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Ebook: 4924 - Lady Barbara
The Transparent Dress
Today you can see me in a transparent, black dress and 16cm high-heeled, white pumps on my terrace in Spain. Except for the dress and white high heels I am wearing nothing underneath, Im completely naked. Maybe they can see this from the neighbors house?Ebook: 4925 - Lady Leana
Ballet Dress + Pantyhose
Today, Leana is posing for you in a light blue Ballet dress, sheer white tights and ballet slippers. Under the sheer nylon, you can see the pussy of the beautiful saleswoman. Who wants to smell on Lady leana´s crotch?Ebook: 4926 - Lady Barbara
Sandal Masturbation
On the deck by the pool, I have fun with my white 16cm high-heeled patent leather sandals in this update. I slowly push the thin heel of of my stiletto shoe into my wet pussy. That is a horny thing so under the open sky. There is always the feeling, that somebody is watching me.Ebook: 4927 - Lady Gina
Hen Party at the Pool
Lady Gina is visiting me in Spain for a week. In airy summer dresses and 16 cm high heels, weEbook: 4928 - Lady Barbara
In 16cm Sling Pumps on the Rocks
Today I am stumbling for you on the stony coast in Spain in a black vinyl cape and sheer black stockings on my 16cm high heeled black patent leather pumps through the rocks. My bare boobs are tied off with tight rubber bands. Did someone see me there?Ebook: 4929 - Lady Barbara + Gina
Foot Massage by Gina
On this hot summer day I let Lady Gina massage my tired feet here in Spain. The red-haired Polish Lady clearly enjoys kneading and feeling my sexy toes. And while she thinks I donEbook: 4930 - Lady Barbara
Lace Bikini
Today IEbook: 4931 - Lady Gina
Quad Rodeo Stark Naked
Gina goes naked with the Quad and just with high-heeled mules on her feet, with the Quad through a nature reserve in Spain. The Quad was not stubborn though, but the glowing hot seat was painfull for the naked pussy of Rodeo-Gina. Maybe someone walkers have seen the naked, bigtitted quad driver? Because the naked rodeo rider was not allowed to take any dress on her trip. She must be stark naked all the time. Only sun glasses and high heeled mules were allowed.Ebook: 4932 - Lady Ewa
Excursion in the Park
Lady Ewa went today on an excursion in sexy dress through a park in Düsseldorf. The blonde Polish mare is wearing ultra seer nylonstockings on a garterbelt under the short skirt and with sexy pumps on her feet. Inbetween she borrows a scooter from a nearby couple.Ebook: 4933 - Lady Barbara + Zofe Kathrin
On the Terrace
In Spain, we women often sit in sexy lingerie on the terrace. Before I go out this evening, Im sitting on the terrace still in sexy lingerie, nylons and slingbacks and let my maid giving me a massage. As a reward, I allowed her to kiss my butt at the end, while I smoke a cigarette.Ebook: 4934 - Lady Ewa
Marabou Mules
On your knees slave! After Lady Ewa did a little wanking of the slaves Dick and has posed with wide open legs in front of him him, he was allowed to inspect the ass cunt of the Polish. Then must go on his knees and kiss the white marabou mules of the sexy fetish Queen.Ebook: 4935 - Lady Gina
Suction Bells on Ginas Genitals
At an appraisal appointment in Erkelenz, the Polish mare Gina is positioned stark naked on a lying surface and first gets suction bells attached to her tits and vagina. The nail designers balls are processed with a lot of negative pressure, then she has to take the hosts dick completely into her throat lying with her head upside down. During the whole session, the horny mare had to keep her feet in correct position at the command HIGH HEELED. Expert Helmut was enthusiastic about the Polish Lady.Ebook: 4936 - Lady Barbara
Blue Bikini
Here you can see me in Spain on the terrace in white 16cm high heeled pumps. IEbook: 4937 - Lady Ewa
Nylonshow in Public
Today sexy Lady Ewa presents her sheer nylons on the garter belt again, freely in public. Always so that everyone can see what the hot nylon fetishist is wearing under her dress. The exhibitionist is already well known in her place in Poland.Ebook: 4938 - Lady Barbara
Bar Naked with Gold Chain
Here you can see how Im dresed at home, when it is pretty warm. I am almost always naked, only in high-heeled shoes. Because sexy stiletto shoes is a must for me. As well as the daily shaving of my vagina, what I do every morning. In summer I am often naked on the terrace, where some have already seen me. And also in the house: always naked !Ebook: 4939 - Lady Gina
Hot Blow Night On Parking Lots
Ladylike, Gina goes with an elegant red costume, ultra-sheer stockings and high-heeled mules at night on wanker´s parking. First she sucks the cocks of the men, then she must lie on a picnic desk and let the men pee over her face. And there is enough golden shower for the elegant Polish.Ebook: 4940 - Lady Barbara
Off Under my feet !
This slave got a clear command: off under my feet! First he feels the hard metal heels of my 16 cm high heeled sandals all over his body, then my bare, sweaty toes on his dick. Because he is a good boy, the slave is allowed to jerk off his cock and cum on my toes.Ebook: 4941 - Lady Ewa
Ewa and the Driver
The horny driver stopped when he saw the sharp lonely woman on the side of the road. The Polish woman showed him her nylons, he was allowed to kiss her high heels and suck her dildo, which she then used. In the end, the hot blonde put his cock into her mouth.Ebook: 4942 - Lady Barbara
Give me your sperm !
At first I allowed this member to smell a bit on my shoes and feet and kiss them, to get in the mood. Then he had to cream my toes with a big load of sperm. Well done, slave!Ebook: 4943 - Lady Barbara
Black Costume
In a tight black suit and black suede pumps with red sole, I pay a visit to my slave and check his apartment, if everything is clean and tidy. This time, he was saved by the bell. And so I can still on the sofa relax comfortable and take a glass of champagne. I am dangling with the pumps on my toes, a thing that makes the slaves of course hot. But I dont let him on my feet this time, he can jerk his little penis himself, when I´m gone.Ebook: 4944 - Lady Gina
Elegant Lady Serves at Home
The elegantly dressed Lady Gina receives a fat member in her apartment wearing for him an elegant costume, nylon stockings and an updo. While she sucks WernerEbook: 4945 - HD-Video with Lady Gina
Elegant Lady Serves at Home (2)
Today there is the video for the date with member Werner. The elegantly dressed Lady Gina welcomes the pot-bellied user in her apartment in a costume, nylon stockings and an updo. While she sucks WernerEbook: 4946 - Lady Barbara
Visting a Member in his Hotel
This morning I finished my dress with a dark blue business suit, white blouse and pinned-up hairstyle. After I had put on sheer brown stockings and open toe pumps, I went on the way to Düsseldorf and visited a member in his hotel room. First, he must kneel in front of me and may touch only my stocking-footed legs. Then Thomas got a hand job with facesitting from me and at the end I wanked his dick into my sexy black mules, which I brought extra for him.Ebook: 4947 - Lady Ewa
Village Stroll in Osterath
Ewa walked frivolous dressed through a village in the lower Rhine region. Of course she stirs up here, because she has gathered together  her summer dress so that you can see the bra above and below the suspenders looking out. To the sheer black seamed nylons she wears 13 cm high open toe pumps.Ebook: 4948 - Lady Barbara
Slave Michaella (vol 2)
After she was allowed to serve me extensively, Slave Michaella had to give also a victim of sperm directly on my nylon feet, which were put in very high, black patent leather pumps. Then everything had to be licked clean. I expect this from all my slaves. I will be welcomed with shoe or toe kiss on all fours or kneeling. Victims of sperm may be given only after my explicit request. Any unauthorized jerking will carry penalties.Ebook: 4949 - Lady Gina
In the Barrel House
In grandpa Jan´s barrel house in Gelsenkirchen the stark naked Gina is presented to the old man. She is groped by him and gets her tits bound with a coarse rope and must masturbate in front of him. Previously, the elegant Polish has to bend down on a bar stool and gets a dildo in her cunt hole. At the end the Grandpa wanted that the Polish takes her own pee from a large beer glass. Of course she did it. On the way home, the redhead was hot, so she was allowed to suck a stranger´s dick on a parking. Whether it is now more often in grandpa Jan´s pub to guest?Ebook: 4950 - Lady Barbara
The Cock Plank
Member Werner from Koblenz brought a Cock Board specially for our date in my heels studio. I can stand on this desk, while Werner´s cock and his balls are sticking out from a hole, and he is defencelessly at the mercy of my kicks.Ebook: 4951 - Lady Ewa
Hot Nylon-Dildo-Show in the Forest
Today Ewa shows you on a wooden bench in the forest, that sometimes she needs a dildo to have fun, althoug she is wearing ultra sheer nylons and pumps with metal heels. Although the hot Polish looks around constantly, there is not a man in sight. So she pees even on her own hands and Pumps, stretches out her butt hole to be licked and pushes the dildo between her wet labia. She´s so hot !!Ebook: 4952 - Lady Barbara
Naked ExhibitionObject
Today you see me posing stark naked only with rubber rings around my titts and 16cm high heeled mules. I tell you: The straps of the mules are very tight and it hurts, if I am stang in them for longer time. And just that was, what Ewa´s long-stay wanker Egon wanted, when he booked me so. In the background, the old bag wanted Ewa to wank his crumpled penis.Ebook: 4953 - Lady Gina
Asslicker at the Gynaecological Chair
Lady Gina visited a special member in Düsseldorf, which has a room with a gynäkological Chair. First, Gina has put herself on the Chair and is examined by Udo. Then member Udo himself sits on the Gynchair and gets his dick and his ass licked from the elegant Gina. At the end Gina gets a full load of cum into her mouth cunt.Ebook: 4954 - Partyimpressions
Romantic Garden Party
When the weather is hot, we do garden party: Here we had fun in a hot summer night in the garden. After all innocently started with a small barbecue and some foot massage, Gina moved on all fours through the garden because she necessarily wanted a dick. First she sucked the dick of Ewa´s slave, then the yound man fucked Gina while Ewa sucked her nipples stiff. In any case, it was good action in the night with nylons + high heels.Ebook: 4954 - Partyimpressions
Romantic Garden Party
When the weather is hot, we do garden party: Here we had fun in a hot summer night in the garden. After all innocently started with a small barbecue and some foot massage, Gina moved on all fours through the garden because she necessarily wanted a dick. First she sucked the dick of Ewa´s slave, then the yound man fucked Gina while Ewa sucked her nipples stiff. In any case, it was good action in the night with nylons + high heels.