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Busineslook and Naked Soles : As a business lady my feet are often hurting a lot after a long day´s work. Especially if my toes were squashed up all day in lace, tight designer pumps with high heels. I must then strip the pumps in the evening at first of my sweaty feet. While I'm watching the news now, the Webmaster takes the camera and picks some shots for you, so you may watch my wet and stinky feet. Well who wants to smell at my toes? Or who gives me a decent foot massage after a busy day?

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7. [SexsklaveHenri] Ich stelle mir vor, Sie sind meine Mitarbeiterin. Ihre Aufgabe ist, mich permanent mit hochhackigen, engen Pumps sexuell zu erregen. Zur Belohnung werden sie von mir abends massiert und geleckt
6. [Guest] Lady Barbara its very very best mistress! I her old fan from Russia with love! I kiss his beautiful feet and shoes! Thanks!
5. [Guest] Moja ulubiona Basia w niezwykle seksownej buisnesowej sesji, podziwiam Ci!
4. [Gast] Mach die Beine breit, das entspannt......dann werde ich wissen, wie du schmeckst
3. [Guest] Lb - You will always be The Boss Lady - Always looking down on Your lucky subjects - i beg to pamper and always honor these feet - the pointed toes are so cool
2. [Guest] These pictures of Superior Lady Barbara are such a tease - Lb sits sits.. high and mighty and so proud.. I beg to someday belong to this Lady allowed pamper these feet and toes everyday
1. [Gast] Nylonfan , sehr gerne würde ich die wunderbaren Füße riechen und mit meinem Mund und Zunge massieren.