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Lady Barbara

Stinky Footsoles

Stinky Footsoles : From my holiday resort I show you today my horny wet footsoles with the long red toenails. Here are 30 degrees celsius and more each day, and my feet are really stinky. Even when I was walking through a shoppingmall just before in tight, high heeled pumps. Can you smell my stinky feet? Come close to the screen and smell.

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7. [Gast] Ich will daran riechen und an denn wunderschönen Zehen lutschen. Die geilsten Zehennägel die ich je gesehen habe.
6. [Guest] The most beautiful, aristocratic, royal feet ever! The most mesmerizing ones! The most humiliating feet! Ah.... I am crying for Your feet and whole Perfection, my Goddess of Gloss Lady Barbara!
5. [Guest] As You Should Boy - Drop Now And Crawl To These Feet In Honor
4. [Guest] Total obedience to You - i drop crawl on hands knees to these feet to obey Your every command
3. [Guest] These close up Lb foottoe photos are cruel as we should experience the honor of being here - allowed suck Lb toe s for Her amusement - thank You so much Empress Barbara
2. I want to Kiss your sole feet
1. Nylonfander salzig herbe Duft der wunderbaren Füße macht mich zum Leck und Wichssklaven. Ich kann nicht anders und spritze.