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Today new in the updates: Lady Barbara
Update: 7440 - ShoeGames on the Bed

Today I made myself comfortable on the bed in Spain in sheer black seamed nylons from Ars Vivendi and sexy lingerie. Finally I have enough peace and time again to put some of my sexy high heels through my vagina. If I can't fuck with you guys, I at least want to have fun with these hot stilettos. And you can watch me have fun with the steel heels of my Zoccoli and other stilettos. Envious?
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Tomorrow in the Updates: Lady Barbara
Update: 7441 - Just Naked

Even in Spain, when temperatures are over 30 degrees, I prefer to be stark naked in and around the house. All I wear are high-heeled shoes, a summer hat and lots of jewelry. But it's also more comfortable in the heat, even though the men can watch me from a point on the street. Today you can see me stark naked again on the terrace and by the pool, peeing in the pool and then making myself comfortable on a lounger. My shoes are 15 cm mules from High Heels and designer mules from Gianmarci Lorenzi.
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Tip of the day with Lady Louise
Update: 6428 - Smoking Louise with Garterbelt

Today you see Louise in a sexy red costume with sheer seamed nylons and black house mules while she smokes a cigarette. Kneel in front of her, slave, and maybe you will be lucky and she will let you breathe her smoke ... And when Louise spreads her legs a little, you will hopefully know where your tongue belongs! Front AND back, I dont want to hear any complaints!
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The Vintage Lady of the day is
Lady Barbara
Update: 5428 - Lingerie under the Fur

Photographed today actual for Member Joe and all the other fans of fur: me in a fur coat with sexy lingerie including tight breast rings. On ,y legs I wear very sheer Brown nylons and Brown pumps with metal heels. And my hands are in leather gloves with fur trim. Do you want a handjob from your high heeled fur slut?
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