissing my feet, my slave blows his dick stiff. Then there is Peniscrushing for George. First the cock comes into my mules and gets the pressure of my footsoles and then he gets my stiletto heel to feel on his glans.Ebook: 4977 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Stroll through Town
On a beautiful spring day, Ewa made a long, frivolous stroll through Düsseldorf, where everyone could see parts of her garterbelt. To her 2-colored suit she was wearing patent leather pumps with ankle straps and ultra-sheer nylon stockings with seam. Quickly the sexy Polish was watched by a few voyeurs which were following her.Ebook: 4978 - Lady Ewa
Frivolous Stroll through Duesseldorf
On a beautiful spring day, Ewa made a long, frivolous stroll through Düsseldorf, where everyone could see parts of her garterbelt. After some time the toes ached the hot Polish quite nicely by the narrow pumps and she sat down on a bench. Of course not, without showing the passing men her secrets. Then she ate an ice cream cone and walked further. Sometimes she openend her jacket, sometimes she lifted her skirt. And all were watching her.Ebook: 4979 - Lady Ewa
Ewa and the Driver at the Street
Ewa is standing only in 16cm high patent-leather pumps and red lingerie on the side of the road. Is she suspended? When a silver Peugeot stops, she opens the front passenger door and leans over to the driver. Does she give him a blow job? Playing with his cock, Ewa shows him her shaved cunt and at the end he must squirt on her sexy pumps feet.Ebook: 4980 - Lady Barbara
Visiting a Parking in FurCoat
Im together with maid Kathrin half-naked under my fur coat in high-heeled pumps on a parking. With two members we had an appointment there. We showed them our pussies and they were groping or bodies under the coats. At the end, the two horny guys got wanked their cocks by me. The fur has gotten a lot, and is for sale, by the way.Ebook: 4981 - Lady Ewa
Shoe Sex
Lady Ewa is today relaxing in ultra-sheer brown nylonstockings and white pompom slippers on the balcony. She is very enthusiastic with a pair of red high-heeled pumps and after she has played with them and licked the heels, she inserts a heel into her bare pussy and the asshole. Nice close-ups!Ebook: 4982 - Black Linda
Black Lady in Red
Demonstration Mare Linda waits in the foyer in a red negligee and red tights for her assessment. Her large breasts hang out over the negligee and Linda slowly pulls down herpanty hose to present her big butt to all.Ebook: 4983 - Lady Ewa
Ice Cold
Naked, wearing only a sheer shirt and high heels on her feet, the Lady goes into the icy Baltic Sea. But also theres the horny blonde Polish girl not safe for clampers, who hide in the bushes and excite at the half-naked Lady how she feels cold in the water in her high heels.Ebook: 4984 - Lady Barbara
Into the Sabots
Member Werner from Cologne came to visit me at home in Willich to fuck my mules. This horny tight cock had to go into my Sabots cunt, between my hot, sheer stockings foot soles and the inner soles of my super-high pink Sabots. There the horny guy jerked off. I love to feel such hard cocks on my feet.Ebook: 4984 - Lady Barbara
Into the Sabots
Member Werner from Cologne came to visit me at home in Willich to fuck my mules. This horny tight cock had to go into my Sabots cunt, between my hot, sheer stockings foot soles and the inner soles of my super-high pink Sabots. There the horny guy jerked off. I love to feel such hard cocks on my feet.