Lady Barbara
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Diamond Ladyd eLuxe : Unfortunately, the two 'diamonds' are not real, because otherwise it would be certainly over 500 carats. While I am posing for you in hot lingerie and black seamed nylons from Ars Vivendi, I enhance the appearance of my both cunts. But if someone wants to push a real diamond in my butt hole, he can do that.

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15. [Gast] Nylonfan mit Verlaub verehrte Lady, ich würde gerne meinen harten Schwanz in ihren göttlichen Po schieben.
14. [Gast] When the diamonds on this gorgeous girl then no one looks at the stones. Everyone admires the mega sexy babe ...
13. [Gast] Diamonds? Lady Barbara is the most precious treasure on the planet!
12. [Ukhuff66] Ich würde der Lady Babs gerne die Po-kerbeso richtig durchlutschen und dann den "brilli" wieder einsetzen
11. [Guest] Love Superior Lady Barbara s make up - orange lips- wish i could take that pug out and suck it clean - then suck this ass and cunt to Her satisfaction -she is always the boss
10. [Guest] Yes agree with guest 9 - this is perfection - to served unconditonially and without question - grovel before this magnifcent Lady - sned tributes always via Pay Pal
9. [Guest] I obey Lady Barbaras ass here - obey Her feet and toes - obey Her most beautiful face - she rules dominants and owns us all - what an honor and thrill to serve Her
8. [Gast] Ja , zeig uns geilen Wichsern und Lecksklaven deinen bestrapsten Po und die perfekte Muschi
7. [Guest] This picture is scary - the power the beauty the control of this magnificent Lady Barbara - i drop before this picture in honor and total obedience -someday i will be Her personal slave
6. [Guest] Very nice, I really love this picture...
5. [Gast] Das ist doch bestimmt ein kleiner und feiner Luxusdildo den die Polen-Babs da im Po hat
4. [Gast] Oh ja göttliche Lady Barbara lass mich deinen brillianten küssen
3. [Gast] Dear Brilliant Lady: I would carefully every morning remove the brilliant, clean the setting with my tongue and then fix the brilliant into his setting with firmly pressure.
2. [Guest] Amazing ass Lady Barbara i wish i could lick your ass and pussy every day
1. [Gast] Aber die beiden Löcher sind echt, das ist doch die Hauptsache bei so einer wundervollen Goettin wie Dir.