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Lady Barbara

Trip at the coast

Trip at the coast : Here, I make a trip with the jeep on the Spanish coast along in a sheer summer dress and the pointed, black designermules. I have golden anklet, but once again I don´t wear a slip, as mostly in the summer.

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8. [Gast] An meinen Vorredner: Wenn Mutti Babs Deinen Kopf zwischen ihre Schenkel klemmt musst Du ihre rasierte Möse lecken wie der Teufel.
7. [Gast] Ich bin Grade mal 16, aber seit einem Jahr wixx ich mir jeden Tag ein an ihre fotos, ich würde gerne mal von ihr genommen werden
6. [Guest] What Makes A Man Have Such Intense Feelings Desires To Obediently Serve And Obey Superior Lady Barbara - She Could Teach Me So Much
5. [Guest] I also love this picture and visulize myself obediently following behind Lady Barbara at the beach - always hoping She will order me to Her feet at the beach so people can see
4. [Guest] Lady Barbara epitomizes complete beauty and perfection - we all drop before Her in honor and awe
3. [Guest] I wish i were at this shooting when Lb was photograghed here - i would of been on my knees the whole time begging to be part of it- at the end i would of asked Lb for Her autogragh
2. [Guest] She is most famous and admired movie star in the world- we all look up to Her
1. [Guest] The Greatness Of Lb - Always Hold You Rnose High Proud As You Rule Over All Others - Such As Honor To Write To Express My Thoughts