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Lady Barbara

The Shoegift

The Shoegift : This sklave brought me what I like most: Expensive Designershoes. This time it were a pair of red sandals from Santa Cruz with a very thin heel and even thinner toe straps. I had the same, years ago and sold them to a french guy. Some years later I had an appointment with this guy and he brought the shoes which he bought from me. When I was wearing in the shoes with him through Duesseldorf City, I said, ?The shoes look like a precious oldtimer from the 60s'. He said that about 50 dicks have been inside the shoes last years, and jerked in them. I became very hot when I heard this, because my toes were standing quasi on fifty dicks ;-)

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2. [Guest] The luckiest slave ever, i envy him so much. He is always so privileged and honour with the opportunity to serve and worship You, Divine Goddess of All Goddesses!
1. [Gast] Perfekt wie BollenBabs hier ihre Silikonauslage präsentiert in dem Kleid