UPDATE: 3510

Lady Barbara
The Toes Wanker

Today a nice member visited me and after a longer talk and kissing my feet, we made a hot footjobsession for you. I got lots of sperm on my toes ... great ! I want more from sperm from this handsome guy. I like him. Again and again Heinz rubbed his cock under my toes, until at the end his sperm squirted just so out.

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10. To Write Expressing My Sincere Thoughts And Dream s Of Someday Being Before Beneath Those Awesome Feettoes - Totally Obedient To You
9. To see You sitting high and So Proud - smoking Your cigarette flaunting Your long painted red nails is sooo inspiring sooo so Awesome - You Were Created To Be Served And Obeyed Great Lady - An Honor
8. So Much Strenght Power About This Awesome Picture -complete Representation Of Female Domination By Great And Superor Women Thank You - i am honor to witness
7. It Would Be Great To See A Contest Between Superior Ladies Barbara,Ewa And Rebecca - To See Which Goddes Grows The Longest Fingernails - We All Drop And Grovel Before Them
6. Superior Lady Barbara - The World Is Under These Feet Toes - For All To Serve Obey - How Honored I Feel Writing This - Thank You So Much
5. Superior Mother Above All Lady Barbara - Yes Madam You Will Always Be Looked Up To By Millions Of People -men Women - Boys And Girls - How Do We Better Serve And Obey You Great Lady ??
4. Superior Lady Barbara - That Handsome Guy Should Forever Be Groveling At Your Feet Toes And Beg To Be Your Personal Slave - Like All Other Men And Women
3. How Lucky This Man Is - I Dreamo F Being Your Personally Owed And Dominated Foottoe Slave - How Do I Apply ? I Will Pay Much To Serve You
2. Yes Superior Mother Lady Barbara - We All Are So Honored To Be Placed At Your Feet Toes - To Drop In Reverance
1. Fussfetischist3:sehr geil so muss es sein!!!