UPDATE: 2803

Lady Ewa
At the Hotel Window

In an exclusive hotel appartement the smoking and champaign drinking Lady is photographed in a black evening dress at the window. Sie also wears 16cm high heeled mules and seamed ultra-sheer nylon stockings. Sometimes the Polish lifts the dress up to her sexy ass. Is the Lady waiting, that someone from outside is watching her ?

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5. So awesome to have the honor of of viewing Lady Barbara with a smile on Her face - how does one apply for slave position ??
4. How Lucky This Man Is - I Dreamo F Being Your Personally Owed And Dominated Foottoe Slave - How Do I Apply ? I Will Pay Much To Serve You
3. Der Riecher meint: Ewa will ficken, herrlich!
2. Knien möchte ich vor ihr und als lebender Aschenbecher dienen!
1. Eine geile Lady Ewa mit ihren süßen Mund