Lady Barbara
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Kiss my Dick, Slave! : Each slave should be also ready to suck the cocks of men if I want. This one may exercise today blowjobs at my rubber prick. House slave M must suck this time not only my feet, but something quite different: namely the rubber dick, which sticks out of my pants. Quasi as preparation, what I expect from him soon. And not just only from him.

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9. [Gast] Bin ein molliger dwt,sehr devot,würde sehr gerne die schwänze blasen die du aussuchst bis sie in meinen mund spritzen
8. [Guest] So i started to kneel and bow down in front of every single photo of Hers. Also learned to suck my own dick and eat the whole liquid afterwards. Only for You, my Goddess and Religion Mother Barby
7. [Guest] With the time. Looking at Goddess photos, i had to express somehow my eternal worship and obedience to Her. I had to feel humiliated imagining She is doing this to me...
6. [Guest] Lady B is so superior, so high, so divine that i would suck and worship not just Her huge dildo but the real cocks that touched Her. Only for one Woman i can become gay and this is Mother Barbara
5. [Guest] What a honour and privilege to be allowed to suck Goddess Barbaras huge beautiful dick. And being pegged by Her must be the highest rEward ever! Ahhh how i dream of being Her little young whore!
4. [Gast] Nylonfan als ergebener Diener würde ich gerne für die Lady Schwaänze blasen bis sie spritzen.
3. [Guest] I love to see how Empress Lady Barbara s web site continues to grow and evolve - She appears to be implementing more Fem Dom - She is the undisputed ruler over us
2. [Guest] Of course you want to suck Lady Barbara dick to always please and amuse Her - we all seek to explictedly obey Her every commands -and pay for the honor via paying Her via Pay Pal - with honor
1. [Gast] I Would like too suck the dick of the msitress too, if she has one