UPDATE: 2469

Lady Ewa
Horny Heels

Walking Lady Ewa on these 18cm high gold pumps can hardly be seen, but she liks the High-Heels very much and presses them against her cunt. The sexy blondynka sits on a rock in a scalp garden and makes the owner, Grandpa Herbert from Gelsenkirchen, a treat by posing butt naked there. "She got boobs, what?" He says that to his friends, the pigeons Jupp and Fritz. And then the three look forward, what the naked Polish slut Ewa will do with the shoes.

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2. Boobsmaster: I think her falsies are hanging good right now. Lady Ewa is on the right way to become Boobsmadame Ewa
1. Saugeile Titten, man kann sich gut vorstellen wie die in ein paar Jahren hängen