Lady Barbara
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Lady Barbara

Der Zehenwixer

Der Zehenwixer : Heute hatte ich geilen Besuch von einem meiner Mitglieder. Nachdem er mir ausgiebig die Füße geleckt hat, machten wir eine schöne Footjobsession mit viel Sperma auf meine Zehen. Immer wieder schob Heinz mir seinen dicken Schwanz unter die Zehen, bis am Ende das Sperma nur so herausquoll.

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21. [Guest] I Love The Way Our Classy Goddess Is Flaunting Her Long Painted Fingernails And The Expression On Her Face - She Is Always The Boss - Always Dominant
20. [Guest] I am such a devoted .. want to be Lady Barbara foot and toe slave.. I have not yet near earned the honor of being personally recognized by Her as Her .. Persoanl foot and toe slave
19. [Guest] Please please make him lick up all his sperm to please You - and for the camerman as well
18. [Guest] How high and elegant You look looking down Your nose - smoking the cigarette flaunting Your long nails - please please grow them longer -you Rule Over All Of Us Thank You
17. [Guest] Superior Lady Barbara Heinz Should Tell You He Will Eat His Sprem In Front Of You To Show His Devotion - Alwasy Tribute You
16. [Guest] We All Idolize The Ground You Walk Over - I Beg To Be Your Slave Great Lady
15. [Guest] This Is A Great L.b Photo Showing Her Sitting High Proud - Flaunting Her Long Painted Nails Have Heinz Eat All His Sperm
14. Yes but she should grow her nails longer
13. Extremely Long Long Painted Red Nail,high Heels Lady With Superior Attitude Rules The World Everybody Under Her Wow
12. This is a great Lady Barbara picture flauting Her long painted nails -she is epitome of complete beauty, regal Lady we are under Your feet begging to serve You obey all commands -thank You
11. I Love Always Look Up To Our Superior Empress Lady Barbara - Someday I Will Be Under Her Complete Spell Command - Always Obedient -with Honor
10. To Write Expressing My Sincere Thoughts And Dream s Of Someday Being Before Beneath Those Awesome Feettoes - Totally Obedient To You
9. To see You sitting high and So Proud - smoking Your cigarette flaunting Your long painted red nails is sooo inspiring sooo so Awesome - You Were Created To Be Served And Obeyed Great Lady - An Honor
8. So Much Strenght Power About This Awesome Picture -complete Representation Of Female Domination By Great And Superor Women Thank You - i am honor to witness
7. It Would Be Great To See A Contest Between Superior Ladies Barbara,Ewa And Rebecca - To See Which Goddes Grows The Longest Fingernails - We All Drop And Grovel Before Them
6. Superior Lady Barbara - The World Is Under These Feet Toes - For All To Serve Obey - How Honored I Feel Writing This - Thank You So Much
5. Superior Mother Above All Lady Barbara - Yes Madam You Will Always Be Looked Up To By Millions Of People -men Women - Boys And Girls - How Do We Better Serve And Obey You Great Lady ??
4. Superior Lady Barbara - That Handsome Guy Should Forever Be Groveling At Your Feet Toes And Beg To Be Your Personal Slave - Like All Other Men And Women
3. How Lucky This Man Is - I Dreamo F Being Your Personally Owed And Dominated Foottoe Slave - How Do I Apply ? I Will Pay Much To Serve You
2. Yes Superior Mother Lady Barbara - We All Are So Honored To Be Placed At Your Feet Toes - To Drop In Reverance
1. Fussfetischist3sehr geil so muss es sein!!!