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Ebook: 4802 - Lady Gina
The Elegant Poland Slave Serves Cinema Cocks
Lady Gina is visiting a porno club in the Ruhr Area. Only in a garterbelt, sheer brown nylons and red sandals she is standing in front of many horny guys. The wankers are touching her and without asking her, they use all holes of the sexy Polish Mature. What Gina was missing in this evening, was a nylon friend which spoiled her legs and feet.Ebook: 4803 - Lady Barbara
Red/White at the shore
At warm temperatures here in Spain I feel very well. Today I did a little posing for you on the beach in a red/white dress and 16cm high-heeled open-toe pumps from SixInch company. Therewhile I noticed, that I was once again secretly observed. It is no bother for me, on the contrary. Sometimes Im addressed under a pretext.Ebook: 4804 - Thai Meilee
At the Yellow Van
Thaislut Meilee was allowed to ride with a couple (he top/she sub) in a yellow van to parking lots. The mature slaveLady of the couple was playing first with Meilee in the van, before both sluts then had to serve all the foreigner dicks on the parkings with their mouthcunts. One of the users jerked Meilee so deep into her moth, that she choed on his sperm.Ebook: 4805 - Lady Barbara
Sexy doing the Housework
I had left my house slave in Germany, so I had to make the work in my house in Spain myself. I did it in short trousers, my big balls laced up and with high-heeled pink sabots on my naked feet. so the work makes me hot, especially when you can watch me.Ebook: 4806 - Lady Ewa
Nice SlaveGames
First the attractive Polish Lady takes off her evening dress and then there is a lot of her to see. Of course, Ewa always keeps her sexy high heels and nylons on, because she loves them more than anything. Even if she lets her nylon-hungry slave Jacek serve her from time to time: Ewa loves to show herself off. Her tits, her wet pussy and her assshole. She hope that many men wank when they watch her.Ebook: 4807 - Lady X
Upskirt under the White Skirt
Who is the Lady who lets us look under her short skirt here? Can you guess? First you see her pink girls panties with white dots, then the Lady pulls the panties aside and opens her labia with her long fingernails. Is she hairy or shaved bald?Ebook: 4808 - Lady Barbara
Foot Impressions
For the frinds of close-ups there are some impressions of my sexy feet with and without nylon stockings in front of a sunny Spanish sky. Do you prefer nylons in classic colors like cappuccino or maybe blue? Do you like horny anklets? I almost always wear gold anklets because I love it.Ebook: 4809 - Thai Meilee
In Latex on the Dirt Road
Thai import Meilee, Dom MikeEbook: 4810 - Lady Barbara
Posing on the terrace-table
I am sitting on the table on my terrace high above the sea in the warm southern sun and am wearing my white, 16 cm high heeled patent leather stilettos with open toes with a thin white stretch dress. I feel like a queen in my own heels kingdom enjoying the spectacular sea views. I love flaunting my femininity and elegance and feel the eyes of two men on the street below.Ebook: 4811 - Lady Gina
The Elegant AssLicker
Elegant Lady Gina was visiting a member in the evening after the opera. She visited a fat husband in Krefeld and served him for more than 2 hours, in a way his wife did not like. In her elegant costume and sheer hold-up nylons, the mature Polish went on all four, sucked his dick and licked his balls and asshole clean. A perfect Lady for every fetishist!Ebook: 4812 - Lady Barbara
In turquoise pumps at the sea
To mince in 16cm high heeled Stilettopumps on the rocks, was not so easy. But was you see, I do everything for a great background on the pictures. And so I am today posing for you in a transparent lace blouse and a black hat in front of the Mediterranean backdrop.Ebook: 4813 - Lady Barbara
In white Pumps at the pool
White pumps with 16cm high heels, ultra sheer seamed nylons and sexy lingerie - in this dress I am posing for you at my home on the stairway and at the pool. Somehow I have the feeling that someone is watching me again from the dirt road, but that does not matter to me.Ebook: 4814 - Champaign Thai Meilee
ThaiSlut Meilee
During a photo shoot, Asia-Meilee discovered a bottle of Asti Spumante. In a short skirt and 15cm high gold sandals, the slender ThaiLady with the shaven cunt sets the bottle on her mouth and she takes the sparkling wine completely. This little horny bluna slut.Ebook: 4815 - Lady Gina
The Sniffer with the Gas Mask
With his suction pipe this member did completely smell all parts from Lady Ginas hot mature body. She problably liked to serve him as a slave in her nylon stockings. When she was kneeling on the sofa the elegant Polish stretched out her big bottom so he can smell her hot ass and cunt.Ebook: 4816 - Lady Barbara
Transparent Dress on the Terrace
The Easter tourists from the apartments below my terrace have certainly looked pretty stupid when I was walking in 15cm high heeled sling pumps and a transparent dress around outside and sat with wide open legs on the chair to show my bare pussy. But I had to try out how the feeling of the cold sabots on my vagina was.Ebook: 4817 - Lady Barbara
With Garterbelt and Hotpants in the Garden
On this day I had to do some gardening in my stone garden. But my photographer did not want me to strip my dress like the straps, nylons and mules. Even my big tits had to hang out of the shirt. Well at least I was allowed to wear my shorts for the neighbours.Ebook: 4818 - Lady Ewa
Her Slave has Birthday
On his birthday, Lady EwaEbook: 4819 - Lady Barbara
With Extreme Sandals through the Village
These skyscrappers are from my hot friend Plateaulover. Maybe some of you know him from the chat or the community. Because of the very thin toe straps and the 16cm high heels usage is very limited. Not recommended  for long shopping sprees ;-)Ebook: 4820 - Lady Gina
Licking the Ass of the GasMan
With his suction tube he had smelled Lady Ginas body scent completely. Now the elegant Poland Lady is allowed to serve the perverted guy. In sheer nylon stockings and high-heeled pumps, the mature, elegant Lady first kneels in front of him and serves him with her mouth cunt. But the horny Polish woman also wants to smell his anus and suck the notch between his hairy buttocks properly. Gina always wants to be the good girl for all men.Ebook: 4821 - Lady Barbara
Pink Sabots on Terrace
Pink sabots, an ultramini, suspenders + pink seamed nylons - this is how I pose with a hat and a bare pussy on my terrace in Spain. The people from the hiking trail can certainly see me when IEbook: 4822 - Thai Meilee
Shoes in her Cunt
At home, the slim Thai Lady poses for a guest in her tight dress and high heels on the bed. Her husband, Master Mike, gives her a pair of red pumps for her permanently trained vagina. The Asian slave then obediently pushes its tip into her wet slit, just as her master expects of her.Ebook: 4823 - Lady Barbara
Posing with Hat
Here I show you a posing with 6 inch high sling-pumps on my terrace in spain. My big titts are -as so often, because I like it- bound tight with rubber rings. The nipples are standing stand and are nearly perforating the thin fabric.Ebook: 4824 - Lady Gina
Wankers on the Park bench
Polish Slut Gina again liked it to be presented in the forest and on parkings and serve horny pervert men. Here some wankers could grab her body, the shaved wet pusy and her big titts. Then the Polsih Slut served one member with herred,  wet lips and sucked his dick.Ebook: 4825 - Lady Barbara
Nearly Naked in February
Once again today was a real summer feeling, so I could walk half-naked outdoors in the midday sun. Fortunately, the road was cemented, otherwise that would not have gone with my 16 cm heels. A biker was hiding behind the old tower in the background and was observing me. Sure, he had his fun.Ebook: 4826 - Thai Meilee
Beer at home
Thai wife Meilee sits naked on her rubber slave - husband Mike, who gets her heel in his mouth. The Asian is her husbandEbook: 4827 - Lady Barbara
Buttocks Posing on the Bed
For all friens of slingpumps and seamed nylons I am posing on the bed and show my big sexy butt. Who will suck my heels next time on the bed? While Im kneeling there, I´m wearing sheer nylon stockings on suspenders and black Slingbacks. Again and again, I put my skimpy panties to the side so everyone can see my pussy and my butt hole.Ebook: 4828 - Lady Barbara
Stark Naked with Strawhat
No, I´m not stark naked, boys! I wear a sexy hat and long, black gloves. And also of course high heeled mules. Because without heels I cannot go. I wear high heeled shoes since my early childhood.Ebook: 4829 - Lady Gina
Lost in the Forest
The elegant Gina had dressed up for an open air dancing. Instead of the Garden Club, she accidentally turned in a Grove. There, the mature Polish was taken by the men and she was stripped naked by some wankers. She was not only groped, but also fucked and had to blow the dicks of the guys. All naked, only in 15cm high gold mules. In the end she was happy that it had turned out that way. "Better than a boring dance evening" said Gina.Ebook: 4830 - Lady Barbara
Outdoor-Posing in 6 inch Sandals
These more than 16cm high-heeled white sandals have it all. It is absolutely cool to walk with bare feet in it, and I always feel that between my legs on my pussy. Especially when I am again still observed by the old neighbor from the other side of the street with binoculars.Ebook: 4831 - Lady Ewa
Highheeled in the City
Lady Ewa is tottering through the city in a leather coat and high heels with metal heels. To that shes wearing sheer seamed nylon stockings and on her feet you seee new 16 cm-high patent leather pumps which squeeze her toes pretty togeher. In between the hot blonde Polish must rest on a bench in a park, where she is again fixing the suspenders on her nylons.Ebook: 4831 - Lady Ewa
Highheeled in the City
Lady Ewa is tottering through the city in a leather coat and high heels with metal heels. To that shes wearing sheer seamed nylon stockings and on her feet you seee new 16 cm-high patent leather pumps which squeeze her toes pretty togeher. In between the hot blonde Polish must rest on a bench in a park, where she is again fixing the suspenders on her nylons.