Lady Barbara
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Lady Barbara


Powertoes : At the beginning of the date I allowed this devoted member, to rub his teenily penis on my wet stinky footsoles. Ok he got hard (laugh ... a matchstick is also hard), but I didn´t want this midget penis to cum on my soles. So I changed position and began to crush this little thing with my Powertoes.

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8. [Guest] This Lb picture is sooo sooo cruel - so personal - life size - so clear -i am proud to say I am hynotized under Lb s feet and Her total power and control - what an honor to be beneath here
7. [Guest] Yes these feet represent what Fem Dom is all about -and our Empessed Above All These Power Feet Toes Great - Would Love To Polish Toenails Always
6. [Guest] This Picture Is Such A Tease Torture - Its So Up Close -in Your Face Personal - I Love It - I Will Sleep Under Stare Up In Awe Great Feet
5. [Guest] Empress Superior Lady Barbara - Love Your Comments About His Little Penis - Yes Madam You Rule Him All Of Us-thank You Great Lady
4. I Beg To Be In This Permanent Life Long Slave Position To You Lady Barbara - How Would I Ever Be Considered By You Great Lady ?? I Forever Grovel Beg To Serve You
3. Yes Superior Mother Lady Barbara - We All Are So Honored To Be Placed At Your Feet Toes - To Drop In Reverance
2. So Much Strenght Power About This Awesome Picture -complete Representation Of Female Domination By Great And Superor Women Thank You - i am honor to witness
1. Longnaillover: You can crush my dick with your sexy toes too, Lady Barbara. I wanna feel your long toenails