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Lady Ewa was sitting at the breakfast table today in a pink corsage, coarse fishnet tights and high red patent leather mules with platforms. Dressed like this, the blonde went down to the basement and played with my high heels again, which is where these pictures were taken. In contrast to you shoe fetishists, the classy Lady is lucky enough to be able to play with my shoes as often as she likes and to rub each pair of shoes on her delicate vagina for as long as she wants. Then, like here, she often pushes a dildo into the toe area of the shoes.

The latest LEGSWORLD Updates from 'Lady Ewa'

StrapsLady at Yellow Crane

Sexy Walk at the Rhine with Cigarette

Peeing in the Hotel

The Shy Boobs Kneader

Pumps Games in Corsage

Sexy House Work

The Ass Licker

Waiting in Transparent Negligee

Meeting a Member

Nylon- Schuh- + FootWorship

BlueJeans + Transparent Blouse

The Mules Slave

Smelling Shoes in the Heels Cellar

Sexy Dildo Lady in Hotel

Awesome Hotel Weekend

Half Naked at the Desk

The Soles of her Used Shoes

50-Year-Style Lady on Red Sofa

Excursion in the Park

Stiletto Games in the HeelsStudio

Sex with the Polish Slave

Lady Styles for the Shooting

Eveningdress & Nylons in the Hotel Room

Kiss my Overknee Boots!

Wide FootSoles & Jeans

Nylon Footlicker in the Hotel

Big Busty "E" in Thongs

On All Fours in the HeelsStudio

Ballbusting in the LivingRoom

Hot Buttocks at the Baltic Sea Beach

Red Dress on the Baltic Sea Beach

NylonPosing in Mules

The Masked Slave

The Foot Fucker

Red pumps + jeans in the garden

The Soles of the Blonde Widow

Sexy Walk through the Park (1)

Sexy Walk through the Park (2)

With Summer Dress & Heels in a Tunnel

Widow on the Swing

Hot PantyhoseFitting

Turkish Wanker at the Road

Wanker?s Delight in Overknees

HighHeeled on the Dirt Road

PlatformLady onthe Bike

The Pantyhose Biker

NylonLady at the Car

Pantyhose Show at the Wanker´s Place

Platforms in a Puddle

PumpsLady with RubberDick

PantyhoseLady is Cutting the Lawn

Nylon Show on the Footpath


Nylon Soles for all Foot-Sniffers

24h in the Hotel: 5. Taking a Bath with Nylons

At the Old Deutz Tractor

Trying on Shoes in the Garden

Mules Sex with Charly

PumpsWanker in the Parking Lot

Home Visit by the Doc

Horny Apartment Visit

The Horny Mules Kisser

Pantylicker in the Storage

In the Marriage Bed of a Member

ShoeLoveIn the Heelsstudio

Mistress & Footlicker in the Studio

MilkingLady with Latex Gloves

Wabker Object in Mobile Home

Lady in Latexgloves

Smoking Mistress Educates her Slave

Nylondildo in the Heels Studio


Naked Mistress with Peaked Cap

Attack in the Cellar

Heels + Weights in the Garden

Worship in the Toilet Wagon

Slave Drill Between the Urinals

Pantyhose Posing at the Chimney

Outdoor Posing in a Forest

Naked Widow on the Swing

Heels Stroll until it Hurts

Sunday trip in a Convertible

Poland Milf in the WorkShop

Visiting Archie

US-Car-Meeting at the Lower Rhine

Cat Meeting in Lingerie


SandalLady at the Parking

Pantyhose Ass and Long Nails

The Biker & The Lady (2)

Big Buttocks on the Highway

The Biker & The Lady (1)

Bound at a Tree

Mules Games

Lady in Clear Film

Cum in Mules

Secret SandalGames

Seamed Nylons in front of the Discounter

Dirty FootSoles in the Garden

ShoeWanking with Grand Pa Heinrich

The Sandal Gift from User "StinkyShoes"

The Special Member Gift

BootLady with Gasmask

Frivolous Heels Stroll Through the City with a Transparent Top

Needy Exhibitionist with Stockings in the Park

With Old NylonWanker in a Forest

Lady in the Bed

Her Slave has Birthday

Private & Blindfolded in Forest

Jerked off on her Nylons

Ouvert Jeans in the Car of Member Tom

Nice SlaveGames

HeelsHorny at the Daybed

At the Bike

Elegant at the Hotel Window

Wet Games

Slave in the Garden

Sunday walk in mules

WankerLady in the Car

The Shredded Catsuit

In the Business Park

Masturbation with Glasses

Widow in Overknees

Visit in the Hotelroom

Dildogame in the Garden

Hot Buttocks under Transparente Skirt

Bootsfan gets Ballbusting

Handjob with Rubbergloves

The ToesFucker

Home Visit of the Smoker

Blowjob in the Carwash

Frau Colonel in Latex

Footsex with the Ex

Private Party with Whip-Ewa

Naked Polish Housecleaner

NylonLady in a Bedroom Studio

Pumpsposing in the Garden

Nipple Sukkers in the Mobile-Home

The Man with the Shopping Bag

Pumpsgames on the Sofa

Pantyhose Show

Playing with Chopsticks


Pumping her Pussy in the Forest

Lady with Drill

Ewa in red Pumps

Waiting for the Doctor

Sexy-Buttocks in Tights

Long Nails in ToeSqueeze-Sandals

In the Billard Cafe

Sexy In the Kitchen

Dangling + Smoking

Trying on Sandals in the Cold

Slave at the Balls-Rope

Ewa´s Exercise Dick

Masturbating on a Tree

The feet of the Nun

Grand Pa Heinrich

Blondie does Nipplestretching

Horny Ewa Jacks off on the Park Bench

The Parking Date

Nylon Sex in the Bed

In Grandpa´s Mobile Home

Wrinkled FootSoles

Jerked into her cleavage


On Willy´s Balcony

The Polish Mistress

Hot Polish Naked at the old Villa


The Dear Wife of a Member serves the Lady

Frivolous WindowWashing

Visiting Member 2155

Boot Games

FootSucker for a Platinum Blonde Lady

GoldenShower in the Garden

High Heeled in the Ambulance

Smoking Lady + Red Soles

Tickling Pain

Sexy in the Train Shelter

Blindfolded Foot Licker

Shoeslave Karin

Walk through the Hometown

The Total Nylon Lover

Exploited by the Nylonlover

Date in a Nightie

Posing at the Deserted Factory Hall

Red Dress at the Pond

At the old Bridge

Dangling in Seamed Stockings

SandalKicks from A Cruel Lady

Moving the Lawn in Corkys

At the Park Bench

Stinky Soles for Nylons Sniffers

CFNM - Clothed Female-Naked-Man

Polish Madame gives Outdoor Blowjob


The Nylon Thief

GoldenshowerLady in Red Dress

Walk in 7inch Mules & Seamed Nylons

Groper In the Kitchen

ParkingBay-Action with Members

Drilling the Slave with Pussy Weights

Nylonwanking at a Gravel Works

Masturbating With Dildo in a Cafe


Posing in highest Heels

Between her Mules

BoobsLady in the Fitness Studio

Widow with Rubber Dick

She wants his Cum

Villa Vertigo

The Shoefucker

Airport Moenchengladbach

Freezing Toes in Mules

FishNet-Tights & Soles

Cleaning the House - Naked !

The Nylon Dildo

Polish Latex-Lady

Sexy Ass

Shoegames in Red

Allowed to cum

Party with Naked Lady - CMNF

At the Viewpoint

Visiting Nylonfritz

Muscular Legs in the City

Tuft Mules + Pussy Weights

Smelling Feet with Gasmask

Photographer at the Freight Yard

Pantyhose in the Studio

The Christmas Angel

Nylonshow at the old Bridge

Double Series in the Bar

On the Rails


The Nylonsoles of the Polish Lady

Jerk off on her Pantyhose Ass!

Footsex on a Parklinglot

Dildogames in the Red Castle Bed

Dressing for the next Shooting

Lingerie under the Fur Coat

Open Sandal Straps

Secretly Observed in her Fur

Nylongames in Polen

Panty Teasing

Quickly, into my Mules ...

Cork Mules + Long Claws

The Boots Wanker

Measure Up

Wanker´s Help at the Car

Sexy Walk through the City

Footjob under the Christmastree

Leg- and Footworship

Nipplestretching before Wankers

Ewa and the Footlicker

PlatformLady in Red

At the Feet of the Mistress

Thoughtful after Shopping

Frivolous NylonWalk

Thin and Horny

Hot Shoegames in Fishnet

Blank Cunt in the Villa Vertigo

Garden Work in High-Heels

On the Pedestrian Bridge

The Soles of the Widow

BallBusting in the Heelsstudio (1)

Visiting Member Peter

At the Balcony

Visiting a Sexshop

Pantyhose Posing at the Jeep

Licking Heels at the counter

Boots and Bikini Fitting

Horny on Brackets at the Wooden House

The Pantyhose Attack

BallBusting in the Heelsstudio (2)

Nylonshow in the Hotel Room

Handjob @ the Car Wash

Santa Claus Comes

At the Stadion in a Fur Coat

Facesitting Brute with Rubbered Boobs

Masturbation in Garzweiler

Merry Christmas

Lady + Whip

NylonLady at the HotelWindow

Shopping Center

Shopping Tour

The Bra Wanker

At the Old Terrace

Medical Check

The Mistress & her Polish HouseSlave

Wanker´s Help in Fur

Hot Train Ride

Posh for the New Year

MemberVisit with Pumps

In the Garden with Hat

Jeans + naked Soles

In Furcoat + Heels at the CarWash

7 Inch Boots

Sexy Walk through the Village

In the Biker Workshop

PianoLady in Lingerie

Masked Slave

Weekend in Corset and Mules

Teasing the Wankers

Nipplestretching in the Blouse

Pantyhose at the Jeep

Shoe Fetish Games

A Night in the Hotel: Styling in the Bathroom

Marabou Mules

Champagne before breakfast

The Night in the Hotel: Masturbation in the Bed

Clamps for the Mules Wanker

Slave in the Cage

Handjob in the Garden

Nylonshow in Public

At the border strip

Trip with OpenToe Tights

Jerking into her Crotch

The Night in the Hotel: Getting up, Showering & Breakfast

In Nylons at the Beach

Peniscrush on the Red Desk

Sexy on the Rhine Bridge

Walk in Costume

Rain Coat + 18 cm Pumps

After his Liberation

Ewa and the Driver

The Pantyhose Wanker

Nylon Lady at Platform 1

Masked Slave in Polish Hotel

Dildogames at the Gardenhouse

High Heeled in the Street Cafe

Pink Dress in the Garden

Pantyhose in the Snow

Seminude in the Darkness

Horny on 18cm metal heels

With Hand-held Fan on the Sofa


Salty Sticks between the Toes

Lady in a Catsuit

Village Stroll in Osterath

Pussyweights ar the Polsih Pussy

Naked Riding Horse

Bound and Grabbed

Smoking in Walkingmachines

Tartan Skirt + Nylons

BiliousGreen Lady in the Forest

LeicaLady in the Brothel

Hot Nylon-Dildo-Show in the Forest

Home Education

Training with the Whip


Lonely on a Parking

Pantyhose + Rubber Dick

Slave on the Dirty Way

Heelslicker at the Garden House

The Nylonsoles of the Polish

Nylonslave Fritzchen must jerk

I love Shoes

HighHeeled at the Car

Mistress in Overknee Boots

Nylongames at the House Bar


Cream the Beautiful Body

Lawnmowing in PlatformMules

Walking in Transparent Dress

Walk in Fur and Straps

Stark Naked in the Forest

The Transparent Catsuit

Making him a Cock Sukker

Eveningdress in the Park

Balloon Games

Parkingbay Licker

Slave in Public

Posing at the Piano

Lady with NylonDildo

GasmaskLady on the Buffet

Lingerie unter the Coat

Slave with Thong

Footworshipping in the Car Park

Horny Evening with Members

Sexy at the Beach

Squeezing Balls


The Gropers (Part 1)

18 cm High Heeld Goldpumps


Stroll in Mini Skirt

Metal Heels on the Pussy

Slave + Sandal Mistress

The ToeWankers of the NakedLady

Rhinestone Mules

High-Heels at the Beach

Metal Heels on Ewa´s Pussy

Lady Ewa in Downtown Krefeld

The Gropers (Part 2)

Lady in Pink

Fit for spring in 16cm pumps

Frivolous Stroll through the park

Too WIde Feet - Overhanging Toes

Boot Slave

Outdoor in Fur Coat

Kissing her NylonFeet

With Neglige in the Garden

Checking the Lady on a Parking

Frivolous Stroll through Town

Fucking her Mules with a Rubberdick

Shoe- & Footjob in Front of the Red Sofa

Frivolous Stroll through Duesseldorf

The Slave with the Nylon Stocking

Worship in the Biker Garage

Golden Pumps

Ewa and the Driver at the Street


Shoe Sex

NylonLady in the Park

Posing in 18 cm Heels

Smoking in Summerdresss

Naked with Hat

Nylonsoles in Cloth Mules

Ice Cold

Comming Home

WinterWalk through the City


Tartan Mini + Straps

Oldtimer Meeting

Private Photos - Garden Work

24h in the Hotel: 1. The Arrival of the NylonSlut

Fully Fashioned Nylons

Posing at the Streets

Smoking in a Cafe

Shoejob for a Member

Pantyhose Posing in the Garden


Action im PornoCinema

Stroll through the Town in Costume

24h in the Hotel: 2. Champaign in the Bed

Peeper´s Object in the City

Lady in the Bath Tube

That was a Near Miss

Phonesex with the Polish Lady

Frivolous in Fur

The Bootlicker

The Gift

Freezing in an Iron Tunnel

Right from her Bed under the Bridge

Forest Walk in the Harvest

Red Pumps + Hat

The Ass of a true Lady

Lady in Red with Cigarette

Double Series BallsCrush + Nylons Wanker

One Morning in the Garden

Double Series Window Shopping

The Beginnings of a Nylon Slut

Lady Ewa at the Lake

Teasing a member in Summerdress

ChristmasSpecial mit Lady Ewa

Naked Soles + Rubber Dick

Walk in Negilige

Pantyhose in the Park

MulesWanker in the Forest

Jerking off on her Nylonsoles

Foot Licker in the Park

Yellow panties

Blind Date on the Bank

Fur Cape + Boots

Allone in the Store

Ewa and her Polish Slaves

Walking through the Village

The Sandal Slave

New Year´s Eve Pre-Celebration

Splinter Naked on the Ceiling Hook

Lady with Hat at the Roadster

Medical Doctor Ewa

Pussyshow in a Cafe

Nylon Stalker on the Park Bench

Jerk off at the Nylonlegs

Are that Pumps or Sandals?

Foot- + Shoejob for the Gasmask Man

Wanker´s Help

NylonWalk in Platforms

High Heeled in the Sauna

Nylonposing at the Jeep

24h in the Hotel: 3. PumpsShow

The sleeping Lady

Nightwalk in Nylons

Oiled Legs

Nylonposing for a Wanker

DoubleSeries Nylonwalk

Exhibition Puppet

Horny Nylonsoles on the Dining Table

On the Blue Parkbench

Shoeblack Sahra

Wide Feet in Narrow Mules

Posing at the Garden Table

Pink Dress + Dildo

Footwoshipping on the Car

Naked Walk in the Forest


Lingerie Wanker (Part 1)

24h in the Hotel: 4. Tour

The Sabots of Lady B

With A Glass of Red Wine

Footgames with the Rubberdick

Foot- + Shoejobs

Horny Cold Heels

Lingerie Wanker (Part 2)

Jeans + Nylonsoles

Polish Hotel Service

Smoking Lady in Costume

The Boots Fan

Wanker´s Object with Hat

In Knit Dress through the City

With Apron in the Kitchen

Waiting in Pantyhose

Golden Shower Lady

The Half-Naked Gardener

Naked under her Fur Coat

Nipple Stretching at the Lake

Dear Doctor makes a Cigarette Break

GasmaskMistress with Whip

Doing Something for her Beauty

Masturbating in a Train Compartment

Walking through the Village (2)

Beige Nylon in her Polish Pussy

In the Gold Club

Biker, Jerk off in your Pantyhose !

Peeing in his Bed

Meeting Member Martin Outdoor

Sexy Pantyhose Legs

Lady + Slave

Slave in the Hotel

Nylon in her Pussy

Play with Pointed Pumps

Lady in a Park

The Slave with the Suction Tube

Slipless In the Car

She loves my shoes

Boots- and Nylonlicker Frank

Heels- and Nylongames with the Mistress

In a Short Knit Dress through the City

Dirty Shoesoles and Toes

Garden Work

With slave in the Bathroom

Naked in 16 cm High Heeled Sandals after the Date

GArden Cleaning in Plaid Skirt

Lady on the ladder


Slave in the Snow

Waiting for the Train

Slave, on the Lead !

Walk in Slutty Pumps

Broken Heel

The Anonymous Nylonfan

Naked in High Heels

Nylons for the Mistress´ Vagina

Nylonshow in Poland

Nylonwalk in Krakow

Lady Ewa Loves Heelsfuck

The New Boss

Cum on her Nylon Soles!

Milked with LeatherGloves

BootsLady at the Lake

Strap-On-Lady gives Shoejob

Maid Ewa cleans garden furniture

BraLady with Furcoat

Frivolous in the City

The Garden Swing

NylonLady an der Kiesgrube


Fishnet Pantyhose

Witch-Hunting in Nylon Soles

The Horny Licker

Stark Naked at the Beach

LingerieLady in the Garden

Good Morning in Pantyhose

The Cock Sucker


Lady at the Lift Truck


Sexy Stroll through the Park

CarFetisch (part2)

Stretched Nippels under the Fur Coat

Her Special Guest

The ShoeGift

Wine Tasting on the Terrace

Naked Lady with Hot Heels

Pumping Pussy with Gasmask

Frivolous Stroll with Hat

HighHeeled Window Cleaner

Pink Knitted Cap

At the Jeep

StraponSlave in the Office

Strip at the Yellow House

Mistress in Latex

Seminude under the Fur

Smoking on the Exercise Bike

Pumps + Pussy

Upskirt !

Visit to the Horse Stud


Blinddate with Polish-Ewa

Naked under her Fur in the Harvest

Old Man on the Parking

Jogger´s Fun


Wanker´s Goddess in the City

Complete Medical Check

Elegant Lady in the Park


On the Sunbed


Sexy Wanking Object

Posing at the Viewpoint

At the Loading Bay

The Nylon Puppet

Cum on new Pumps

Smoke and Masturbation

Nude Walk in the Forest

Nylons + Rubber Dick

With Suspenders & Rubber Dick in the Shower

Fucking with Heels


Sexy Walk through Krakow

Grabbing at the Viewpoint

Heelsposing at the Faktory Gate

Wide, Dirty FootSoles

CuntShoh at the View Point

NylonLady at the AbfickKlappen

Horny Nylonsoles

Half Naked under the Leather Coat

In a Pleated Skirt through the City in Poland

Clothed Men - Naked Female

Lady at the Throne

She Loves Cork Mules

BlowJob in the Forest

Wet Nylons

Doctor Ewa is testing

Smoking on the Sofa

Playing with Heels

PumpsStroll through the Park

Frivolous Walk

Pantyhoseshow at the Jeep

The Panty Sniffer

Widow is styling

The Lady?s Naked Soles

Young Lady ./. Old Walls

Worshipping the Boss

HeelsShopping in Krefeld (1)

Sexy in Leggins at the Roadside

HighHeels + Jeans

Naked wirh Hat

Boot Kisses

Ewa K in the Snow in Poland

Walk in a Knit Dress

WankerShow in Silverpumps

Railway Station

The Nylonsoles of the Smoking Lady

HeelsShopping in Krefeld (2)

Masturbating Widow

Masturbating with Latex Gloves

Ewa Naked in the Forest

Short Skirt + high Heels

With Catsuit in the Warehouse

The Lady Loves Mules

Exhibitionist at the Beach

Footjob in the Studio

Ducks in the Garden

The Garden Hose

18 cm high heeled Golden Pumps

Police Control

Pantyhose Wankers

Harley Lady

Ewa at the Rock Beach

Spring Cleaning

The Boots Cleaner

Footmassage in a Cafe

Posing on a Parking Lot

Smoker in the Park

On the Conference Table

Member-Meeting in the Forest

Walking through the Forest

Waiting on the Massage Bed

The Nylon Wanker

Colorfully at the old Roadster

Fur & Overknees in the Park

The Pussy Pump


Hot Nylons in the Cafe

Widow in Patent Leather Pumps

Wanker´s Slut in the Park

At the Purple Bush

Summerdress + Pantyhose

The Widow comes home

Slave at the cross

Stark-Naked in the Working Shop

Colored Rubber Rings

Sexy Stroll in Pink Leggins

Parking Doctor

Sekretary in Seamed Nylons

The Ashtray

Roadster + Pantyhose

Nylonshow at the Industrial Monument

Blondie in Jeans and Pumps

Highheeled in the City

LatexCape + Whip

Jeans Strip on the Street

Fun with the Slave

Slave in the Hotel Room

The Boss

Body Measurements

Beige Trenchcoat on ParkingLot

The Nylonman

On the Fork Lift

Masturbating after the BusinessDinner

Happy 3rd Advent...

Alone in the Forest

Footsex at the Car

The Fitting (Private Series)

Hard Whips for Charly

Wanker´s Help (2)

Visiting a Member in Stuttgart

Bound in a Workshop

Nylon Games in the Heelsstudio

Pantyhose in the AutumnForest

Playing with the Pump

18 cm High Heeled Silver Pumps

Footsex in the Nature

Horny Games in the Heelsstudio

HeelsLady in Red EveningDress

Sandals + Jeans

City Stroll in Nylons & Heels

Kitchen Work in 18 cm HighHeels

Autobahnparking: A59

She Loves Boots

Horny NylonShow on the Bed

At the Rail-Station in Poland

Frivolous Walk with Hat

The Parking Adventures of a Polish Lady

Cum in her Hands

Fishnet and Golden Pumps

Grandpa Herbert´s Wanker Mobile

Making ready for the Date

HandJob in LatexGloves

Nylonlover in the Forest

The Workshop Wankers

Heavy Weights on Ewa´s Labia

Mules Walk the Promenade

Lady on the Mountainbike

Smelling Nylons

WorkShop Slave

The Horny White Boots

NylonLady in Tigerlook

Wandering through the Park

The Nylons-Fitting

The Visit (1)

Highheeled in the Park


Turning Pages

The Perfidious Shoe Gift

Nipplesukker and Costume

Red Peep Toe Pumps

Hot Tights in the snow

Grabbing a Polish Slut

City Stoill in Fur

Pussy Weights

Partyimpressions in Moers

Ballbusting + Footworship

The Nylonboy

Weekend in the Hotel

Nylonsshow (vol I)

Nylonmann´s Handjob

Pussy Clamps under the Pantyhose

The Nylon Man

Naked Husbandry with Weights

Nylon Strip on the Bench

Home Visit of a Boots Slut

Washing Feet

Lady in Red

The 7-Inch-Lady

In the Store

Heels Deer in Nylons at the Airport

Wide Dirty Foot Soles

Frivolous Stroll in Poland

The Horny Pantyhose Patient

Lingerie Slave

Edukation in the Forrest

Slavedick in the Hotel

With Fur Coat in a Car Wash

Horny for my Nylons

Red Soles Waiting

Golden Lady
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