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Ebook: 4863 - Lady Adele
Cheerleader Adele
Adele cheerleader shows her hot pantyhose butt under a red plaid skirt. Then, the zwenty-eight-year-old milf undresses slowly for you and shows you her big boobs. I think you would like to be in Adele´s football team to take a shower with her after the game.Ebook: 4864 - Lady Barbara
Lady B and the Pantyhoselover
Member Norbert from Munich was once again dead keen on my sheer pantyhose. In a red costume jacket and 15cm high white sandals I made him hot for my grey-brown tights. He was allowed to rub his big dick on it and in no time at all he gave me a full load of cum on my sexy stockinged legs.Ebook: 4865 - Lady Barbara + Gina
Foot Massage by Lady Gina
Lady Gina takes everything in her mouth today that she likes and what she is allowed to do. When I was resting on the treatment table, she had to massage my feet and then lick my stinky toes. Maid Michaella then had to give me a hot semen victim at the end. After jerking on my feet, of course, everything was licked up again.Ebook: 4866 - Lady Barbara
Six Inch Outdoor
In various 16cm high pumps you can see me walking in the industrial park in Krefeld today. Under the coat I am wearing a black costume and with that very thin nylon and a hat. If youd like to see me live like this, contact my webmaster.Ebook: 4867 - Lady Ewa
Footsex with the Ex
Lady Ewa uses her ever-horny ex again in this update for her hot foot sex games. The horny Polish wears sheer nylon stockings and high-heeled pumps as well as a thin dress. Watch as she ridicules the ex by making him fuck her in her worn pantyhose. You can already guess from the preview picture how deep he penetrates Ewas tight anus.Ebook: 4868 - Lady Adele
Presenting her Buttocks
Today, Adele presents her big buttocks for you in a super short tartan skirt and sheer gray-brown tights. The blonde flight attendant slowly takes her big breasts out of her sexy red bra. A little embarrassed, she pulls her pantyhose and panties down to her knees. The first time in front of the camera?Ebook: 4869 - Lady Barbara
White Pants and Sandals
For all fans of tight capri pants and high-heeled sandals is this update. My breasts were naked and bound with tight rubber bands, so that my nipples were very hard the whole day.Ebook: 4870 - Lady Gina
Toes Sukker
After a date Im lying with bare feet on the massage table in a red dress and rest a while. The elegant Gina is wearing ultra-sher, brown nylons and high-heeeld mules. First she gave my feet a massage, then she greedily licked my stinky toes, on which a member had rubbed his dick just before. Polish mare Gina likes sweaty, cock-stinky toes.Ebook: 4871 - Lady Barbara
Handjob and Facesitting
I was finally able to sit on a hard-working slaveEbook: 4872 - Lady Adele
In sheer Tights on the Bed
Today Adele presents herself to a secret admirer on the bed only in sheer, skin-colored tights and sexy strappy sandals on her feet. Before that, the blonde flight attendant has to get rid of her black summer dress. Then she pulls her tights down to her knees.Ebook: 4873 - Lady Barbara
Open-Toe-Pumps in the Garden
Today I show you in the garden my sheer stockinged legs in seamed nylons and my feet in 16 cm-high patent leather pumps with toe opening. For the connoisseur, I wear a transparent negligee and no panties, as you can see. In the summer I like to sit at the wooden table in the garden with a cup of coffee. ItEbook: 4874 - Lady Gina
Examination in Erkelenz
Gina leaves her apartment in an elegant, white trouser suit, 15 cm-high-heeled mules and a black transparent blouse under the jacket. She will be presented to a dominus. When she is presented to him, the elegant Gina is undressed and attached to the ceiling with her tits laced-up.Ebook: 4875 - Lady Ewa
Masturbating on a Tree
Ewa discovered her fetish passion on a sunny day in early summer: in nylons and high heels, she is gone to a picnic. As she, sitting on a blanket, is reading in a fetish magazine, she takes off her Nylons and lingerie. Was she dissatisfied to sit alone on the blanket? The sexy Polish took a banana and played on her pussy with it. Then she began to play with her sexy nylon feet, as she saw it in the magazine. Is it that, what makes her hot? Or does she want to be a nylon whore like the women in the magazine?Ebook: 4876 - Lady Barbara
Trampling and Handjob
Heres something for the trampling fans: Trampling in sexy seamed nylons and 16cm high mules. And because he was begging so nicely, there was also a wet facesitting from me for this member. When he was on the floor, I pressed my asshole and my wet cunt on his nose.Ebook: 4877 - Lady Adele
Grey Nylons
Today the sexy flight attendant shows you her unshaven pussy in grey,  seamed nylons. Adele likes especially this kind of stockings and she loves it, when her nylon legs are covered with the cum of horny pilots. Thats why shes often in the cockpit on longer flights.Ebook: 4878 - Lady Barbara
Mules Masturbation
Have you ever tried it, dear female spectator? The cold leather of an expensive high heel on your wet pussy? I love that and show you here how I play on my shaved pussy with a 15cm high pink sabot. Give it a try and fuck yourself in front of your husband with a pointed high-heeled shoe.Ebook: 4879 - Lady Gina
Naked an HighHeeled at the Van
Member Josef came to a lonely parking lot with his van to look at the naked fetish Polish Gina in her 16cm high mules and to use it with his friends. Everyone was allowed to get close to the elegant mature Lady and pull her hot nipples. When the summer dress was removed, everyone who wanted, could fuck Ginas mouth and pussy.Ebook: 4880 - Lady Barbara
BikerLady in 6inch Mules
Today, there is something for the mules fans to see again. Here Im posing on my Harley-Davidson Fat-Boy in a jeans dress and 16cm high-heeled mules with floral appliqué. In the close-ups you can see well how my soles are hanging over the footbed.Ebook: 4881 - Lady Adele
Ultra-Sheer Grey Pantyhose
In a short gray skirt and a sheer sexy pantyhose, sexy stewardess is posing in front of a school blackboard. Probably the blonde dreams that she gets later a special tutoring from her favorite pilot, or that the copilot has to kiss her nylon ass.Ebook: 4882 - Lady Gina
Peniscrushing with Gina
Last week, Gina and I visited a member in the hotel. The elegant Gina sucks on the dick of the horny member while he kisses my feet. After that his dick will be trampled by our mules feet. When the camera was out, Gina had mercy with our victim and sucked his treated dick again.Ebook: 4883 - Lady Gina
Service on the Parkbench
Today you see the high-heeled Lady Gina during one of her parking lot sessions in the Ruhr area: The horny Polish Lady had to show a member what she was capable of in a parking lot. Horst had of course made sure that there were still some of his wanker friends on hand, whom he liked to grab on Ginas tits and her wet hole. He always called Gina his Polish cunt.Ebook: 4884 - Lady Barbara
The Lady and her Peeslave
Well, he wasnEbook: 4885 - Lady Adele
Adele´s Pantyhose Butt
Adele is posing with reading glasses in a pantyhose and a blue business suit while she is smoking. Then she slowly takes off her costume and shows us her hot pantyhose butt.Ebook: 4886 - Lady Barbara
Blinddate for the little Grandpa
For all of you who like blinddates. Here I am blindfolded in a red costume and totally open gold mules with 15cm heels. Before I undressed, my titts were grabbed. Then they were bound and at the end I got my mouth fucked.Ebook: 4887 - Lady Gina
Elegante Lady Waiting for Wankers
Lady Gina is dressing, and later at a sea she is posing in her new red open-toe pumps before she is sitting down on a bank with wide open spread legs. I bet,  hottie hopes that a voyeur in the bushes is watching her. Because in the last time, she is again horny for licking the balls of foreigners.Ebook: 4888 - Lady Barbara
Trampling in pumps
Here I could trample this young guy for his first time. Sometimes I love to stand with high heels on my feet on real hard guys. If you ever come to Duesseldorf/German and you like trampling: come to me, it´s for free if you are a legsworld-member.Ebook: 4889 - Lady Adele
Adele im Hausmädchen-Kleid
Adele has just cleaned the room thoroughly and is now posing in a blue and white striped maidEbook: 4890 - Lady Barbara
Slave Michaela in the Cellar
Slave Michael got dressed with a maid apron and wig, as well as high-heeled stiletto shoes from me and had to clean up the basement bar under my supervision. I was dressed in a black evening gown, black nylons and Slingbacks, for my next guest. Because I was not wearing panties, I made the slave inbetween a little bit nervous, when I was sitting there with wide open lages.Ebook: 4891 - Lady Gina
Foot Kisser at the Garden Table
When weather is nice, we are all sitting in the garden. After the elegant Gina has put her ultra-sheer stockinged legs in sexy mules on the garden table, slave Michael must kiss her feet, shoes, and heels, while I am watching. Then my feet in the black plateau mules get his tongue.Ebook: 4892 - Lady Barbara
Wet Foot Soles
Today I took pictures for you with an ultra-wide-angle lens. I am posing only with a sheer blouse and foot jewelry on a cocktail chair, but the focus is exclusively on my hot, sweaty soles. For those who donEbook: 4892 - Lady Barbara
Wet Foot Soles
Today I took pictures for you with an ultra-wide-angle lens. I am posing only with a sheer blouse and foot jewelry on a cocktail chair, but the focus is exclusively on my hot, sweaty soles. For those who don