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Naked Walk in the Forest : Lady Ewa walks today splinter naked only in red patent leather pumps and a thin belly chain through a lonely forest. In between she smokes a cigarette on a park bench and in the video you see her peeing on a playground. Everyone would like to lie at the feet of the hot polish, or do something else with the naked blondie.

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7. [Guest] I Hope Its Superior Lady Ewa Writing Comments 2 thru 6 - its never shame to drop to our knees crawl to these feet beg to be Her Slave
6. All the lower slaves are under the sway of the naked goddess Ewa
5. Drop all men women, young men young women - to My feet and crawl to me for your instructions - Now
4. Thia is a great pwerful controling picture of a Superior Lady who should always be served and obeyed
3. Nails - She is truly a Superior Lady Who Should Always Be Served Obeyed - How Lucky We As Fans,submissves Foot Slaves We Are
2. Yes it is an honor thrill to view and look up too this awesome superior Lady Ewa - it is my life long goal to become a joint personal foot slave to Lady Barbara Lady Ewa - look at Her awesome long
1. Geil wie die nackte Polin durch den Wald spaziert. Die könnte mir gerne über den Weg laufen