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Sexy Soles on the Desk : I just came from a long stroll home. Because I was walking nearly 5 hours in the high-heels, my feet are pretty hurting. After I put off my green platform sandals, I show you my sexy spicy nylonsoles. And because Christmas is soon, you all can come and smell my stinky nylon toes.

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8. [SexsklaveHenri] Jedem Fußlecker wäre es eine Ehre, Ihre schmerzenden Füßchen mit der Zunge massieren zu dürfen. Während Sie wohlig stöhnen, würde der Lustsaft aus seinem erigierten Pens auf den Boden t
7. [Guest] This is a truly great and all powerful picture deplictng Superior Lady Barbara - what an honor it would be to be chsen by Her to now cater to these feet and toes - I would do a great job and plea
6. [Gast] Welch ein Genuss diese sexy Nylonfüße jetzt zu lecken:-
5. Mandy was für sexy Nylons
4. He found himself at the feet of greatness - before the greatest most beautiful Lady in the world - am surprised he didnt beg to suck Your toes
3. Mother Superior Lady Barbara Your Fingernails Look Awesome - Please Grow Them Much Longer
2. Yes Superior Mother Lady Barbara - We All Are So Honored To Be Placed At Your Feet Toes - To Drop In Reverance
1. Nylonfan der Anblick der Nylonfüße macht mich richtig scharf, wie wäre es erst wenn ich den edlen Duft riechen dürfte