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HD-Video mit Lady Barbara

V58 Mules Walk 2

V58 Mules Walk 2 : In this update today there is a 58-minute video from our vintage series: V58 Pantolettenwalk 2. You see me in the everyday life in various 14 and 15 cm high mules. Look from behind into my 'mules-cunt' and imagine that you kneel behind me and then you push your big Dick between footsole and shoesole. In this position you can use my asshole incidentally also with your tongue tongue.

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16. I also drop in homage at the sight of theses Lady Barbara feet in Her high Heels - thank You Your Highness
15. Yes - I Agree - These Close Up Lady Barbara Pictures With Her In Her Heels Control And Dominant All Of Us The Most Famous And Worshiped Lady Feet
14. The Power Superiority Of These Lady Barbara Feet - They Rule Over Control The Planet -everybody Drop Obey Now
13. Everybody Must Drop To Her Highess s Here Pay Proper Devoted Homage -there Is Nothing Better Than Empress Barbara
12. This Great All Powerful L.b Picture Has Me Choking My Chicken With Great Dreams Of Someday Being Lb. One Foot Toe Slave
11. Yes Superior Lady Barbara I Agree 100 W Last Writer- I Would Crawl To These Feetand Beg To Serve Worship You Devotedly -all People Look At Feettoes.
10. One of my dreamsfantaise is to be taken by You, given a sound bare bottom spanking and instructed to drop to these feet suck Your toes
9. We all agree and honor obey You to perfection - i would fall to these feet in a complete sate of reverance --thank You -thank You Your Highness
8. Geile Sohlen Danke Lady das ich sie genießen durfte.
7. What An Honor It Is To Be Below These Feet -yet It Is Torture Not To Be Here Live - Your Humble Foot Servant Forever
6. Superior Lady Barbara rules over and above all - could you imagine the honor of being at these magnificent feet ? We all shoul send periodic tributes to the empress !
5. Geile Pantolettenfotze, da gehört mein Schwanz hinein
4. Barbara - You Rule Over All ..what An Honor It Would Be To Be At Your Feet And Toes
3. Love your High Heels pumps, from submissive bottom.
2. Igeh auf die Knie und schieb die Latte in den Spalt
1. Love your High Heels pumps, from submissive bottom.