Lady Barbara
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Mules Wankers : When these two members visited the naked and high-heeled Lady Ewa in the Legsworld Party Studio, the Polish of course wanted to see the big dicks of the guys. So while Ewa was lasciviously smoking at the bar with rubberrings around her silicone boobs, the two men had to rub their dicks and jerk on Ewa´s feet with the long red toenails.

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6. [Guest] I think these guys love it to wank on the feet of a drunken premium whore
5. [Guest] Only Better More Honored Position To Be Is To Be At The Feet Of Both Lady Ewa And Lady Barbara - Allowed Serve And Obey Both These Goddesss
4. [Guest] I Am Proud To Say She Is Considering Me As One Of Her Future Slaves - I Will Always Serve And Obey Her With Honor
3. [Guest] Such An Honor To Witness Lady Ewa In Her Right Place -dominating And Controling All People- I Drop To Floor Here Honor Her - Her Long Painted Nails All Else About Her
2. Eine geile abspritzvorlage mit Pov auf Ewas rasierte Muschi und die prallen Brüste, da ist bestimmt eine Menge Fussbalsam abgegangen!
1. Ich hätte mich in die Mitte gestellt und ihr mein Ding zwischen die Beine gedrückt in ihr rasiertes Loch