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Lady Barbara


PenisCrushing : Sunday evening, I had ordered the slaves to my home in the cellar. At first the little runt had to undress. Today you can see whether the small cock of my slave is resilient, because I want to crush it with my bare toes. Then I scratch with my long toenails on his glans. If you want also something like this and you can offer me a bigger dick, then send me a message. Maybe someday we can do a shoot together.

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5. [Guest] Look At Ladies Feet Painted Toenails - Never Seen More Mouth Watering Perfect Ladies Feet - An Honor And Thrill To Adore- Thank You Great Lady
4. [Guest] Look At This Lady - Total Beauty - Total Supremacy - The Most Famous Feet In The World - The Most Stunningly Superior Lady - What An Honor To Witness Her Greatness
3. [Guest] There Could Never Be Shame To Personally Have Honor Of Meeting L.b. Being Allowed Ask Her Beg Her To Drop To These Feet In A State Of Reverance Beg To Serve Her
2. [Guest] Her Toe Nails stroking on the tip of big black cock would be lovely
1. [Guest] Cant take my eyes off of beautiful Lb -from Her face - to Her pussy - to Her legs - to Her beautiful feet and toes She is always in complete control