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Ebook: 4771 - Lady Monique
The Hot City Trip
Monique makes a city trip to France with a member at the weekend. In warm weather, the sexy housewife sits with jeans and high-heeled mules in a cafe or shows her wide open legs in a park, so that the panties barely covered the pubic hair. In the evening in bed, member Alberto has to stick his dick into the mules of Monique before he is served with a footjob by her. After a hot foot fucking night it goes lightly dressed the next day and with dainty sandals on her feet in a castle park.Ebook: 4772 - Lady Barbara
High-Heeled in the Rain
Here you see me with 6-inch pumps and an elegant costume, standing in the rain. my chic pumps become totally wet. Would you like to dry them with your stupid slave face?Ebook: 4773 - Lady Gina
Alone playing at the Shoeboard
What is Gina doing in the red suit jacket in her shoe closet? Every now and then she lets shoe fuckers in her closet quite privately. Surely she dreams of the big cocks while playing with the shoes alone. After choosing a pair of horny, sexy high-heeled shoes, the luxury Polish plays with her favorite toys, a pair of beautiful slim high-heeled pumps on her shaved pussy.Ebook: 4774 - Lady Tamara
Lingerie + Fur
In this horny black and white series, the chief secretary Tamara poses outdoors in lingerie and a fur collar. One of TamaraEbook: 4775 - Lady Ewa
Lady on the ladder
Secretary Ewa urgently had to clean up the warehouse in Poland. Of course, on the instructions of her boss, she has to wear nylons and high-heeled shoes on the ladder. Whether boss Igor in the background probably is wanking his big cock, when his secretary with bare butt rises on the ladder?Ebook: 4776 - Lady Gina
Quickie with the NylonLady
NylonLady Gina was so hot this evenig in the pornoclub, that she gave a quickie to each member with her hand and mouth cunt. The mature Polish was wearing an elegant business costume, sheer nylonstockings on suspenders and high heeled open-toe-pumps with white ribbon.Ebook: 4777 - Lady Barbara + Kathrin
Feet pampering after Party
After a long night of partying, the first thing in the morning the maid Kathrin takes on my sweaty feet, on which several tails were rubbed during the night. She rubs my feet, kneads them, and licks my toes clean as I hadnt gotten around to washing them. The maid seems to like the sweaty and sticky smell of my toes.Ebook: 4778 - Lady Ewa
Nylonshow in Poland
The frivolous Ewa shows you in this update in an apartment from a member in Poland various sheer nylons on her long legs. Sheer nylons are always good for the hot blonde with the bald pussy. And in the white, transparent dress, the Sandals-Lady would be a coveted object in public.Ebook: 4779 - Lady Monique
With Garterbelt in the Park
Lady Monique strolls through a park in Düsseldorf in an elegant Sunday dress. The frivolous Lady wears sheer black nylons with seams and high-heeled black pumps to here black business suit. Every now and then Monique lifts her skirt, shows her sexy footsoles, the suspenders or her bare buttocks. Will the highly reputable Düsseldorf woman be watched again out of the bushes by horny little wankers, which rub secretly their little wienies?Ebook: 4780 - Lady Gina
The WodkaParty
That was probably a few glasses of wodka too many, with which Lady Gina gave herselft liquid courage that day. Actually, she should only show off her sexy lingerie to a dominant member. Horst, who unfortunately didnEbook: 4781 - Lady Barbara
Golden Soles
Today I show you in the garden the Golden soles of my pointed sexy pumps from the 60s. While I put my feet on the garden table I am smoking with pleasure a cigarette and you can see what Im under wearing the costume skirt.Ebook: 4782 - Lady Monique
Red Mules & Pantyhose
Housewife Monique is walking on a dirt path near the Krefeld Rhine Bridge in a half-open white dress, sheer brown nylon tights and red, 14cm high mules. In the video you see her walking in high mules, then she shows her sexy pantyhose bush in photos and also close-ups of her sandaled feet in nylon. I wonder if a farmer is watching from the tractor as she presents her nylon thighs and bottom?Ebook: 4783 - Lady Barbara
Fur Jacket and Mules
In this update you see me, how I am posing on a Sunday morning after the champagne breakfast in light grey nylons under the fur jacket and with silver slippers on my feet in the garden. My pussy is still wet from what I had done last night.Ebook: 4784 - Lady Uljana
The Black Corsage Dress
The 28-year-old saleswoman from Minsk loves tight black dress, sheer nylons and high-heeled shoes. Here she gives her debut in a hotel room in a black, very tight corsage dress, sheer black nylons on suspenders and bright red platform sandals. Very sexy !Ebook: 4785 - Lady Barbara
Asslicking and Footjob
Someone was very horny on my big ass. Again and again this hot member pushed his nose and his tongue between my big buttocks and licked. But his cum I got -as usual- on my footsoles. How do you like my seamed nylon stockings?Ebook: 4786 - Lady Gina
Lady Urinalia
Lady Gina is the pee attraction in the mens toilet of a porn club. The red-haired elegant Polish woman crouched there between two urinals and opened her mouth cunt wide when a guest entered the toilet. Of course, he peed in her mouth instead of the urinal. Gina wanted to blow cocks in the club room. But she could do that only after the guests jealous wife was allowed to piss on the elegant Polish woman.Ebook: 4787 - Lady Barbara
My visit in the Airport-Hotel
My visit yesterday in the airporthotel was very hot. Directly from the Bank, Im visiting member Michael in his hotel. You can see, how I give the handsome guy a sexy hand job in my elegant business dress. I like such big and hard dicks.Ebook: 4788 - Lady Barbara + Monique
Little Private Degustation
Actually, it was supposed to be an all-girls evening again, on this rainy Sunday. But during the small private drink with Monique and Kathrin, two more submissive members came along, and so we women had a lot of fun that evening with two slaves who we could make fun of.Ebook: 4789 - Lady Barbara
Sexy Lingerie & Ankle Bracelet
Today I am posing in front of the open garden door in sexy lingerie and a pair of sheer, silvery shiny nylon stockings with suspenders. On my feet IEbook: 4790 - Lady Barbara
Heavy Weights on my Labia
Today I am posing in a tight sexy corsage and 15cm high suede mules on the terrace, before I had to hang a pair of awesome weights on my labia for a member. Are my pussy-lips they long enough? Apparently it seems that you want them even longer, right?Ebook: 4791 - Thai Meilee
Meilee meets Dirk in Hilden
The submissive loan of Master Mike (his Thai wife) had to serve with a generous blowjobhere in high-heeled pumps the member Dirk from Hilden. In her staid jeans suit she arrived at Dirk´s home and had to take off immediately naked and kneel on all four on a table, before she had to suck the big dick of her host.Ebook: 4792 - Lady Barbara
Before I go to bank
In this black business suit and open-toe high heels, I will go later straight to the Bank. But first I am posing for you is in the garden and show you what Im wearing under the costume. Maybe IEbook: 4793 - Lady Gina
Fun in the Porno Club
Lady Gina had a lot of fun with some big Member dicks in the porn cinema. In her elegant business costume, she came straight from work. In sheer seamed stockings and high-heeled pumps on her feet, the horny redhead Polish served all present dicks with her mouth cunt. At the end she lay half-naked in her fine lingerie on a dirty couch and got cum from a cheap wanker.Ebook: 4794 - Thai Thai Meilee
MouthCunt & PenisPump
Thaislave MeiLee was naked only with platform shoes on her feet, and had to satisfy a member with a penis pump. Eagerly she sucks the meaty prick of the Member and masturbates with some heels.Ebook: 4795 - Lady Barbara
I play Home Golf in a transparent long lace dress and high silver heel pumps. Again I am trying on my little green to put in, while constantly my big tits jump out of the dress. But it is good so, because it is some bit inconvenient when the lace dress constantly scours my permanent stiff nipples.Ebook: 4796 - Lady Barbara
Black Satin Dress + Mules
After I had polished my toe nails in a bright red finish, I put on some ultra sheer nylons and a black satin dress. In the light-gray, sheer nylons my bright red, long toe nails are very well to be seen. Would you go out with me so?Ebook: 4797 - Lady Barbara
Foot Massage
At the end of a busy day, the house slave has to knead my bare, sweaty feet on the terrace in the evening. He has to take care of my long toenails. This time everything went well, but it wasnt until I was completely relaxed that the small-dick-slave was allowed to go home again. Slaves with little wienies are only allowed to go to my feet, no more than that.Ebook: 4798 - Lady Gina
Service in Red Costume
After an old dominus had stretched Gina´s nipples, she served her members with her mouth in the porn club. Wearing a red elegant costume, seamed sheer nylins and red sandals she was kneeling in front of the men, she took each cock in her mouth and swallowed their sperm.Ebook: 4799 - Thai Meilee
A Typical Day - Thaislave to be used
This was a typical day for Meilee when she was visiting the Rhineland. In the morning, the submissive Thai was inspected naked in the basement bar, then she had to take the urine of the landlord from his dick. After the breakfast, she was presented several members in the forest and had to suck their cocks. In the evening she got some fresh urine in the shower again.Ebook: 4800 - Lady Ewa
With Suspenders & Rubber Dick in the Shower
Ewa - today in sexy Lingerie- enjoys herself in the bathroom with a dildo and her sandal. Here, the hot, blonde Polish wears a sexy lace corsage and sheer nylons. The dildo is actually a StrapOn, but she pushes it into in her pussy and the high-heeled sandal at the butt hole. Everything, after she sucked the StrapOn-Dildo wet. Where was he in before?Ebook: 4801 - Lady Barbara
Taken Away after the Presentation in the Garden
After this member had presented me stark naked around the garden, he led me blindfolded down to the basement. While I still had to masturbate stark naked in front of the fully clothed man, he quickly squirted his sperm after short time onto my mule feet. And that exactly at the moment when I myself came to orgasm. I have to say, this was short but very horny evening.Ebook: 4801 - Lady Barbara
Taken Away after the Presentation in the Garden
After this member had presented me stark naked around the garden, he led me blindfolded down to the basement. While I still had to masturbate stark naked in front of the fully clothed man, he quickly squirted his sperm after short time onto my mule feet. And that exactly at the moment when I myself came to orgasm. I have to say, this was short but very horny evening.