Lady Barbara
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Lady Barbara

Exclusive Sandals

Exclusive Sandals : Today I show you close ups from my naked sexy feet in these new exclusive 1500-Euro-Sandals from Gianmarco Lorenzi. You can touch my feet in the shoes, or smell my perfumed luxury toes when you visit me ...

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18. [Guest] Lady Bs legs in Gianmarco Lorenzi! You should always enjoy this beauty!
17. [Guest] I love those luxurious legs! I adore dazzling Lady B!
16. [Guest] Lady Bs luxurious legs! What could be better for Gianmarco Lorenzi!
15. [Guest] Lady Bs gorgeous legs in Gianmarco Lorenzi! Beauty forever!
14. [Guest] Lady Bs dazzling legs in Gianmarco Lorenzi! I enjoy this beauty! ... Everything else must wait!
13. [Guest] Lady Bs gorgeous legs in Gianmarco Lorenzi! I enjoy this beauty! ... All the rest is nonsense!
12. [Gast] Very sexy and a celebratory meal for all waners: Lady Barbaras excellent Krakow toes !
11. [Guest] Exclusive sandals from Ggianmarco Lorenzis - A masterpiece of art worthy of the greatest treasure of the world of gorgeous legs!
10. [Guest] Or: Ggianmarco Lorenzis charming, exclusive sandals love to caress only the dazzling, luxurious feet of the Goddess!
9. [Guest] Ggianmarco Lorenzis charming, exclusive sandals are loved only by the dazzling, luxurious feet of the Goddess Lady Barbara! Great advertising for Gianmarco Lorenzi!
8. [SexsklaveHenri] Lady Barbara, diese Sandaletten von Gianmarco stehen Ihnen sehr gut und sind die angemessene Bekleidung für Ihre zarten Luxusleckfüßchen.
7. [Guest] 1 if She Allows You To Cum On Her Toes - You Must Lick It All Up To Her Satisfaction- That Applys To All Of Us - Also All Tribute Her Pay Pal
6. [Guest] This picture is so ...up close - in your face and personal .. What an honor it is to be at these beautiful feet and painted toenails
5. [Guest] I alos crawl to these high heeled feet and painted toenails in awe and beg to suck ladies toes here -- thank You great Lady
4. In Zeiten, wo mann leider nur noch diese flachen Sandalen an Damenfüßen zu sehen bekommt,sind diese HighHeels-sandaletten mit den wunderschönen nackten Füßen Erotik pur
3. Diese Farbe der Zehennägel steht Barbara ausgezeichnet. Noch heißer fänd ich sexy weiße Halterlose an Barbaras Füßen. Allein der Gedanke daran lässt ihn schon stehen!:
2. Hammergeile Stöckelschuhe und dann darin diese edlen LuxusZehen
1. Shove them into my mouth then let me fuck them and cum on your toes.